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Whether you’re trying to turn the corner from the gross effects of winter — because cold, dry weather can really take a toll on your mind, skin and body — or you’re trying to boost your already beautiful self in preparation for your engagement photos or wedding day, you might be in search of some new pampering goodies to get you started on the right foot. And lucky for you, I’ve been testing out some seriously badass beauty and health goods as of late. Here are five of my favorite new things for mind, body and beauty:

A New Journal

Blank Journal from Target

Blank Journal, $7.99 from Target

I’m a little bit of a geek with journals and planners and love to have a new one every year. I have like, STACKS of old journals — used, partially used, unused — but always manage to find a new one that I fall into deep infatuation with. I tend to keep them by my bed to record those nagging thoughts that hinder my sleep or to jot down a to-do list. I might doodle from time to time or actually properly record my thoughts in the way they should be when using a journal. But most of all, I find them a very useful tool to help me keep my mind in order. As editor of BAB and founder of two new businesses (one online, IRL), I’m often juggling multiple tasks — much like those of you who are in the throes of wedding planning — and it helps me to have something with me at all times to write down anything I want or need to remember. Plus, old-school note-taking and writing is pretty cathartic.

Foreo Luna 2

Foreo Luna 2

Luna 2, $199 at Foreo

While this is a little pricey (yeah, I cringed), I find it 100% worth it. I’ve been using a Clarisonic Mia for a few years, and I have found a number of drawbacks: 1) I hate, and am often too lazy, to replace the brushes. And those bad boys do need replacing; 2) My skin type varies depending on the season and the brushes can often be too harsh during the drier months, causing blotchiness and excessive dryness; 3) It’s pretty clunky. Foreo sent me the Luna 2, and while I’m always a little hesitant to test products I think are a bit too pricey, I’ve been dying to try some new cleansing system for my face. I’m an avid user of the Dove Beauty Bar and Neutrogena Oil-Free Sensitive Skin Moisturizer … and that’s pretty much it for product. So I rely heavily on brushes to help with the deep cleaning ish. The silicon brushes on the Luna 2 are really gentle — so much so that I felt like they weren’t even getting the job done the first time around — and my particular model is made for combination skin like mine. I like that the unit pulses when it’s time to move from one face zone to the next during the one-minute cleansing session. And I like that the battery holds a charge for wayyyy longer than the Mia. It’s also more lightweight and I’m not nearly as wary of bacteria buildup due to the silicon.



One month of unlimited video classes for $14.99

A new year, a new attempt at working out — amirite? Yeah. Well, this usually ends in catastrophic flames for me as the call of my couch is usually infinitely stronger than the call of a yoga class. See, the thing is that I really, really hate working out in front of other people and I have a tough time with running because of old knee injuries sustained while snowboarding (I used to be a badass). This pretty much leaves me with the option of, well, my living room. But the free programs on my Roku are usually boring as shit and the paid ones like Daily Burn are expensive as shit. And then I found Grokker (what a name, right?). And I love it. I can stream the videos through my computer or tablet and I’m not stuck with just yoga or zumba — it has barre classes and a whole range of other options in a range of difficulty and intensity levels. You can follow your friends and encourage them or keep to yourself and do you (boo). Plus, Grokker is only $14.99 per month and you can test it out free for 14 days to be sure you dig it. Kind of a win-win, right? BONUS: Food recipes, because yes.

A Fancy Glass Water Bottle

Kate Spade New York Glass and Glitter Silicone Sleeve Water bottle at Nordstrom

Glass and Glitter Silicon Sleeve Water Bottle, $30 at Nordstrom

I’ll be the first to admit I am not amazing at drinking my recommended amount of water every day, but now that I’m pregnant it’s super important for me to get a minimum of 64 oz. every day. I’m also super picky about my chosen vessel — BPA scares the shit out of me so plastic is out, I don’t like the feeling on my teeth of a metal water bottle nor do I enjoy the tinny taste of them and the bottle needs to be small enough that it’s not a burden to carry around but big enough to be worth a shit. A friend bought me this adorably amazing Kate Spade glass bottle from Nordstrom and it’s my everything. At 16 oz., it’s not daunting to drain and is super easy to stick in my purse. Just four bottles full gets me to my recommended 64 oz. and it’s cute as shit (uh, hello #sparklez). Of course we all know that tons of water helps keep extra pounds at bay (if that’s important to you) and keeps hair and skin looking their best, so there’s that, too.

Fruit-Pigmented Lipstick

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lipstick in Poppy

Fruit Pigmented Lipstick in Poppy, $28 from 100% Pure

After a recent major hair change, I’ve been feeling a lot more bold about my makeup choices — including actually wearing lipstick, which is such virgin territory for me. After testing out 100% Pure’s fruit pigmented lipstick, I was solidly impressed. Normally, I’m entirely too conscious of the fact that I’m wearing lipstick — which just seems to shorten its lifespan on my face. I’m a total lip-rubber-togetherer when I have anything on them and, of course, when it comes to lipstick this isn’t a good thing as I usually wind up with a super bright outline and nothing in the middle — very ’90s chic (ew). This lipstick, though, seems to “dry” in a way that other lipsticks don’t, making me considerably less conscious of the fact that it’s on my face while also increasing its own longevity. I have friends who had mixed reviews on it, but it worked well for me. Plus, it’s natural and there’s no shame in that game.

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    Way back when, in the early days of BAB, we had a series called Flab to Fab, which chronicled some health and weight loss tips that had worked for us. Those of you paying attention on Instagram a couple weeks ago might have noticed this pop up as a hashtag as I embarked on a three-day juice cleanse. Health, happiness and general badassery have always been a part of the BAB way, but after some time of doing Flab to Fab, we started receiving a fair amount of backlash (this was around the same time that the Wedding Industrial Complex started really beating it into brides’ heads that they should be “sweating for the wedding” or “losing for the dress” or whatever lame crap they came up with). But, many of our real brides have continued to discuss losing weight for the wedding, whether it’s because they want to feel healthier, they want to feel more confident or they just plain need to in order to fit into their frock without extra alterations.

    September Reset Undoing Summer Part 1

    Since I work full-time for BAB in addition to my other projects, I am prone to spending multiple hours in front of my computer and very often lack any sort of motivation for working out. I don’t have a car and the nearest gym is a bajillion miles away. I’m not much of a runner. I kinda hate yoga (yeah, that’s a thing) and swimming is my preferred form of fitness, but it’s hard to find a pool in the vicinity that isn’t swarming with kids who impede my laps. So, I’m pretty freaking sedentary. I do walk a lot, as that’s the only way for me to get around town to meet up with my peeps, but that’s kind of it. And guys, this summer was a helluva summer — cookouts, tacos, parties, bars, tacos, cocktails, lounging, tacos …

    September hit, and so did a whole pile of work. I was feeling sluggish, squishy and just kinda gross in general. My 5’2″ frame was carrying 145 lbs., which is … well, a lot for my size and is considered overweight. I was less than enthralled with the way I looked in photos and most certainly with the way my clothes were fitting — especially exasperating considering I loathe buying clothes that aren’t adorable dresses. I knew that I had to do something to kick my own ass into gear so I’d survive this month-ish of 10+ hour work days and weddings and birthdays and conferences. My system needed a reset.

    I started by examining some of the meals we had been making at home. I cook a lot, so it was just a matter of swapping out this for that in many recipes — we had an entire week of meals that pretty much consisted of legumes rather than meats — and working on portion control. I’ve always been good about drinking water (how could one not be when they have the cutest water bottle in the world?), but I made a decision to increase my intake.

    And then I was approached by JUS by Julie to see if I would be interested in trying out one of their cleanses. Hesitant — because I love coffee and beer and whiskey and food — but intrigued, I went for it. I figured after all the residual gunk that was likely in my system from a summer’s worth of fun, I could use a little detox and reset. My intention with the cleanse, as should anyone’s intention be, was not to lose weight, but to clear out some of the bullshit and help my body recover a bit.

    Guys, it’s hard. But I’m glad I did it.

    Defrosting JUSes

    JUS by Julie shipped me a box of 18 juices — six per day for three days. The concoctions were numbered to indicate which order they should be consumed in. The instructions indicated I could have coffee sweetened only with stevia, raw or steamed vegetables, egg whites and water. Lots and lots of water … which turned out to be a really good thing for multiple reasons.

    I definitely had some juices I preferred over others. I tend to like green juices, like ones by Odwalla or Naked, but the JUS by Julie Morning Glory green juice wasn’t anything like those. While there was a sweet aftertaste, it was definitely a juice you could chew on, and the spinach and kale had their obvious presence. This one was also hardest for me to drink because I’m a very textural eater, and the Morning Glory was a bit chunkier than the rest. Plus, I’m not a morning person and not having my coffee the way I want is just … ugh.

    Morning Glory JUS

    The second JUS of the day was a spicy lemonade — either standard lemonade or with pomegranate (not a favorite). I dug getting to sip on this after the chewy morning beverage, though the spiciness was palpable. If you’re familiar at all with the Master Cleanse, this beverage was pretty in line with that taste.

    The third bottle is Sweet Spin — comprised of kale, spinach, pineapple, banana and mango, the concoction was a solid “lunch” drink. Both sweet and filling, it helped keep the day going and was considerably more delicious than the morning’s mix.

    Blended JUS Beverages

    Mixture 4 was basically an afternoon smoothie, with acai blend and berries. I love a good smoothie, but this one always had chunks that would get stuck in my teeth. This is where that water came in super handy, though I can’t say I’m not at least mildly entertained when trying to pick strawberry or raspberry seeds out of my teeth.

    The fifth bottle — “dinner” — was one of my favorites of the day. With blends like PB & JUS and Choconana, they were a little more milkshake-y and a helluva lot more delicious. Which is good because …

    Afternoon Sweet Pick-Me-Up JUS

    The final bottle of the day, X-treme Greens, was a tart mix of lots of veggies. Though I understand its purpose was to make me feel a little more full and give me enough nutrients to get through the night without my stomach trying to digest my entire body, it was also a v. strong flavor for a time of the day when I’m usually enjoying a glass of wine (with or without cake). But I did wake up rejuvenated and not starving, which means it did its job.

    When the cleanse was finished, yes, I was hungry. But I was also way more hydrated (let’s not even talk about how many damn times I peed over three days. Yeesh.) and I definitely had less unhealthy cravings. I ate about one serving of steamed veggies (broccoli, carrots or spinach) per day and had an egg white or two just to get me by. I didn’t have any hardcore Dorito or cake cravings and I actually found myself steaming some veggies the day afterward, because they sounded better than the other options in the house. But I’ll totally admit to super enjoying that first bourbon after the cleanse.

    And DONE with the JUS Cleanse!

    While there wasn’t any super noticeable weight loss from the JUS by Julie cleanse, I could see I had shaved off some puffiness / water weight. And there was a definite change in the way I felt — less sluggish, a little more focused. It also definitely lit a fire under my squishy ass to be a bit better to myself health-wise, so I’ve started trying (ish) to workout regularly (ish), but we’ll talk about that in Part 2.

    Have you considered doing a juice cleanse? If you’ve done one, what did you learn about yourself and your habits?

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