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Wedding days can be tricky. There you are, all floatin’ on Cloud 9, not a care in the world as you prepare to say “I do” to the love of your life. Your dress fits beautifully, you had no issues getting your hair into the sweeping updo you’ve been eyeballing on Pinterest for ages. You have all your family and friends around you, ready to revel in the magical love surrounding your big day.

And then the reception gets under way. And Uncle George has had a few too many adult beverages from that open bar you threw down on. And he’s getting loud. And boisterous. And he sees your dad’s old college buddy, the one who he never quite hit it off with. A few heated words are exchanged and next thing you know, red-faced and drunk Uncle George is taking a wild swing at the guy.

It’s an age-old wedding day nightmare. But! It’s one that can be assuaged with the simple addition of a low-key security guard. Los Angeles-based guardNOW will provide an unobtrusive guard to ensure no shenanigans or tomfoolery escalate to the point of violence or extreme behavior, and that no unwelcome crazy ex-boyfriends try to crash your big day, so you can set your sights on marrying your true love without the worry of things going awry.