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I’ve previously written about ways to include my soon-to-be stepson in our planning process, but now that the big day is almost here, I’m trying to find ways to include him in our ceremony, too.
He’s at an in-between age where he is too old to be the cute little ring bearer, and would probably think it was babyish, but he is not quite old enough to take on a groomsman-type role, giving a speech or a reading. I was thinking that, rather than give him a formal role, I would give him a keepsake on the day of. It seems like a popular custom in recent years for the bride to send the groom a little gift the morning of, like a watch or fun socks, along with a little note. I bought special cufflinks for my groom, so I was thinking of having something that his son would open, too. The question is what would that be.
I took to the Internet to get some inspiration, and actually found more naysayers than helpful hints. Many people felt as if this came across as trying to “buy” the child, which I disagree with. Others suggested getting him something he likes, like a toy or video game, but that’s not the type of thing I was going for.
I thought about getting him a nice watch and engraving something on the back, but it is 2016 and I don’t know if the younger generation will even care about watches anymore, with smart watches everywhere now and many people using their phones for time. I’m stuck on other ideas!  There are so many nice jewelry options for a girl that offer the sentiment and will stand the test of time, but for boys, it’s hard!

I need your help, fellow BABs!  What would you do?

  • 8/3

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    Credit: Amy Shea for Imaginative Studios The groomsmen, you chose them for a reason. They've helped you through some rough spots and they make sure you're gloriously plastered for every birthday. When it comes to your wedding, they're the ones that are gonna help get you through all the stress and help make it a great day. So, you should properly thank them with an…

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    Last week, we gifted the girls. Today, let's gift the guys! Here are some affordable gifts for your groomsmen. Uncommon Goods Record Clock $48 // Izola "Salut" Flask $22 // Swiss Army Knife $16 // Typewriter Key Cuff Links $49 // Forage Bow Tie $68 // Portland General Store Tobacco Cologne $68 // The Balvenie 14 Year-Old Scotch $60 // Barney's New York Argyle Socks…

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