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If you’ve rolled with me long enough, you know that around here, the true spirit of Broke-Ass is not just about spending smarter, but also stepping outside the box to and let your light shine in ways that are creatively and uniquely you (and maybe even be greener in the process). Who doesn’t love a unique wedding? Well, this video, submitted by readers Juliana and Greg, who happen to be fabulous bloggers, and an all around cute couple, reps the true spirit of broke-ass like crazycakes.

In Juliana’s words:
“I thought y’all might get a kick out of our broke-ass Save-the-Date… made for the whopping sum of zero dollars (though we do plan on buying our pal Josh a nice bottle of whiskey for the use of his skills!). We made a stop-motion video to send out to our friends & fam:”

Juliana+Greg=Getting Married from Joshua R on Vimeo.

As I gaze over at my refrigerator, all decked out in everyone-and-their-momma’s save the date magnets, I can’t help but think what a refreshing and adorable alternative this would be to receive in my inbox or mailbox instead.  Juliana and Greg’s spirit shines through in such a memorable way… and even though it only cost $free.99 to create it – its both eco-friendly and hella rich in charm, creativity and personality, and there ain’t nothing cheap about that.

So, go on with your bad selves, Juliana and Greg! You guys are rocking your broke-asses like real bad-asses. You done momma proud 🙂

The Broke-Ass Bride
  • 3/17

    How much do we love this real wedding feature? A lot…like, a lot a lot. All of this wedding inspiration is makin’ me drool! It makes me want to wear henna and watch bollywood movies and wear gorgeous beaded gowns all day, but I’ll settle for just writing about this wedding and staring at the fabulous photos instead (as I sit in a café in my sweatpants).

    It’s quite possible that Puja and Stephen may be one of the most adorable couples of all time. The photos I sifted through of their wedding are breathtaking and I was literally wiping the drool from my mouth, and tears from my eyes, with every click of the mouse… as is usually the case with weddings shot by the one and only Dan Chen of Chennergy.

    Puja and Stephen actually had two ceremonies, a traditional western ceremony and an Indian ceremony, both of which took place in Singapore. I think what I love most about this wedding marathon is the vast difference between the ceremonies. The western ceremony was simplistic, elegant, and clean cut while the Indian ceremony was bursting with colors and flair.

    Puja and her mom show off their intricate henna designs. This makes me want henna too! It's so beautiful!

    A view of the city of Singapore from the hotel. This looks like Paradise!

    Day one of the wedding marathon was the Indian ceremony. While Puja was busy prepping, Stephen and the boys were having a blast in the Fullerton Hotel pool overlooking the city.

    Puja had beautiful menhdi (henna designs) on her hands accented by several bracelets that adorned each arm. Traditionally found on the hands and feet of Indian brides, it’s application has a ceremony all its own. It is believed that the deeper of the henna, the stronger the bride’s love is for her husband. In some Indian cultures, the bride is not expected to do any housework until the henna fades. (Can someone put henna on my hands and feet? I have a huge pile of laundry I’d really like to avoid. Please?)

    The colors in the Indian ceremony are magnificent; deep reds, pinks, and gold that seemed to light up all the space around them.

    Puja looks so calm and serene while gettin' her glam on. She is a bombshell!

    Lets talk about this dress though for a second. This beaded two-piece gown looked like a dream, especially on a bride as beautiful as this one. It’s so stunning how every part of Puja is decorated…. a vision in dozens of bangles, henna, a beautiful sari, and even jewels on her forehead. Regal, breathtaking, and luminous – she is absolutely a dream.

    Here's the dress now! Can we say STUNNING?! Puja looks like royalty here.

    As is tradition with Indian weddings, the groom is escorted to meet the bride with drums, music, and dancing. This truly was a ceremony fit for a king! You’ll notice that Stephen rocking a traditional turban and a brocade white top (and he looks pretty darn snazzy in them)!

    I love the expression Dan captured on everyone’s faces….. the laughter and smiles and the emotions from peoples faces all the way down to the dance steps of their feet. He positively transports you into these images. You can almost hear the banging of the drums and the laughter and emotion.

    This picture makes me want to get up and dance! Or play the drums...or wear really bright colors... or all three!

    The ceremony was very intimate. Looking at the pictures, I hardly notice anyone other than Puja and Stephen. It’s so moving to see how in love they are and elated to be committing their lives to one and other.

    So happy and truly in love.

    If you’re like us, and just can’t get enough… then hang in there – part 3 of this real wedding (the western ceremony) is coming right up! Missed part 1? Grab a kleenex and click here.