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If you’re planning a wedding, you probably have a long list of daunting tasks… including, no doubt, your invitations. That’s a pretty crucial element, eh? We all want the perfect invite, but the cost and time taken to prepare them can be pretty overwhelming. Besides the cost of stationary, you also have to budget in postage, and then the time to stuff and label every invite. That’s both time and paper consuming work, yo! But fear not, there’s a cost cutting and paper cut-less option out there…

Here’s a stylish way to save time, money and be kind to the planet with your invites. Glö is a new company with a snazzy take on e-vitations. Glö provides a solution for couples seeking the sophistication of paper invitations, the convenience and eco-friendliness of online technology, with a touch of wow-factor for doing something different.

Your guest is greeted by a traditional-style envelope…

You know Glö stands behind their product, because it was created for the founders’ own wedding. As Glö’s co-founder Taryn says, “The idea of collecting everyone’s mailing addresses and coordinating all of those RSVPs by hand just didn’t make sense to us in this day and age. We wanted to send online invitations, but couldn’t find anything that looked sophisticated enough for a wedding, plus had the website and RSVP functionality we needed, and thus Glö was born.”

Opening up to a classy invite of your own design or a selected one…

Glö has tons of options for invite styles that link your guests directly to a matching website, giving them the full 411 on your wedding. One of our favorite options that Glö provides is that you can even import your own design! That means you can still rock your DIY style with out having to spend tons of DIY time.

And the invite links directly to your matching website for the full skinny on your big day.

Style, without taking a lot of paper out of the bank, or throwing a lot of paper in the trash… now that’s something to Glö about. Check them out and tell ’em the Broke-Ass Bride sent ya!

  • 9/27

    Soooo…. about the newsletter which was supposed to launch today and break the news we’ve been dying to share. Well, its sort of being held hostage by internet pirates, who hijacked us, and swashbuckled their way into our computer, snatching the booty they craved and leaving us helpless in their wake! (…hehe, I said booty).

    Oh alright. Maybe its just ordinary technical difficulties holding us up. Hang in there, we’re hoping to have it sorted out all pronto-like. And hopefully, I’ll have a little hair left on my head at the end of the ordeal. Right now, I’m ’bout to start pulling it out.


    So, in the meantime…. our most recent Green-Ass Bride and Groom article has dropped, in the Fall issue of Eco-Beautiful Weddings E-zine, and this time we’re taking you to eco-funkytown on the Etsy train! So hop on over, turn to page 58 and check it out, its fun!

    Budget WeddingJust a little tease

    And here’s a little something just to brighten your day. Caution: your heart may explode all over the screen.

    We hope to resume with the debut of our newsletter and an exciting announcement, just as soon as we can!

    The Broke-Ass Bride
  • 6/21

    Erin Tavin is a bad-ass vintage shop owner with an eye for incredible fashion and funky-fresh creative spirit. I've adored her indie psedo-euro boho-gypsy cool-as-hell boutique since it opened in my very own 'hood last July.... but now she's online at etsy too, and debuting a special collection of Vintage wedding dresses that are so freaking hawt I could die. And they're all under $1,000. I mean,…

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    When Devon from Eco-Proper (such a fabulous site!) contacted us about her heirloom handkerchief rose project, we jumped at the chance to feature it. It's absolutely perfect for weddings, affordable as all get-out, eco-friendly enough to earn you serious karma points, sentimentally sweet, and has so many possible applications! Can you imagine a bridal bouquet made of family handkerchiefs? What a beautiful handmade wedding accessory.…

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    Come on now, let's all save some money! No, not the deprived, wish-I-could-but-I-can't, poor little poor girl type of saving.... that's no fun for anyone! Why should we have to sacrifice taste or style in the name of savings? Eff that noise! A budget wedding don't have to look like no cheap wedding! There's far too many ways to have your taste and keep it…

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    We learned about Heather from Star House on etsy after her little handcrafted love birdies were featured in Juliana & Greg's adorable stop motion save the date (if you missed it, check it out - so cute!).  She wrote in to let us know she also makes cake toppers... and they're super cute and indie! Toppers like these are certain to make for a unique…

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    I was stumbling through some ridiculously radical and awesome save the date and unique wedding invitation videos on youtube, and am loving all the clever cuties out there repping their artsy, indie, crafty and cool relationships with videos to match! Video is a great alternative to regular invitations. You'll use way less paper, and often spend less because you can do it yourself or get…

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    When people who work in the industry get married, magic almost always ensues, so we've got an awesomesauce (and timely) real wedding feature today! It's the stunning wedding of Suthi and Sanjay! Yep, the same Suthi of Suthi Picotte Photography who's giving away a free wedding photography package with us (hurry, you can still enter!). For now though you can enjoy these gawjuss photos and…

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    ...Because I've been planning our wedding for the last 10 months, yet I will never know the answer to that question.  I will never know what it feels like to hire a florist. Or a band. Or what it feels like to choose cake flavors, and have menu tastings. There will be no worrying over what cake topper to choose. Or what china pattern to…

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