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Affiliate Disclaimer NewWho doesn’t love a little luxe in their life? I think it’s fair to say we all have that one friend (or we ARE that one friend) who is gaga over glimmer. Whether it’s glitter, gilded or simply shimmery, the love is strong. Natch, I scoured the Interwebz for pretty, perfect gifts for your homie (or yourself) all under $100.

The Broke-Ass Bride's 2015 Gift Guide Glimmer and Glam

Clockwise from top left: 

Geometric, gilded coasters add impact to the tabletop without leaving a bad (water) impression. Below Beverage Coasters, $29.99 from ModCloth  

A glimmering bow makes any hairdo sweet and shiny. Oversized Glitter Fabric Bow, $14.02 from Etsy seller LovelyLittlesandCo 

Start the day off right with a personalized mug. Gold Monogram Mugs, $12 from Etsy seller AnchoredinHope

You already have beauty staring back at you from the mirror, so why not make the frame just as stunning? 4040 Locust Geo Wire Mirror, $59 from Urban Outfitters 

Toss those boring terra cotta planters and replace ’em with bold gold. Mod Metal Planter, $10 from Urban Outfitters

Pretty little things deserve a pretty little spot for safekeeping. Magical Thinking Pyramid Mirror Box, $18 from Urban Outfitters 

Everyone needs a decorative pinata, right? Right. Crystal Piñata, $58 from Fab 

Glitter is totally a color. Steal the Spotlight Hinged Idiom Bangle, $78 from Kate Spade

Monday Margaritas taste way better when made with luxe looking bar tools. Taste of Luxury Jigger, $14.99 from ModCloth 

Flaunt your fashionista self with a gorgeous wallet in which to stash your cash. Cedar Street Confetti Dot Stacy, $100 from Kate Spade

For your savings-savvy bud, give her a pretty place to drop her coins. Clothes to Your Heart Coin Bank, $14.99 from ModCloth

Stay powered up in style. Slim Rose Gold Portable Power Charger, $24 from Urban Outfitters

Light up the night with glimmering string lights. Festive Effulgence String Lights, $14.99 from ModCloth

Obv. the only way to sip is out of a disco ball. #duh. Disco Sippers, $10 from Urban Outfitters

Who says a utility item has to look utility? I Light it Like That Flashlight, $29.99 from ModCloth

For the writer in your life, a gorgeous notebook is a great space to catch inspiration. Metallic Idiom Journal, $38 from Anthropologie

If you like it, put a ring on it — and how could you not like these cute critters? Ring Holder Animal Trio Copper, $24 from Fab

You know T-Swizzy’s got “Style,” and now your #squad can too! Tote Bag, $22 from Etsy seller LifeandStyleDesigns

Just because you’re rockin’ sneaks doesn’t mean they can’t be glam. Glitter Keds, $80 from Kate Spade

A small metallic bag is the prettiest place for makeup or other goodies. Gold Medium Pouch, $18 from Poppin

  • 12/18

    Ally, one of my favorite local DFW photographers and one half of the extraordinary team at The Purple Pebble — you may remember them from brides in glasses fame — recently got engaged (yayyyy!!!) and threw a lovely luncheon to ask her ladies to stand by her side on her wedding day. Of course, throwing a luncheon in and of itself can be a little spendy, and when you add special flare to it because it’s not just any luncheon, the costs can add up quickly. While she still shelled out a pretty penny for the party, Ally managed to be pretty resourceful with a lot of the details and definitely put the BAB credo to work: Creativity is our currency!

    Budget Bridesmaid Brunch

    The girls I chose as bridesmaids are what I call my “lifers.” Those friends who you can be your true self with, who have proven that no matter what, they’ll be there for you. In my case, these girls are family, high school friends, college friends and girls I met in adulthood. Each one of these girls has been there for me and each one of their friendships means the world to me. When I thought about asking people to be a bridesmaid in my wedding, I knew I wanted to ask in a special way. What a better way than a nice, little brunch celebration? When I asked each girl if she was available for a Sunday brunch on a certain date, they all said yes! Five of the girls in the wedding live where I do. 

    Bridal Luncheon Personalized Cards


    As I got to planning, I thought of what kind of costs would be associated with this. After looking over everything I wanted to do, and the fact that I had 9 bridesmaids and 2 house party members, I knew I needed to save where I could. First step, host the brunch at my apartment.
    For the tablescape:
    My mother grew up in the Midwest and has inherited lovely china from her grandmother and mother. I asked to borrow a set. White china with a gold rim was what I went with since my wedding accent color is gold. I also was able to borrow gold silverware. Crystal is timeless and elegant and I thought it would be a nice mix with the china. I was able to borrow crystal water glasses as well as a beautiful round, crystal vase that I put white hydrangeas in. I already had the clear glass tea light holders.
    I enlisted the help of Facebook friends for a table runner and had a work colleague let me borrow a gorgeous rose colored sequin runner. I also used Facebook to find another unique piece for the table: I wanted antlers, however, most of the places around town that sell antlers sold them for $25+ a piece. I didn’t want to pay that much for a single antler that I was going to spray paint. I had luck when my fiancé’s mother replied to my post saying that she had a set of antlers in her garage that I could have. Absolutely perfect! I spray painted them gold.
    For food and drink: 
    I wanted to keep the food low cost and light. I purchased fruit and donut holes to make kabobs, went to a local shop to get kolaches and baked Pilsbury cinnamon roles.
    For the mimosa bar, I purchased orange juice with a coupon at a local grocery store chain. As the day of the brunch grew closer, I had multiple girls contact me asking if they could bring anything for brunch. Three girls each brought a bottle of champagne so that was covered!
    I purchased adorable black and white striped paper straws from the $1 section at Target. And I was able to find 2 boxes of Libby champagne glasses on sale at Walmart. Two days before the brunch, my mother received a large, beautiful floral arrangement for her birthday. I was able to borrow that for extra decoration. I had a super cute card from my future sister-in-law that said, “You’re Engaged!” and I decided to use that as a cute little accent piece!
    004_MintonBridesmaidBrunch_10022014 003_MintonBridesmaidBrunch_10022014
    Here is where I wanted to really personalize things for my girls! A wedding planner friend of mine created personalized cards for them. They cost $7 a piece. I went into Michael’s craft store for something a month before I put on the brunch and saw that there were colorful block letters in one of the bins in the $1 section. I was able to find a letter for each girl and each letter cost me $1.50.
    Bridesmaid Luncheon Personal Letters
    And my favorite part for my crew … a custom cookie! I had a local bakery make me diamond engagement ring cookies for $3.75 apiece. I had to buy a minimum of a dozen so I spent $45 on a dozen cookies. It was 100% worth it … the cookies were decorated with silver metallic paint and large sugar crystals were used as the diamond! They were also very good! For the favors, I spent $12.25 for each lady.
    Being a photographer, I was able to photograph all this goodness at no cost!
    All in all, I spent $200 on food, favors and accents such as flowers, straws and champagne glasses. Everything else, I was able to borrow. And it certainly helped that my girls brought champagne! For those who do not live in the same city as me, I shipped them a card, letter and cookie from the Post Office so each package was anywhere from $5-$7 to ship.
    The girls were all so surprised at the brunch when I asked them all to be bridesmaids! They had no idea it was coming.
    I was able to pull off a great, affordable brunch with lovely ladies!

    How did you ask your crew to stand by your side, BABs?

  • 9/12

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