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Affiliate Disclaimer NewThings Remembered Champagne FlutesChoosing what to give your bridal brigade as a thank you for standing by your side (and making sure you were nice and toasty during your bachelor/ette bash) is no small decision. You want to make sure it’s something meaningful, but preferably that they’d actually use, too. You don’t want to spend a bajillion dollars, but you don’t want to go Dollar Store cheap, either. Ideally, it would be a worthwhile keepsake with a low cheese factor that would stir up fond memories of you each time they put it to use.

Things Remembered Personalized Gifts for the NewlywedsThere are a million and a half options out there, but we love our homies at Things Remembered for their decades-long (we’re talking like 40 years here, y’all) reputation as a go-to for unique keepsakes and stylish one-of-a-kind gifts. From gifts for your girls to baubles for the boys to awesome trinkets for the ‘rents, Things Remembered has a huge variety of options for everyone you need to give a little somethin’ somethin’ to as a thanks. While we still remember them as a store in the mall where we could get Grandpa Joe an engraved pen, we’re loving them now for personalized colorful tumblers, gold-stamped journals and sleek flasks (stay tuned for giveaway!).

There’s a helluva lot to be said for convenience, too, and with over 600 stores nationwide and in Canada, and the option to buy online and pick up in the store later, Things Remembered pretty much has that on lock. And they tend to have some pretty killer deals:

Get 20% off + Free Shipping on Personalized Wedding Gifts through 8/31 when you use code A038.

Or, even better, enter to win up to 6 monogrammed shiny stainless steel flasks for your bridesmaids or groomsmen (including shipping)! Enter below:

Things Remembered Monogrammed Flasks

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Good luck!

  • 12/4

    Ooohhh … y’all! I’ve got such a treat for you wonderful, amazing BABs today and I’m so excited about it! The amazingly supersweet folks over at Hoopla House Creative reached out and wanted to give YOU, darling Broke-Asses, something in honor of the launch of their wedding paper goods site.

    To celebrate their launch, Hoopla House is sharing free printable downloads with you guys — but it’s not that simple, because why would it be? Nope. The printables include favor tags, Mr. & Mrs. signs, bridal shower bingo, “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” cards and blank banners that are awesome for “Thank You!” or “Just Married!” photo props. Because homegirl knows the value of FREE when it comes to wedding land. And for that we thank her.

    Hoopla House Southern Belle Thank You Banner

    Hoopla House Southern Belle Bridesmaids Cards

    Hoopla House Southern Belle Favor Tags

    Hoopla House Southern Belle Mr & Mrs Chair Signs

    Hoopla House Southern Belle Shower Bingo

    Oh, and Hoopla House isn’t just giving you ONE style. Nope. They’re throwing out five gorgeous designs for all five printables. Of course you can find the matching invitation suite on Hooplah House’s website, for about $1.88 per card.

    But to make this super fun, we’ll do one new design every few weeks, so it’s like constant presents! Besides, I don’t want to overload you too much today … because … and to make your DIY-ing totally worth it …

    Our friends over at Comp and Save, a website that sells ink, toner and printer accessories, has a $50 gift card with one lucky BAB’s name all over it.

    So, how do we get this paper party started? Make sure you have some decent card stock (Michaels or other craft stores are good for this), then click below to download the Southern Belle printables (shown above), then head over to Comp and Save to enter the giveaway!



    “Will You Be My Maid of Honor?” Card

    “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” Card

    Favor Tags

    Mr. & Mrs. Sign

    Bridal Shower Bingo

    Now, get thee over to Comp and Save to enter to win a $50 credit toward computer ink, toner or printer accessories.

    Good luck, and remember who loves ya, BABs!

  • 10/29

    Oh, it's been a minute since we've had a giveaway, hasn't it? Well, TopWedding is here to change that. In honor of their beautiful new arrivals of bridesmaids gowns, TopWedding is giving away one of the sleek silhouettes, perfect for a formal affair or wintry bash. With a huge range of colors and styles available, and since they're manufactured overseas, TopWedding has dresses to complement…

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    My mother used to wear watches a lot, and she had a rather extensive collection (including this rad vintage-looking Mickey Mouse one she picked up when I was a kidlet in Disneyworld). I always admired the way they looked on her -- and mind you, this was before the advent of cellphones-as-clocks. There's something very classic and put together about a man or a woman…

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    We know that invitations are one of the first elements of your wedding that convey the look and feel guests can expect on the big day. We also know that wedding invitations can be super pricey. And holy bananas, are there options! Foil, letterpress, embossed, pocket, flat, square, shapes, laser cut ... where do you even begin to begin? Made with PicMonkey Well, you can…

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    While it's the raddest to now have the capabilities to "thumb" through hundreds of photos with a click of a button, rather than with your actual thumb which could wind up calloused and sore after such a thing, an unfortunate byproduct is that said photos -- once shared on ALL the social media -- then languish on your hard drive for the rest of time. Insert…

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    Guys, I'm interrupting your regularly scheduled Five for Friday because our friends over at Happily are stirring up some major awesomeness re: wedding planning. And they've been doing some pretty baller giveaways, but today's is by far the mostest bestest. I'mma let them explain, but first, there's this: You good? Good. OK, now we're going to let them tell you allllllll about the fluffy goodness that's in…

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    Rustic weddings are gorgeous. Duh. There's a pretty whimsical feel to them that helps make your wedding day a little extra special and romantical. And they tend to be pretty DIY-heavy, which adds a great personalized touch. Maggie Lord, the schamazing mastermind behind Rustic Wedding Chic is kinda sorta the guru of rustic weddings. Remember when she did this rockin' tutorial for us? Welp, that's just one of…

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    Remember the Hourglass Angel giveaway we did in June? Welp, you must because you guys made it so popular the lovely folks over there wanted to do a redux. That's love, y'all. As we discussed last time, good support on your wedding day is pretty necessary -- strapless bras are all well and good, but they won't necessarily hold you in when you're getting down…

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