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I’ve previously written about ways to include my soon-to-be stepson in our planning process, but now that the big day is almost here, I’m trying to find ways to include him in our ceremony, too.
He’s at an in-between age where he is too old to be the cute little ring bearer, and would probably think it was babyish, but he is not quite old enough to take on a groomsman-type role, giving a speech or a reading. I was thinking that, rather than give him a formal role, I would give him a keepsake on the day of. It seems like a popular custom in recent years for the bride to send the groom a little gift the morning of, like a watch or fun socks, along with a little note. I bought special cufflinks for my groom, so I was thinking of having something that his son would open, too. The question is what would that be.
I took to the Internet to get some inspiration, and actually found more naysayers than helpful hints. Many people felt as if this came across as trying to “buy” the child, which I disagree with. Others suggested getting him something he likes, like a toy or video game, but that’s not the type of thing I was going for.
I thought about getting him a nice watch and engraving something on the back, but it is 2016 and I don’t know if the younger generation will even care about watches anymore, with smart watches everywhere now and many people using their phones for time. I’m stuck on other ideas!  There are so many nice jewelry options for a girl that offer the sentiment and will stand the test of time, but for boys, it’s hard!

I need your help, fellow BABs!  What would you do?

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    Admittedly, I’m kind of an Instagram junkie. I have like, 5 different camera apps that add some bell or whistle to the incredible multitude of photos I take of my cats. It’s kind of an issue. But Instagram is also there to catch some of my favorite moments with friends and in life and sometimes I want to take them from my wedding- and cat-filled feed and display them in my casa or give a particularly good homie selfie to one of my friends. Plus, gift ideas, y’all. For holidays or your bridal brigade, this is a perfectly personalized present for your pals.


    Make an Insta collage, like what Real Bride Meg cobbled together for her sisters. If you’re a DIY-er, this might be a great way to go, and she even gave us instructions!

    Sticky9 Magnetic Wall Art

    Sticky9 will make little magnets out of your photos, and they’re pretty rad. The company sent me some a while back, and I love having my favorite Instagram shots up on my fridge. But this? This is a magnetic frame so you can display and rearrange your fave IGs whenevs. It’s a little spendy at around $60, but the fact that you can change out the pics at any time makes it worth it.

    nail art

    I’m so not one for fake nails — I’m really tough on my digits, but let’s be real: If I could get this photo of my kitten on all ten of my fingers, I’d be all about it. And, guys, Zazzle can make it happen. Instagram nail art totally ups the manicure game. You know you’ve got that one friend who is all about her nails, and this $18.95 set is likely something she won’t get from anyone else.

    CanvasPop Instagram Wall Art

    Sometimes, there are a couple of schamazing Insta pics that are too good to be relegated to the Interwebz and really deserve a place of honor up on a wall. CanvasPop can make that happen, turning those Insta-snaps into pretty canvas art pieces. They’re running a special right now, too — a standard 12″x12″ canvas, which normally runs for $79.95 is now $39.95.

    Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 11.27.42 AM

    How about a temporary tattoo? Because, yes, plz. You can upload your Instagram photo and then hand it out to peeps to plaster on their bods. I really love this idea for a wedding … I love it hard. Prices for custom temporary tattoos at start at about $50 for 100.

    What cool ways have you seen Instagram photos used, BABs?

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    Image courtesy of Creature Comforts Dear Heather, I just got a notification that a wedding guest pledged a large amount of money towards my honeymoon fund registry. This person is a new friend of my fiance; I've only met them once. Do I thank them right away or just send a thank you after the wedding, which is in two months? Is it weird to…

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    Image courtesy of Asdrid Dear Heather, I have all these cards and slips from the stores where we registered that I want to distribute, but all of the books and websites say to not include them with your invitations because it's rude. My save the dates already went out, so I can't include them with those. What am I supposed to do with these cards?…

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    Ohhhhh, friends. A few months ago, I moved in with Paul, and thanks to his good taste my new home came pre-stocked with some pretty rad shizz. Compound that with what I've brought in or suggested/demanded that we augment our supplies with, and I've forged some serious bonds with these homemaking house-savers. I'm pretty sure would make strong candidates for your wedding registry or new…

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    Ladies, these are the days when anything goes for your bachelorette bash. Want a prim and proper afternoon tea? Go for it. Looking for something a little more ... sexy? No need to bring in the male strippers. Why just ask for lingerie when you can ask your favorite ladies to get you something to help spice up your life in the bedroom? Adam and…

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    There's a lot of ways to reward the ladies in your life - you know, the gals that are gonna hold the tiny bouquets, host your bridal shower, and plan your bachelorette party. Sure they'd love lots of hugs, a few sincere "thank you" cards, etc. etc. But do you know what people really love? Favors. And not the chintzy, plastic tokens that usually get…

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    If you're anything like me,  you have a tiny bag of beauty necessities that you use everyday - a trusty lip balm, concealer, a light mascara, your fave lipstick, something to zap blemishes, etc. - but when it comes to your wedding day, you're gonna need to give your glamour routine some serious OOMPH. When I look into my "special occasion" make-up bag, it's kind…

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    Admit it: limiting your wedding registry to one big store is just that... limiting. Well now you can put any item from any store into one convenient registry, thanks to SimpleRegistry! AND - in the event that you should end up with the dreaded double-toaster conundrum, you can redeem that redundant toaster (or ANY gift) as cash.... without having to ask for cash. SWEET ACTION…

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