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You guys, let’s talk glasses. All of us here at Team Broke-Ass rock the specs, and tons of brides do so on their wedding day. But picking out a new pair of glasses can be tough. And if you’re anything like me, you want to go through the whole process in the comfort of your own home rather than under the oh-so-unflattering florescent lights and judging eye of the folks working at the eye doctor. Here’s where Warby Parker comes in.

Not only does Warby Parker have some rad styles in tons of colors (purple, you guys.), but they also let you try on your specs at home. No, for serious. Pick out 5 frames you want to take for a spin and Warby Parker will ship ’em to you for free. Then you have 5 days to take those bad boys for a test drive *ahem, brides: Try ’em on with your dress!*. Pick the winner, purchase them on the website and send back all the try-ons (shipping is free!). Your new glasses should arrive shortly!

And for the holidays, Warby Parker is pimping some serious coolness with their store-bought gift cards, purchased by 12/19: Buy a Warby Parker Gift Card, and the recipient will get a Make-A-Snowman Kit. So not only do you get new glasses that will be perfect for you, but you’ll get to have some fun with your own mini-snowdude. You will receive all the necessary tools for creating a five-star snowy friend, including: carrot nose, faux-coal eyes, buttons for eyes and a smile. Now that’s a treat!

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    You might’ve noticed that matting and framing your photos isn’t cheap – and it’s definitely not always within a broke-ass budget. If you ponied up the cash for snazzy engagement photos, and you need a simple yet elegant way to display them at your wedding, or forever after, check out The Perfect Card Box!

    Your favorite photos can double as fabulous wedding centerpieces or bridal shower decor! Use this rotating keepsake to display your favorite couple photos, wedding photos, or antique family photos at any event! Your guests can deposit cards, well wishes, or special messages inside. Plus, The Perfect Card Box can be easily locked to protect your valuables, so no wedding gifts go wandering off during your reception.

    After your big day, The Perfect Card Box can be used to showcase your best wedding photos – and preserve a special wedding memento, like your wedding cake topper, or cake serving set. They also make exceptional gifts for all the special people involved in your wedding. If you purchase several and use them as table decor, you can gift them to your b-maids, parents, or any loved one who has been essential to your big day. The Perfect Card Box can be completely personalized – have it engraved with your name and wedding date!

    Right now, you can snag an additional savings of 20% off on select card boxes, AND 25% off of engraving services during the month of January! Don’t fuss with elaborate and pricey framing jobs – just choose The Perfect Card Box, an affordable, attractive, and engaging way to display and preserve your cherished memories.

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    Have you started prepping for your summer beach bod? Well when you're rockin' that string bikini, do yourself and others a huge favor and cover up...with SPF! This week, the sweet peeps at Palmer's are hooking one winner up with a Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Swivel Stick with SPF 30, and Moisturizing Gel Oil with SPF 15! We got to test out these, and Palmer's new…

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