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We had some great requests for color scheme inspiration on Facebook, but this one from Lily stood out as an interesting challenge. She’s looking to pair dark purple and warm orange over ivory, accented by rose gold in a Midsummer Night’s Dream-meets-carnival theme. To me, the great Shakespearean play reminds me of Greek-style flowing dresses, floral crowns and an organic feeling while carnivals are bright and showy with lots of light and sparkles. We scrubbed the interwebz for some dreamy inspiration to bring these two great ideas together.


1. Get your guests geared up for the party with these Eventide rose gold foil stamped invites from Minted ($260 for 100 invitations).

2. Shine a light on the night with rose gold lanterns from Etsy seller OpenVintage Shutters ($15.99).

3. You’ll look like a dream come to life in the airy Lucca gown from BHLDN ($520).

4. Top your wedding day look with this etherial Floral Crown with blush pearls from Etsy seller NoonontheMoon ($125).

5 & 6. Have your girls channel their inner Greek Goddess with a one shouldered or strapless bridesmaid gown. Both from Target ($79.99).

7. These purple candle holders from Luna Bazaar are lined in a yellow gold hue, but light a candle and they glow a lovely burnt orange shade from behind the aubergine ($6).

8. Calla lilies look amazing mixed with a variety of flowers and greens. The mango orange variety from Blooms by the Box are a wonderful color to match this palette ($37.90 for a box of 10).

9. Blue by Betsey Johnson’s Wed pump is a classic and demure style in a medium high heel that won’t kill your feet, but when they’re covered in rose gold sequins, they bring out the fun, flashy carnival vibe!’s awesome discounted price is reason enough to party ($52.99).

10. A dreamy night calls for stars and these huge 24″ paper star lanterns from Luna Bazaar are a lovely marriage between the two themes ($7.95).

11. Reminiscent of crescent moons, the rose gold links in this 1928 Vintage Lace Half Circle stretch bracelet on Amazon adds a pop of metallic without being overwhelming ($22).

12. Bring out the ivory in your palette with a beautiful show of deep purple with the Picasso mini calla lily from Blooms by the Box ($37.90 for a box of 10).

13. These rose gold and rhinestone Constellation Earrings from Etsy seller BearfruitBoutique are delicate enough for a fairy and add a whimsical sparkle to a wedding day ensemble ($36).

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    We’re pretty pumped about Real Bride Elissa‘s very vintage color scheme. Her pretty palette takes shades of cool green-blue and contrasts them with warm orange and red for a sweet look that screams for some retro-feeling style. We’re thinking demure A-line gowns and lovely lace for your best girls with plenty of punchy accessories that give a nod to traditional looks without being generic. One of my favorite parts about these colors is that they’re, like, whoa-flexible. Brighten it up during warmer months, or go with the richer, more muted hues when it’s cool. Either way, you can channel your inner Joan Holloway with these swell shades that are anything but boring.Screen shot 2015-04-13 at 8.05.15 PM

    1. Decorative Spring Rectangle Wedding Invitations, tarting at $1.70 each for 100 at MagnetStreet 2. Christian Michele Lace Cap Sleeve Wedding Dress, $850 at edressme 3. Red Asiatic Lilies, $89.99 for 50 stems from Bunches Direct 4. Milly Sophia Lace Shift Dress, $45 to rent at Rent the Runway 5. Nha Khanh Red Lace Dahlia Dress, $100 at Rent the Runway 6. ML Monique Lhuillier Isabella Dress, $30 to rent at Rent the Runway 7. Glitz Teal Rhinestone Earrings, $9 at Lulu’s  8. Kate Spade New York Turquoise Ilexa Shoe, $131.20 at 9. Dolce & Gabbana Nail Lacquer in Fire, $25.50 at Sephora 10. Set of 3 Turquoise Vintage Glass Bottles, $8.40 at Luna Bazaar 11. Contessa Centerpiece, $46.99 at Bunches Direct

    Do you have a style in mind, but don’t know where to start? Let us know how we can inspire you in the comments!

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    Winter may be nearing an end, but it's still fairly frigid through much of the US. Austrian photographer Karin Ahamer schemed up this gorgeous, intimate sparkly shoot that brings a whole new beauty to even a dreary snowless winter. Using items found, thrifted or bought for very little money, this styled shoot epitomizes the BAB idea living up to your wedding vision on the budget you have…

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    BAB reader Beth was having a little trouble pulling together all the color elements of her kelly green and charcoal grey with daisy yellow accents, so, of course, like good little bloggers do ... we came in and totally took the reins on this biatch. And let me tell you -- it's no easy feat finding a charcoal grey dress that either isn't a sweater…

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    Navy is a great, classic color that isn't so well, dark, as black but has a holy buttload of versatility as far as other colors you can pair with it. BAB Denise hollered at us on Facebook for some help with her navy blue and flamingo pink color scheme -- and added that all of her centerpieces would be vintage milk girl, it sounds to…

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    After Real Bride Jubilance's post about her flowers this morning, I was inspired to scheme up an inspiration board based off her colors. And guys, let me tell you: There are too many damn color options out there for weddings. I mean, I knew that, but with colors as specific as lavender and mint, you'd think finding a match would be kind of easy --…

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    When Ben and Jenni from Two Sparrows Photography contacted The Broke-Ass Bride little while back asking if we'd be interested in featuring a broke-ass LGBT shoot in honor of October's roll as LGBT History Month -- National Coming Out Day, Oct. 11, also happens to be my birthday -- I responded with a resonating HELL YES. Gimme dat! So after hooking them up with some of our…

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     Real Bride Kate's wedding was gorgeous -- not only because of the uniqueness of it, but because the bold color palette was stunning. I mean, her DRESS. Come on. So I found it only appropriate to put together an inspiration board with a similar palette, featuring a bold red, ink black and smooth off-white. This combinations pairs so well, and gold, silver, gray or another…

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