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As I may have mentioned already, my partner, bless him, has been wonderfully supportive and helpful throughout the entire process of planning our wedding. This has transpired despite my occasional failures to delegate, as I wrote about in my last post. He’s also been extremely chill about pretty much everything that’s been suggested.

Whereas, his list of must-haves for the wedding were limited to:

a) A wedding happens

b) I’m there

As the months progressed and plans materialized, he presented me with two more requests:

c) A late-night poutine bar


d) A choreographed first dance

Sadly, our caterer was not able to make the late-night poutine bar happen for any kind of reasonable cost — apparently renting and operating a deep-fryer on site was going to cost us nearly a grand, which we both conceded was way too much. I was bummed, though, he’s agreed to so much of my insane demands, that I was determined to accommodate the second: A choreographed first dance.

Problem is, I am possibly the world’s worst dancer of all time. I have zero rhythm, and even less awareness of where my limbs are in space. I find even the most basic steps to tax all of my concentration.

Evan’s parents had him in dance lessons as a child, and dang does the guy ever know how to move. So, I knew it was going to be an uphill battle for sure, but also a wonderful fun thing we could do together, and (maybe?) be proud of. I finally sat down last week and did some Googling to see how much professional dance lessons and choreography costs and OH MY GOD.

Mind you, I don’t begrudge professional dancers for charging what they do for their services — they are insanely talented and deserve it. However, it costs nearly as much as the DJ and the finished product will only last one song. I’d pay for it in a heartbeat if I had the means, but, dang, I don’t think we do.

So, I’m considering some more options:

Take a group class?

Try a Youtube tutorial?

I’m not sure yet, but I will hopefully figure out a solution soon that makes all of us (and our bank account) happy.

Any tips? Share in the comments!


  • 7/31

    Real Bride Tiffany Music to Our Ears.jpg

    Music has been a mainstay in our relationship. Our first hangout was to see Justin’s friend’s band, and our first real date a local radio station’s Christmas Festival (and featured Florence and the Machines and my life has never been the same). And on those nights when we weren’t supposed to be seeing each other but we couldn’t resist, we would sit around listening to music as I endlessly shamed him for his collection of late ’90s hits (#soundgardenforlife).

    Needless to say, the first thing I did when we became “official” was hop on Spotify and make him a playlist to change his life. And bring him up-to-date by about 20 years. Now that he enjoys music from this century, we enjoy a lot of it together. And I will be the first to admit that I am a total music snob. Not hipster, per say. Maybe a little. But DEFINITELY a snob. Let’s just say I occasionally peruse Pitchfork for new music selections and I also believe that Ariana Grande was put on this planet to harm our ears. But I am also known to get down with some 2 Chainz. So there you have it.

    When it came to our wedding music, I insisted on creating a playlist for pre-ceremony and cocktail/dinner time. I am certain that I will not hear it and will not be paying attention, but it was vital that I controlled those song choices. Because I am a grown-up and rational adult woman. I also publicly shamed my sister on Instagram because of her poor and awfully dated suggestions for the bridal party entrance song.


    “That song” referenced with my father happens to be by John Tesh …

    We met our DJ earlier this week (he came with the venue) and he was an absolute delight. We bonded over two of my favorite things: Bar Rescue and The Wobble. He was completely accepting of my controlling playlists and did not even flinch at my “NO SONGS BY THIS ARTIST AT ALL EVER” that was listed by several artists including but not limited to Colbie Calliat and Taylor Swift. He gets me. I approve. We have all of our song selections down except for a cake-cutting song, which what the heck. I don’t think that Rihanna’s “Cake” will work here, but I’m still throwing it in the pot of suggestions.

    A few months ago I clicked on one of those clicky-bait “Top 10 wedding songs of 2014” and our first dance choice was on there, I mourned. I actually mourned the loss of the uniqueness of that song for a good 32 minutes. We have since chosen another song that I refuse to mention because god forbid someone else steal it and then I will have to choose another one. THE STRUGGLE, YOU GUYS. I am sure it will be used in many a wedding this year and in the years to come and that is fine as long as I don’t have to hear about it.

    In honor of our secret first dance selection, I bring to you our first dance rejects. I realize how that sounds, but really these are some truly lovely songs. They just weren’t “our” songs.

  • 9/7

    Now that my wedding is over, I am going to share all my secret, and sometimes crazy, wedding inspiration that we didn't end up doing, so get excited. One of my favorite songs in the world is "This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)" by The Talking Heads.  Just read the lyrics and you'll see what I mean.  If we didn't do our first dance…

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    (Hey you. Yes, you! Before you read this, go here and read all about our ceremony music so you're up to speed. Aight? Cool.) Its grand entrance time, yo! And we always knew we wanted Jump Around play as our reception entrance music. I mean come on. It's only one of the most legendary party beats ever. But, the Bungalow Club had accidentally miscommunicated the…

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