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I’m writing an e-book about planning your wedding in six months or less. It’ll be out in time for Christmas. 🙂 Anyway, I’m finishing up the budget planning section, and one of the the things I’m talking about is whether or not the “wedding tax” is actually real or not. You know, that vendors charge more once you open your mouth and say “Wedding.”

Flowers, Construction, Idea. And the picture itself. Worth the cost? (Courtesy of Studio EMP)

I’m not sure about that. Granted, I might be a little biased, since I’m trying to make a living here, but I’ve talked about it a little before. For instance, say you go out to Olive Garden. Appetizers, a glass of wine, a salad, an entree, and a slice of cake – what you’d usually get at a wedding – hovers around $50 per person, including tax and tip. And, as much as I love the Garden, most people don’t think of it as the quality standard for wedding catering. Photography isn’t just the photographer showing up, there’s a lot of work beforehand and after in order to get you those beautiful pictures. Someone had to design and make your dress, and it’s not just a Vera Wang that gets  handmade. And even getting a special-occasion dress at Macys will be in the $100 – 200 range, without the tulle and the silk/sateen.  Invitations have to to be printed, and if they’re letter pressed they have to be printed a couple of times.  I got reality smacked into me a couple of months ago when I realized how much skill it takes to construct a wedding cake,not to mention pull it apart and serve it. And, your DJ runs the party.

Wedding stuff does tend to require more attention to details, and frankly, more details. It’s how they build the pretty. And the party. And there is a difference between being able to afford it and whether it’s actually worth the price.

But before I go to press, I’m willing to hear YOUR opinions. Where was the last place where you were sure that the Wedding Tax was being levied? Or was there a point where you looked at something gorgeous and time intensive and thought that it was totally worth the cost? Let me know below.

See you at the end of the aisle,