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 This sponsored post is brought to you by Evite® and Olive Garden as part of the Evite® Influencer Program

Wouldn’t we all love to jet off and have a romantic destination wedding, especially somewhere as gorgeous as Tuscany? Unfortunately, with Broke-Ass budgets, dreamers can dream … but, in that same vein, doers can make a dream come to life without even stepping on a plane.

In partnership with Evite® and Olive Garden (helloooo, breadsticks!), we’re sharing some easy, creative and affordable ways to bring Tuscany into your wedding venue.

Simple sprigs of rosemary here and there — we especially love the idea of tying escort cards to them! — make for the perfect aromatic touch without breaking the bank. Super bonus if you have a huge rosemary bush in your garden! And any good Broke-ass knows that a few little string lights go a long way. Coil them into empty bottles, flip the switch and you’ve got stunning mood lighting with very little work.

As convenient as printing out thank you tags and escort cards may be, it does take some resources to pull off, and ink toner doesn’t come cheap. Add a super personal touch by hand-writing these little extras (and go ahead and take the occasional wine and spaghetti break to stave off hand cramps).

We’re huge proponents of only having favors that are useful, and in our book that means they have to be edible or drinkable. Send your guests off with a small bottle of olive oil with a sprig of rosemary and Olive Garden’s signature dressing.

And we all know that stationery costs can be a doozy to your overall budget, not to mention can add up to a lot of unnecessary environmental waste. So instead of racking up that cost sending invitations that will hang out on the fridge for a while, then likely wind up in the trash, look into sending a digital invitation. We’re loving this Tuscany-inspired design from Evite®, which perfectly complements the rest of these simple but big-impact decor ideas.

Which of these easy Tuscan-inspired ideas from Evite and Olive Garden is your favorite? Take a look and come back to tell us in the comments!

  • 2/29

    Happy Leap Day, Broke-Asses! Since this is kind of an odd day out, we’re going to take a break from our regularly scheduled weddings and engagements to bring you a very Broke-Ass Save the Date from the lovely Ashley. She channeled her and her husband’s professions as inspiration and used her money-conscious mind to dream up these babies. Take it away, ladyface!

    Real Save the Date: Ashley's DIY and Yummy Teacher-Inspired Project

    Since my fiance and I are both teachers, we have sprinkled tiny little “teachery” elements into our wedding planning such as these save the dates, schoolhouse chairs and personalized pencils as party favors. We love our jobs, our students and each other very much, so why not highlight that with our wedding!?

    I got my inspiration for our save the dates from things I already had around the house. I think I saw the heart apples on Pinterest, but pairing them with the books and chalkboard was my idea. As far as the emailing them out decision, that was all my fiance. He had NO preconceived notions of “wedding etiquette,” which has turned out to be pretty helpful. When I mention something like “we need to go buy $50 worth of stamps for our save the dates,” he replies “what is a save the date?” His obliviousness to all “do-it-because-everyone-does-it-that-way” wedding issues has really helped me to think about things. So, we decided to email our save-the-dates. It was FREE, people could click on our wedding website link, and it was FREE.

    To make this scene, I used cookie cutters on the apples, a window chalkboard and old books. I then took pictures of it and created a collage in Picasa.

    We are both secondary teachers in East Tennessee. We are having small ceremony in the forest where we got engaged, but are meeting up with all of our friends and extended family at a barn dance later that evening.

    Thank you so much for sharing this, Ashley! Please come back and share you wedding and/or engagement pictures with us!! And congratulations!

    The Broke-Ass Bride is always looking for rad-tastic Broke-Ass weddings and engagement sessions to feature. Interested? You can submit via Two Bright Lights or by emailing us directly!

  • 4/29

    Picking out wedding invitations just got cheaper. No, easier. No, greener. Wait, all of the above. Have y'all seen this bizniss? is a pretty new but super rad resource you can use to search for and buy lovely and affordable wedding invites, engagement announcements, and thank you cards. They offer customizable, fresh, and stylish electronic invitation suites (they'll offer printed options this summer) and…

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