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So peaceful and loving. Man, don’t you just wish?
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Dear Liz, 

My Wedding is next weekend and I’m kind of scared of what’s going to happen. There was a big, huge blow-up at my fiancé’s parents house on the Fourth of July, so bad that a couple of his cousins weren’t going to come to our wedding. They changed their minds last week and decided to come, but I’m not sure I want them there! My fiancé is still pretty upset, and so is my family, too. Our crowd is pretty heavy drinking, which I think added to the problem on the Fourth of July, and we’re having an open bar at our wedding. What should I do to make sure it doesn’t turn into a disaster?


World War W.

Dear War,

I assume eloping is out out of the question at this point? God, Family drama is just the worst. Stay above it. Don’t completely avoid them, but don’t linger, either. A simple, “Hello, we’re glad you could make it,” should do, and keep moving. If the bar is going to be an issue, shut it down a little earlier than you were going to, and take out the hard liquor — no one needs to take the freeway to bad behavior. If you’re really worried about a fist-fight, or worse, breaking out, warn your venue manager and ask about security. If there is a problem, let them handle it. Eight out of 10 times, people behave themselves. (Ask me for examples of the other two, later). But, remember that if they want to act like jackasses on your wedding day, that is completely on them. Sorry about that, and good luck.

Paper invites or E-vites. You don’t even have to answer the question.

Dear Liz, 

Paper invites and stationery vs E-vites: How do you balance cost with sentimentality? Especially with older and old fashioned generations?


Too many Trees

Dear Trees,

Yeah, I love e-vites, love them. Pair a paper invite with online RSVPS, and I stand and applaud. But we’re not quite there yet. Paper invites cater to the older generation, yes. But, people also love them because paper invitations are so darn Pretty. Substantial, physically solid, PRETTY. Aesthetics are a huge part of Wedding World,  and I don’t think that’s going to ever totally go away. There are websites, like Pingg,  that let you send both electronic and paper invites.  I mean, it’s not like older people don’t know about email or the Internet. Most of the folks I know in their 70s (Hi, Mom!) and 80s are online, have email addresses, and are busy ordering from Amazon and iTunes as we speak. But, yeah, paper to the Internet illiterate and e-vites to the Instagram set is probably the best way to go. You can even figure out how to design them yourself!

So, what’s the latest family throw-down that’s worrying you about your wedding? Have you decided to go full e-vite for your wedding invitations? Let us know in the comments below!

See you at the end of the aisle,

  • 11/5

    When it came to STDs, (insert sixth grade level laugh here), Zach and I didn’t feel the need to be fancy.  While I certainly appreciate the beautiful, ornate paper STDs and invites out there, they just didn’t strike me as a must-have item.  Plus, we loved the idea of going paperless!  Sending the majority of our STDs and invites via email will save trees and save us money!  Some may still think it’s iffy, from an etiquette point of view, but as you’ve probably realized by now, we don’t really bow to tradition very much.

    To make our STD, all I did was use GIMP photo editing software (Photoshop’s free, downloadable twin) to add text to a cool picture of us taken at the Uyuni Salt Flat in Bolivia.  I downloaded the awesome fonts for free too! (Check out for free fabulous fonts!)  I’m no photo-editing wizard, but I think they turned out pretty well for the amazingly low price tag of $0!

    To send these out, we just attached the photo to an email titled “Save the Date!” and then wrote a short personal note to the invitee in the body of each email.  I think it added a nice intimate touch!

    Did anyone else send out e-STDs or e-vites?  Would you like receiving an e-vite for a wedding, or would you think it was tacky?

  • 11/11

    If you're planning a wedding, you probably have a long list of daunting tasks... including, no doubt, your invitations. That's a pretty crucial element, eh? We all want the perfect invite, but the cost and time taken to prepare them can be pretty overwhelming. Besides the cost of stationary, you also have to budget in postage, and then the time to stuff and label every…

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