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Timo and I listen to a lot of music and have many favorite songs.  On one of our first dates, Timo and I actually had a sing along to my Spotify playlist that was on.  There are bluetooth speakers in the garage and in the bathroom for jam sessions.  When we were building our house, the ONE thing Timo wanted was in-ceiling speakers and I agreed to that as long as I could get a bathtub with jets (we both ended up getting what we wanted).  When he gets home from work, Timo usually turns on the music and it plays in the background while we go about our evening until we eventually decide to watch a show on Netflix.

In that vein, I am sharing the five songs that my DJ must play at our reception.

wediding songssource: DJ Littlebit

 1.  The Kill (Bury Me) by Thirty Seconds to Mars

Yep.  A breakup song is #1 on the list.  Because this was the first song that Timo and I had an epic sing along to.  It was then I knew that this guy wasn’t someone I needed to be worried about judging me.  He was willing to sing a breakup song with me on one of our first dates!  We could have looked at it completely different (as a bad omen, if you will), but the music was so loud and we were both so into it, that it was a completely positive experience.  And ya know, weird.  Because who “carpool karaokes” to a break up song on a date?  We do.   #bestteamforever

2.  Ahnma – Beginner

I honestly have no idea what this song is about because it’s in German.  But Timo gets all white boy thug when it comes on and the chorus sounds something like, “Goldschlager shigga llama” and it always makes me (and Timo) laugh when I sing out the word sounds like that.

3.  An Andrew McMahon song.

Probably Fire Escape or Cecilia and the Satellite.  We actually went to see Andrew McMahon when he was in Charleston and it was epic.  Especially the part where he crowd surfed on an inflatable duck… I cannot make that up.  I have proof!

4.  Alone by Marshmallo

Marshmallo is one of Timo’s favorite artists.

5.  Hey Pretty Girl by Kip Moore

I used to listen to this song when I was in that “groom fever” phase of my life and it still never gets old thinking that Timo would “dedicate” this song to me on the radio if people still did that.

  • 4/14

    I guess my fiancé and I are a little bit hipster: We brew our own beer and kombucha; we adopt old shelter dogs; we get our coffee from the local coffee bean roaster; and we’re vegetarians. Good indie and alternative music is also important to us so coordinating the entertainment for our wedding made us nervous. I found it hard to find a DJ that fit our style and budget. I was scared of booking an over the top greased up MC with a gold pinky ring who played the Chicken Dance and the Electric Slide!

    430979_807333719819_1977921532_nThe most hipster picture I have of us.

    After browsing DJs on Google in my area I was overwhelmed and surprised how expensive they were! Plus it was hard to grasp the personality and style of the different DJs via the Internet and phone. What ended up helping me choose our DJ was attending a wedding expo. They had tons of different entertainment vendors with a variety of styles and prices. Plus almost all the vendors were offering a show discount to book their services from attending the expo. I was able to talk face-to-face with over a half-dozen different DJs. I ultimately booked with one them a week later and saved 20% off the regular price. Plus I got the ceremony music fee waived!

    Now to the fun part: I am currently working on the music to play for the ceremony as well as “Play” and “Do NOT Play” list for the cocktail hour and reception. To do this, I created a private playlist on YouTube named aptly named “Wedding Songs” to share with my DJ. You could probably do this on Spotify as well. One of my favorite artists on my playlist is the Vitamin String Quartet. They arrange rock and pop songs to be played with string instruments which gives songs you know and love a classical, ethereal tone. One of my favorites is their cover of Bruno Mars “Just the Way You Are”. Doesn’t it sound so beautiful?? I included some romantic indie songs such as “First Day of My Life” by Bright Eyes, “The Tourist” by Radiohead, “Welcome” Home by Radical Face and “Part One” by Band of Horses. I also collected some fun dance songs from Jay-Z, Rhianna and some 90’s pop of course! The YouTube has been super helpful in curating my perfect wedding playlist.

    Are you going with a band, DJ or doing your own music? How have you been building your playlist?

  • 11/24

    Lethal Rhythms, Atlanta DJ Hey everyone! I may be a Mrs. now, but that doesn't mean I can't look back and help guide y'all on your bride-to-be journeys. And one major component of any wedding is ... the music! When Jersey and I began looking for an Atlanta DJ, we were a bit befuddled at first: A) there are SO MANY; B) each one comes with a price tag…

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    Music has been a mainstay in our relationship. Our first hangout was to see Justin's friend's band, and our first real date a local radio station's Christmas Festival (and featured Florence and the Machines and my life has never been the same). And on those nights when we weren't supposed to be seeing each other but we couldn't resist, we would sit around listening to music as I endlessly…

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