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Affiliate Disclaimer NewAs a DIY, oh-so-poor bride, I have always planned on making my own invitations. I have been fussing with designs, envelopes, and patterns for about two years solid. I even went through a phase where I planned on having an Etsy shop to give brides invitations on the cheap. Then I realized I have no artistic ability. Sadly, that’s kind of a prerequisite for being a designer. Well poop!

I wouldn’t exactly call a carnival-themed wedding unique, since I’ve seen a few recently. However, it is unique enough that mainstream invitations don’t really do it justice. Invitations are supposed to be sneak peeks of what guests can expect when they arrive at your wedding. If I went with lacy, thick paper covered in hand-drawn calligraphy, it might throw people. As it is, they’re going to be shocked when they pull up and see a bounce house outside. So no, I need to warn everybody before they get there.

Danielle Invites 2

Invitations designed by Alyssa Black

I’d had found some invitations that were perfect on Etsy a few months ago. I’d been in constant contact with the designer asking questions and double-checking information. A lot of invitations you get from designers on Etsy require you to buy them all (save the dates, invite, RSVP cards, etc.) in one shot, so you need to have all the details of your wedding set up front. I was waiting on getting the domain for our wedding website settled before I ordered the invitations. When I finally got that settled, I couldn’t find the listing anymore. I asked the designer and she informed me that she was no longer designing invitations … the same designer that had talked to me about the SAME invitations a week before. Ever heard the saying, “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”? Let me tell you, it was clearly referring to a livid bride yo, I was ready to Hulk smash something or someone.

Alyssa blue invite

Original Invitation Design by Alyssa Black

THEN, I stumbled across my newest goddess of design, Alyssa Black. Girlfriend has got it going on. Awesome designs, polite, and just so dang sweet. I fell in LOOOOVE with her carnival wedding invitation set on Etsy. This was the same design she used for her own wedding. With a little tweaking and lots of sassy convos back and forth, she created these masterpieces for me.

Danielle Invites 1

MY INVITATIONS!!!! by Alyssa Black

So many levels of SQUEEE guys, SO MANY LEVELS! I feel like a proud parent, pulling out these and showing them to anyone with a pulse. Cost? The custom design (with wording change, recoloring, and extra TLC) ran me $110 for the whole shebang. So I have a full suite of slamming invites that are fully Vistaprint compatible in my possession. I printed up 100 save the date post cards, invites, and RSVP postcards on Vistaprint for a whopping $78. I will print the rest of the suite in house. When I throw in the stamps I’ve been hoarding for the past year, envelopes for thank you cards, and the A7 invite envelopes, it brings my stationery total to $247. *wildly dancing*

Ladies and Gents, go haul some tail and check out Alyssa Black’s designs. If she doesn’t have it on the website, she can whip it up for you like the total boss she is. Love you girl!

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    Gold Foil Invitations from CatprintWhen it comes to wedding stationery, oftentimes it can be easier and more cost effective to take on the printing yourself — but what if your home printer just isn’t up to the job? Finding a high-quality place to print your thoughtfully picked out and painstakingly worded stationery can be a bit of a challenge.

    DIYing Your Wedding Invitations? Leave the Printing Work to CatPrintBut our homies at CatPrint have got your back. With a huge variety of cardstock to fit your budget and a plethora of sizes for any kind of printable invitation, CatPrint is a no-brainer go-to for broke-asses in search of a pro to help them print their pretties. Unlike some other smaller printing companies, when you take your paper goods to CatPrint, you’re faced with few limitations on color, texture and especially price. And you’re not stuck printing way more than you need — with no minimum order, you can print the precise amount of invitations or save the dates you need and not one more (unless you want to, of course).

    Wedding Day Paper Goods from CatPrint

    CatPrint makes it easy to work with custom designs, whether it’s a gorgeous PDF you found on Etsy or something you dreamed up yourself and used your mad design skillz to pull off. Here’s how:

    • Pick your poison: Decide on your final design and ensure it’s in PDF form.
    • Mosey on over to CatPrint and upload your fancy design.
    • Pick your paper.
    • Pick your size.
    • Pick the quantity.
    • Double-check your proof (digital or hard copy).
    • Give ’em the green light.
    • Drink some bubbly and get stoked (standard shipping is about 7 days).
    • Swoon over your pretty wedding stationery that didn’t cost you an arm and a leg.
    • Spread the love and send ’em out to your homies!Wedding Invitation Suite from Catprint

    Not stoked on addressing the envelopes by hand (no judgement, y’all — I can’t calligraphy for shizz)? CatPrint also offers envelope printing or they can make labels (hellooooo, return address!) to make your life a helluva lot easier.

    And don’t think you’re stuck with boring ol’ run-of-the-mill ink colors and paper styles. CatPrint offers super trendy gold and silver foil options (you know we love on that foil!) and they have a huge variety of cardstock available — with free samples so you can pick the right one for you.

    Head over to Catprint with your wedding PDFs to get started!

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    I have to say, I’m pretty proud of how my wedding invitations turned out. I didn’t realize invitations were even something I cared about ... until I did. Here I had come up with a whole big list of priorities and not-so-importants to try and be sure that I properly focused my efforts, limited funds, and time, and suddenly I realized super late in the…

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