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Sponsored Post DisclaimerDIY Wedding Flowers from Sam's ClubDIY wedding flowers can be a tough project to take on — especially when it comes to figuring out where the hell to order your blooms from. Putting your trust in a wholesaler you’re not entirely familiar with could potentially result in flowers that are a bit off-color (uh, peach and hot pink aren’t the same, y’all) and it can be tough to find bulk flowers for good prices from local sources, unless you have a mad hookup at your farmer’s market. Deliver times can also be difficult — many bulk floral wholesalers require orders be placed at least a month in advance. And let’s be real, flowers aren’t a priority for everyone, so for those who aren’t as fanatical about flora, finding an affordable option is key.

Bulk Flowers

Photo: Little Wedding Extras

Which is why we love Sam’s Club for our DIY florals. The retailer, better known for their brick-and-mortar membership warehouses, actually has a pretty baller selection of blooms and greenery on their website and is one of my go-to places when brides ask me for suggestions on where to order their stems from. And as an extra bonus, the flowers are delivered right to your casa, so there’s no running about wasting precious DIY time — you can get those puppies fed and watered the second they land on your doorstep. And you don’t even need a membership to order online!

Israeli Ruscus and Hydrangea Table Decor || Photo: Shaina Sheaff Photography

Photo: Shaina Sheaff Photography

Don’t think you’ll be stuck with your garden variety (heh) carnations and roses (though both are great options for larger colorful blooms). Hydrangea, lilies, peonies, irises and more are among their huge selection — and they’re super high-quality. But one of my favorite thing to turn to Sam’s Club for is the greenery — which is super in right now. For couples who love the look of lots of green with a little pop of floral here and there, Sam’s Club can’t be beat for ruscus and eucalyptus, which both come in well under $100 for 200 stems. (The ruscus and hydrangea in the above photo both came from Sam’s Club.)

Top Five Reasons Why We Love Sam’s Club for Flowers:

  • They’re affordable (uh, hello peonies at ~$3 per stem!)
  • They’re timely, with as little as one week between order and delivery date
  • They’re high-quality and packed with care — you’re not likely to get broken and bruised blooms
  • They’re convenient (no need to leave your house to get your blooms)
  • They have a great selection

You’ve already dedicated yourself to taking on a lot just by DIYing your flowers, so make it easy on yourself by ordering the blooms from Sam’s Club.

  • 8/25

    Yeah, you read that right. From the side of a freaking volcano. And you don’t have to spend a million bucks for it to be an actual thing in your life.

    The Bouqs -- Flowers Grown on the Side of a Volcano

    Relatively new flower company based out of California, The Bouqs, makes it happen. Grown either on an eco-friendly sustainable farm next to an active volcano in South America, or on an eco-friendly sustainable farm next to the California surf. So you know, eco-friendly is the key phrase here. And we like that.

    We also like the price tag and the super vibrant options. The awesome folks at The Bouqs hollered at me to see if I wanted to take the experience for a test drive, to which I was all “Duh.” Flowers? Delivered to me? Yep. Sign me up, yo.

    So I picked out an arrangement (Recognize! … no, really, that’s the name of the bouq) because I enjoy lilies and a buttload of color and they were on my doorstep within the week. Super bright, super colorful and easy to prep for display.

    The Bouqs

    Metrokitty approves.

    At about $40 per Bouq, they’re a pretty great deal, and they definitely arrive in a timely manner. I was slightly bummed, as the petals started falling off after only a couple of days, but to that end: They’re cut flowers. They will die. It’s a thing. No use crying over fallen petals, amirite?

    If you’re into DIY-ing your bouquet and want the blooms delivered right to you — which cuts down on errands before your big day — The Bouqs would be a pretty great way to go.

    Plus then you could be all “Oh, these flowers? They’re from the side of a volcano. NBD.”