Broke-Ass Tag: DIY Uplighting


C’mon baby, let’s get in the mood … under these fluorescents that make your skin look ruddy and don’t do the beaded detailing on your gorgeous gown any favors.

Ugh. Nope.

There are so many things that work toward making your wedding day just the way you’d like, and lighting often plays a huge role in this. However, lighting can also be budget-busting and leave you seeing dollar signs instead of a gorgeous glow. That’s where BAB homie DIY Uplighting steps in.

Top: Before DIY Uplighting. Bottom: The glorious after.

Rather than spend your skrilla on often-expensive lighting setup, DIY Uplighting will ship you lights a few days prior to your big day and you and your brigade can have a little setup party. For a $25 deposit and as little as $19 per light, you can swap out those harsh fluoros for sweet rose-colored LEDs.

And if rose ain’t yo thang, DIY Uplighting offers a multitude of colors and options to fit most wedding budgets. Whether you’re in the middle of NYC or holed up on a farm in the middle of nowhere, DIY Uplighting will ship directly to you so you can get busy setting the mood for your big night. Plus, with their prepaid return label and 7 day rental period, rentals are easy-peasy and stress-free, giving you a time buffer to choose the setup and color you like best, as well as time to return them after the big event!

And really, shouldn’t all weddings include perfectly-lit disco balls?

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    Like any good BAB, you’ve budgeted down to the most minute detail: Stationery, transportation, photography, bar, food, officiant, gifts, sound system, chairs, tables … seems to all be there.

    But wait, what about lighting? Have you checked the sitch at your venue? Does your back yard have enough glow? Are the fluorescents at your reception hall too harsh?

    Uplighting can be a dubious creature, my friends. And it is pretty key to nabbing those baller pics you yearn so hard for. But don’t worry,  DIY Uplighting can shed some {ahem} light on the solution.

    Rather than shell out beaucoup bucks for local lighting rental and setup, DIY Uplighting will ship lights to you a few days before your big day (for free!). Nab a trusted groomsmen or b-maid to help with the setup and BOOM! For as little as a $25 deposit and $19 per light, you can ditch the harsh fluorescents for these professional quality, energy efficient LED lights and bask in the glow of your wedding day. Check out the video below for deets on how easy it is to get the ball rollin’!

    No matter if you’re in California or Kalamazoo, DIY Uplighting will make sure you aren’t left in the dark for your first dance. Bonus! The lights come in a variety of colors, so you can add a colorful glow to your venue in the hue of your choosing! Huzzah!