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OH SNAP! Hunter’s got a brand new Fresh Hubby rap video to start your week off right! This is a thank you to the wonderful folks at OneWed for their generous help with Dishing For Dana. THIS IS MY FAVORITE ONE YET! Check out OneWed for some amazing planning tools and some pretty great blog articles from us and fellow bad-ass bloggers.

Community, MTV, Parent Hood, Walk Hard. That’s just a few of the places you’ll find the insanely talented K.U. who produced this track. And I stole the uber talented Will Reese, a D.P. from The Upright Citizens Brigade to shoot and edit this. So much AWESOME!

Soooo, if you’re at work make a sign that says, “On Break, Biatches!”. Turn that volume up. Expand the screen. Hit play and let’s get this 2 minute party STARTED!!!

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  • 5/23

    Dudes, because of you, and wonderfully generous people like you, and the magic of the internet, and the goodness of strangers, and the kindness of friends, we’ve raised $11,420.36 so far to help ease some of the pressure from the medical bills that have piled up over my past 11 surgeries as I head into my 12th, via Dishing for Dana.  That’s $1,142 we’ve raised for the American Autoimmune Related Disease Association, so far. There are no words to describe how it feels to be on the receiving end of such an outpouring of generosity and support. It is awe-inspiring to say the least. It has altered my perspective, improved my general outlook, and changed my life for the better in ways I never imagined. YOU have changed my life for the better in ways I never imagined.

    So I’m REALLY FREAKING AMPED to kick off the final phase of Dishing for Dana with a series of ebay auctions designed to help you save a truckload of money on some bad-ass products and services, with all proceeds going to our FUNdraiser! My surgery is this Wednesday, and I can’t imagine a better way to go into it.

    The auction price of these sales will be donated to Dishing for Dana, a medical fundraiser to assist with bills from the 11 surgeries I’ve had in my battle with chronic autoimmune disease that threatens my eyesight. 10% of the funds raised will be shared with the American Autoimmune Related Disease Association, to help benefit the millions of Americans suffering from autoimmune and related diseases.

    Here’s what we’re offering:

    Full-Service Wedding Photography Package from Picotte Photography, valued at $4,800.

    Picotte Weddings is an award-winning Southern California based photography and cinematography studio, whose work has been featured in countless national wedding media outlets, magazines, and blogs. They’re also great friends of ours and have hooked a broke-ass up with us in the past when we teamed up to give a lucky couple free wedding photography, resulting in Ila & Hiroki’s gorgeous real wedding feature!

    The package includes:

    • Wedding Day photography (up to 7 hours)
    • Engagement or Boudoir Session
    • 2 Photographers (Suthi Picotte as Lead Photographer)
    • Unlimited 35mm film & Digital Images
    • 4×6 prints of every image + 100 favorites in a Wedding proof album
    • On-line gallery of all images
    • Hard drive of all your Hi-Res files & your film negatives
    For a total value of: $4,800

    With a $500 minimum bid, this is a rare chance for brides on a tighter budget to afford the stunning, high-end photography of their dreams and benefit a good cause at the same time. BID NOW.

    ***PLEASE NOTE***: Only applies to weddings taking place in 2012. Available anywhere in the US or beyond, but the auction price does not include travel or lodging outside of Southern California and must be covered by the purchaser in arrangement with Picotte Weddings. Accessory Package, valued at $85

    Everyone is bonkers for! With a focus on bringing gals around the world cheerful, modern, sparkly accessories that are full of whimsy and all out girlishness.  Their pieces make a statement, and that statement is “hey, you there. Check me out. I’m cool.”

    love barrette $25 – forget about wearing your heart on your sleeve, instead you can wear your emotions in your hair. it’s time to get gangsta with your love.
    Gold plated metal Gold plated barrette 3” x 1”

    color block shoe clips $25 – a perfect mixture of graphic and glam. This dazzling duo of color and crystal will surely perk up even the saddest of shoes. Colored crystals are hand set in gold plated metal settings.
    Colored crystal Gold plated metal shoe clip heart headband $35 – we thought big when we created our signature sequin heart. and if you love hearts as much as we do, then you shouldn’t go without this one.
    sequins 5mm silk satin covered headband  3.75” heart

    With a $40 minimum bid – it’s a chance to score huge style savings all in the name of a good cause! Go ahead, treat yourself to some cute good karma! BID NOW.

    Fashion Feng Shui Consultation from The Life Styled, valued at $250

    The Life Styled is a fashion-forward creative agency that makes discovering your personal style fun and fulfilling. Let’s face it, individual style is one of the most important elements in making a first impression. More importantly, it sets the tone for how you feel about yourself. So why not give it a little love and attention? Specializing in helping clients create and elevate their own style, The Life Styled gives you the tools you need to make deliberate choices in what you wear to show the world your most magnificent self and attract the life you dream of living. Plus, they’ll whip your wardrobe into shape. Attachment issues, be gone!

    Using nature’s five elements – Water, Wood, Earth, Fire, and Metal, Fashion Feng Shui® gives you all the tools you need to honor your authentic self through what you wear in your daily life. In your two-hour consultation you will gain an in-depth understanding of the five elements and the energies they bring into fabrics, colors, textures, and trends. After identifying your essence and intentions, we’ll show you how to dress to portray them through current trends and your existing wardrobe. With Fashion Feng Shui you are empowered to attract the life you want and create the perfect style that’s right for you!

    • Complete tutorial on Fashion Feng Shui® by your licensed Fashion Feng Shui® expert.
    • Essence Analysis
    – identify the lens through which you see the world.
    • Intention Analysis
    – identify what you want to bring into your life.
    • Appearance Analysis
    – learn how to flatter your features.
    • Wardrobe Planner
    – put it all together with the right fashion choices.
    $250 value

    ***This consultation can be redeemed remotely, via skype OR in-person in/around the Los Angeles area***

    With a $75 minimum bid, you can’t NOT afford to get your feng on and start representing your style essence all up in everyone’s face. BID NOW.

    Wedding Stationery from MagnetStreet Weddings, valued at $500

    MagnetStreet is an online merchant of wedding stationery—designing and printing everything from save the dates and wedding invitation suites, to programs and thank yous. Busy as bees, you’ll either find them rendering the trends, creating original designs or helping brides with their passion to personalize. With over 60 colors in the Design Studio, couples can truly unleash their creativity—even create custom colors, to carry their style throughout their stationery. And with a focus on customer care, they stand by their tagline Your Wedding, Your Way.

    MagnetStreet will provide a one-time use promotional code—good towards any wedding stationery products up to $500. All proceeds from the auction go to the Dishing for Dana fundraiser. This single-use promo code cannot be combined with any other MagnetStreet offer and expires on 12/31/12.

    Choose from 5 invitation types—including pocket and square, to hundreds of save the date magnet and card options. Every design is original, exclusive and easy to personalize in the colors you want. Our invitations and collection items are printed in brilliant color and on textured linen paper. Transform any design into your wedding style simply by changing the color, font style and wording. Add embellishments to round out your look.

    With a $150 minimum bid, this is a chance to knock all your wedding paper goods off your to-do list in one feel-good, wallet-friendly swoop! BID NOW.

    Full-Service Wedding Photography Package from Firstlight Photography, valued at $2,500

    When award winning Firstlight Photography isn’t shooting weddings, they are very active in their community – whether it’s in their home base of Seattle or their wedding family made up of fabulous vendors and couples across the US and beyond.  They wanted to help out the best way they know how, so they’re offering a wedding day package to the Dishing for Dana auction.

    What does the wedding package include?
    A full day of wedding coverage
    high resolution files on disc
    custom processing and $75 in print credits
    all files uploaded to an online gallery where family and friends can order prints.
    $2,500 value

    The fine print
    The couple must be getting married in 2011 or 2012.

    Dates that are unavailable include the following:
    All US holidays for 2011 and 2012.
    2011 Dates Unavailable: 6/10, 7/9, 7/22, 7/30, 8/5, 8/13, 8/19, 8/20, 8/25, 8/27, 9/19, 9/24, 10/15, 11/11 (and December 19, 2011 to January 4, 2012)
    2012 Dates Unavailable: 3/17, 7/22, 12/12 (and December 20, 2012 to December 31, 2012)
    Couples must book within a week of the close of the auction in order to ensure availability.  Once the wedding is booked and a contract is signed, you will incur a $250 rebooking fee should you change your date.  Before the auction closes we will update any additional black-out dates that may book.

    ***PLEASE NOTE***:The wedding must be within a 40 mile radius of Seattle and Tacoma WA (ferry /water travel fees would apply).  Firstlight Photography is willing to travel for destination weddings just as long as you cover travel expenses. If you want us to travel just pay special attention to our black out days above.  We can’t be two places at once and we like to fly in the day before a wedding just to make sure all goes off without a hitch.

    With a $250 minimum bid, you can rest assured that your wedding memories will be captured brilliantly, while giving your budget a major break! BID NOW.

    You guys, HOW BAD-ASS ARE THESE AUCTIONS?!? I know, right?!? It’s pretty shamazing stuff starting at ridiculously affordable prices.

    Please bid. And share! Tell everyone you know. Tell your blog readers. Tell your mom (maybe she’ll buy you something). Tell your facebook friends. Tell your twitter stream. Tell your fiance. This will only work if people know about it, so please do help spread the word this one last time. We need your help now more than ever. Its the last 10 days, people! I promise to stop bugging you (not really) after this. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Go forth, and BID!


    The Broke-Ass Bride
  • 4/25

    One month from today, I'll be in my 12th surgery. Time is moving way too fast. The outpouring of love and support from you readers, and the wedding community, has been absolutely incredible, and I'm thrilled to announce that the current Dishing for Dana FUNdraising total is.... $8,320.96 -- that's nearly 40% of our goal! That's also $832.00 going to the AARDA to help the…

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    Wow you guys. I don't even know what to say. In the first week of our Dishing for Dana medical fundraiser, the outpouring of love, support, and generosity has been absolutely mindblowing, humbling and heartwarming to degrees that know no words. To date, we're at $5,000 - that's over 1/5th of the way to our goal! Everyone out there who has been involved or will…

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    Bear with me here, this is the hardest post I've ever had to write. But it is also the most important, so please take the time to read it. I ain't gonna lie: its long. (If you really need to cut to the chase, click here.) For most of my adult life, I've lived with chronic autoimmune diseases that require frequent surgery (I've had 11…

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