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Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend — yes, even for us Broke-Asses! — but sometimes we want something juuuust this side of ordinary. Something to really make us stand out, but without sacrificing our love for the gem. Or the dolla billz in our budget.

Here’s where Diamond Colors steps in. The retailer’s rainbow-like line of natural colored diamond rings will make you stand out like whoa. All the diamonds are natural in color and each color has its own meaning. Why not show your eternal love with a gorgeous pink diamond ring? Or bring out some unexpected personality with a yellow gem?

Oh, and don’t think that just because you’re a Broke-Ass, you don’t deserve some beautiful bling, too. Diamond Colors has loose and set diamonds for the whole spectrum of budgets. If you already have that gorgeous heirloom setting you want, but desire a loose pink diamond, they’ve got you covered.

Confused about what to get, or what color band and type of setting will make your blue diamond look smashing? Oh, Diamond Colors has that covered too. With personal designers posting up shop at their New York HQ, but available for consultation over the phone, you can work to make your precious truly yours. And Diamond Colors’ vast experience in the land of glam helps ensure you get the best customer service, and a sparkler will leave you a-twitterpated.

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    I used to love treasure hunts as a kid. I always would imagine that I was a pirate on the hunt for burried treasure. Sadly, the most exciting thing I would ever find was an old tin can. Can you imagine how excited I would have been if I had found actual DIAMONDS?! Well, since likes a treasure hunt as much as we do, one lucky winner will get to go on a treasure hunt and come home with shiny sparkly real life DIAMONDS.

    The rules are simple and pretty fun. Heck, I would play even if I didn’t want to win any diamonds, but who doesn’t want to win diamonds? I just like saying it DIIIIIAMOOOOOOONDS! ooooh that feels good! All you have to do is find the diamond set items from that are hidden in the 3 pictures below. Once you have found them, head over to to find and identify each item’s name. Then send an email to with the names of the three items you have discovered on your hunt. From the correct answers we will randomly select a winner and tadah the winner will  have DIIIIIIIAAAAAAMMMMMOOOOOOONNNNNDDDDS in their hand. Or more likely on their wrist, since they will have won the Flash-tastic  bangle hidden below.

    I wonder if there is an article on the Bangles in this issue?

    So get hunting, because this contest ends exactly one week from… now. LET THE TREASURE HUNT BEGIN!!!


    Hundreds of great entrants but there can only be one winner, drum roll please…. Congratulations to our lovely reader Andria Chang!!!

    You have just won the colorfully blingtastic Shared Prong Diamond Bangle from These dazzling bangles are offered in a variety of diamond/gem combinations and are always set with the premium line of Whiteflash ACA diamond melee.

    ooooooh shiny!

    Congratulations Andria and thanks so much to all our entrants!

    The Broke-Ass Bride