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One of the things I hear from many future BABs is that they have their hearts set on certain styles of engagement rings, but are often hard-pressed to find their favorite stunners at a price that fits their budget. Y’all, I’m here to tell you that finding your dream ring at your price point is totally doable. Longtime friend and partner of The Broke-Ass Bride, Mia Donna, is a prime example: Mia Donna has a whole gang of gorgeous engagement rings and wedding bands in the $500 to $1,000 range. This Five for Friday highlights my five faves, all under $1,000.

Mia Donna Amore Engagement Ring

Amore Vintage Engagement Ring starting at $980

Amore is definitely a classic design with a vintage feel. It’s the kind of ring that will be timeless, and always a little unique.

Mia Donna Allure Wedding Ring
Allure Wedding Band starting at $569

Not everyone is into the center-stone look, and many who work with their hands or are pretty active, the prong settings can get snagged and you could lose your stone. A pave band is a great way to incorporate the sparklez without putting your precious in peril.

Mia Donna Daci Engagement Ring

Daci Solitaire Engagement Ring starting at $795

I’ve been digging tension settings like this lately — it’s just a clean, different line than what you typically see from solitaire rings.

Mia Donna Peaches Engagement Ring
Peaches Engagement Ring starting at $973

Peaches is just gorgeous, in my opinion. I’m not usually super into the halo look, but I think this ring pulls it off quite successfully.

Mia Donna Poppy Accentend Engagement Ring
Poppy Engagement Ring starting at $894

Aside from the shorter, less protruding prongs, my favorite thing about this simple ring is the teeny bezel-set diamond in the setting base.  Sometimes it’s the little details that make it.

Which is your favorite, darlings? Anything from Mia Donna catch your eye?

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