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One big question about wedding planning that loomed over us for months was, where were we going to have it?

Evan and I are both originally from the prairie region of Canada, and most of our families live out there. Currently, we both live and work in Ontario. Most people expected that we would have our wedding in our hometown — it’s where we grew up, we’ve got the beauty of the Rockies in our backyard, and nearly all of our family and childhood friends live there.

However, we were struggling to find a venue that fit our needs. A wedding at a resort in the mountains was way out of our price range, and the venues that suited our guest count located in and around the city just didn’t seem to fit our style. In addition, we only go home to visit two to three times a year for a few days, which limited our ability to go check out venues and meet with planners. As our options dwindled, I held fast to the idea of the hometown wedding because of the guilt associated with requesting that our loved ones have to spend time and money to schlep to the other side of the country to attend our wedding.

I’ve heard from one friend who had a destination wedding that you can plan a wedding remotely, but you generally need to hire a wedding planner to coordinate on your behalf, eliminating some of the personal touches that we wanted. I started to put out tiny little feelers for venues in our area of the country, just to “keep our options open.”

We ended up stumbling an adorable little venue an hour away from us, in wine country, that perfectly suited our tastes and budget. The owners of the venue recommended excellent vendors, and I was able to meet them at my convenience, rather than try to cram meetings into limited-time visits home (when I’d much rather be hanging out with my family and friends!). I wanted this venue so bad, but I was afraid to tell my guests — would they be upset?

As per usual, my inner voice was entirely too fatalistic. Everyone understood, and they were happy to make the trip to see us tie the knot. Likely, they’ll end up seeing a wedding with a less stressed-out bride and groom, which is nice too. Yes, there’s lots that can be done to ease the financial burden of guests, but to some extent, there’s a point at which you’ve gotta do you. This was mine.

How did you compromise to help your guests but save your sanity?

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    Let’s talk about baggage (no, not THAT kind of baggage).

    Planning a honeymoon in Hawaii? A getaway wedding in New Hampshire? No matter what the occasion is, when it comes to prepping for a trip, quality luggage should always be the first thing you consider. Shoddy luggage will wear quickly with all the throwing around and your stuff won’t be as protected. Wouldn’t you be so wrecked if your favorite college-T had succumbed to a catastrophic cologne spill? To avoid these types of mishaps, it’s best to have a case with pockets and compartments to help keep you organized — and a dopp kit to keep toiletries from being exposed.

    Below are some travel bag options I’ve found, ranging from suitcases and carry-ons, all the way down to shoe bags (keep those shoes clean, fellas!). I also threw in a garment bag for those that are shopping for a destination wedding.

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    That just about wraps it up! Any jetsetters out there have some other brands they recommend? Share with us in the comments or on our Instagram. Bon voyage!

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    So we did it! We're officially married! We had a beautiful, although a bit chilly, day in Vermont, but it didn't rain or snow, so I'll take it! It's been almost two weeks now, and I've had some time to reflect on the experience. Here's some advice for the brides-in-planning out there. Photo courtesy of Joel Boucher of Boucher Visuals People always say it goes…

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    One of the biggest decisions I'm trying to make in my planning process is about how I'm going to walk down the aisle. This is something that is probably a no-brainer for most brides-to-be, but it's something I've been debating. The traditional father of the bride walk isn't an option for me as I haven't had a relationship with my father for most of my…

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    Credit: EPLove Every time I see a post or discussion about ways to save money on your wedding, the number one piece of advice I see is "keep your guest list small." I can see why this is appealing in many ways: For me, I wanted to keep my numbers down because I didn't want the kind of day where I was spending all my…

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    We're almost at the six-month countdown to our wedding. Most of the major plans are in place. Vendors are booked. Dress is bought. Now it's time to line up all the details. There have been several times during the planning process that I have wanted to throw in the towel. I've gotten over the hurdles so far and moved on, but this past week I…

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    If you had asked me five years ago if I saw myself marrying someone with a child, I would have laughed and vigorously shaken my head "no." I was so convinced, in fact, that I bought a smallish house that was plenty of space for a single woman and her shoes. Well five years, two dogs, a fiance and his soon-to-be 9-year-old son later, and that…

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    Hiya BABs! It's time for another CAI/GOI challenge! Reader Rachel empathized with the BAB in this post: We are set on a destination wedding, but most of my 8 siblings can't make it, as well as my parents. We are providing the vacation homes for those who can make it and are purchasing the flights for my parents as well. Because of this, our budget is almost spent.…

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    After procrastinating for several months, I finally went and ordered my dress. My friend came along for moral support, and she agreed that was the one. So I said "Yes," but there were no tears, no Champagne popping ... because I knew what was coming next. The dreaded measurements. (Cue scary music.) I had put off the appointment with the hope that I would loose a…

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