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Things are clicking, you guys!

I mentioned previously how enamored I was with Relics Vintage Rentals and what an amazing resource they were for cool, vintage décor rentals. We made an appointment a few weeks ago, and have finally started making some decision on items and I couldn’t be happier seeing this coming together.

The first thing we knew we wanted was chalkboards. We chose two different chalkboards. One for our ceremony program and another for our menu. For our budget, this was an inexpensive way to have these things, and not print them. We chose two gold toned frames, and Relics is working on the writing for us.

Relics Chalkboards

Suitcases were another item that we knew we wanted immediately. We wanted a place to put flip-flops that people could change into if they’re dancing, and I thought we could use one for a place to put cards. The cards case we decided on isn’t shown here, but it’s a small, worn brown leather case.


Our venue has a lot of natural elements such as brick, skylights and timbers. We chose some birch votive holders to stay in line with those features. I am not intending to have the table decor much more than these holders and a table number. The tables are relatively small, and dinner is served family style, so we have that to contend with as well.


We’re pulling a vintage typewriter font through a lot of elements, and so it only makes sense to have a vintage typewriter. I thought it might be a great addition to the guestbook table.


A few items we didn’t get pictures of that we decided on afterward were some vintage books, amber glass bottles and a variety of vintage brass vessels we can use for flower arrangements. My absolute favorite addition is a burgundy vintage rug that we’re planning to use at the altar and at the sweetheart table post-ceremony. Unfortunately, we don’t have a photo of it yet, but I will post it if I’m able to get one soon!

What decor elements ended up being your favorite?

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    Ah, wedding style. I feel like choosing a wedding style is similar to choosing a major in college. From starting college as a graphic design major, then a social services major (I was gonna save the world!), then finally graduated in interior design. Today I work in web development, so — just goes to show you that where you start out, is rarely where you finish.

    I’ve mentioned previously that prior to getting engaged, I never dreamt much about what our wedding was going to be like. Primarily because it was just that: our wedding, not just mine. I always knew it wouldn’t be a spectacle of girly-ness, or full of tradition and formality. Once we had gotten engaged, I was certain that the venue would point me in a direction, and after we had decided, it was obvious.

    milwaukee historic third ward by ron cogswell

    Credit: Ron Cogswell via Creative Commons

    We’re getting married in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward. If the cream city brick and amazing late 1800s architecture doesn’t scream vintage, I don’t know what would. Our venue is Onesto. It was built in the late 1800s and while the first floor was originally storefronts, and later a bar, the family that owned the building lived in the second floor, where we are getting married. We were immediately sold on the high, loft-style ceilings, exposed ducts and three working fireplaces. We actually ended up pushing our date back to make sure it was chilly enough to use the fireplaces. The venue is a great mix of vintage inspired elements, industrial loft accents, steeped in historic Milwaukee charm.

    The idea is to lean vintage with my dress and the décor, pull in industrial elements like antiqued metals, while still incorporating our Milwaukee pride. I think our love for our city is something we have in common, not to mention, it is where we met, fell in love and got engaged. We actually got engaged about two blocks from our venue! To pull off our city’s vibe, I’m thinking vintage Pabst or Old Milwaukee coasters at the bar, city skyline pillows on the furniture and historical Milwaukee maps used throughout as our stationary inspiration. Etsy has been an amazing source for these fun, retro items since I don’t have the time to be hanging around rummage sales.


    We stopped by an antique store not too long ago, and I picked up this gem. It’s your typical fairy lamp, but I can see it flickering with the fireplaces, creating a warm glow. It sits on our bookcase today, but it was the first thing I bought for the wedding and I’m hoping that it sets the tone for some of the other decor. Ya gotta start somewhere, amiright?

    Michaels Ampersand Marquee Light

    I had also gone to Michael’s to poke around and I bought this ampersand marquee on impulse. It was 40% off!


    What was the first item you bought? Has your themed changed, or stayed the same?

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