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Dudes, let’s face it. When it comes to saving money for your wedding, every single penny counts. One of the easiest ways to trim down your budget is to cut down the costs of small things, like fashion accessories. Our friends over at The Tie Bar have an immense assortment of pieces for guys, in a wide range of options. Here’s a list of items you can find under $25, but not all of them. We encourage you to venture through their site and check out all the styles they have—and check out their blog for a bevy of great inspirations.

Items to Feature:
The Tie Bar Brewhouse Herringbone wool tie

Brewhouse Herringbone wool tie, $19
The Tie Bar Carpenter Checks cotton tie

Carpenter Checks cotton tie, $19
The Tie Bar Bulletin Dot linen tie

Bulletin Dot linen tie, $19

Clearly, they are going to have a HUGE selection of ties. Even better, they come out with new styles every season alongside their tried-and-true staples.

The Tie Bar Bowties
The Tie Bar Checkmates BowtieCheckmates, $19

SO. MANY. BOWTIES. They have a very wide selection of styles, colors & fabrics—and they’ll all under $25!

The Tie Bar Tie Bars
Tie Bars, $15 Each

Tie Bars are a great way to polish your look and get that Mad Men style.

The Tie Bar Gingham Pin

Petite Gingham lapel pin, $8
The Tie Bar Knit Flower

Lapel Flower, $5
The Tie Bar Danbury Plaid Pin

Danbury Plaid lapel pin, $8

Don’t want to go with a froofy boutonniere? Opt for a lapel pin! The Tie Bar’s are super affordable, so you can have the entire groom party wear ‘em.

The Tie Bar Deep Blue Square Cufflinks

Deep Blue Square cufflinks, $20
The Tie Bar Silk Knots Cufflinks
Silk Knots cufflinks, $20 for 3

If your shirt has French cuffs, you’ll need cuff links. Many retailers charge serious dough for them, but The Tie Bar has an affordable selection.

Socks, $8 Each, $20 for 3-Pack

Socks are a VERY inexpensive way to personalize your look, especially for the quirky groom. We love when the groom party has coordinated socks — they make for some great photography.

The Tie Bar Dotted Dots pocket square

Dotted Dots pocket square, $10
The Tie Bar Solid Knit pocket square

Solid Knit pocket square, $10

These give a nice pop to a suit and elevate a look. Don’t be intimidated if you don’t know how to style pocket squares, we have a post to help you out!

Now put those pennies back in your pocket and go out and be stylish.

Any accessories you’ve got your eye on? Let us know in the comments, or share it with #brokeassbride on Instagram!

  • 12/4

    Affiliate Disclaimer NewGroomsmen Accessorized in Style

    Alright guys, let’s be honest, dressing up kinda sucks. There’s all the fussy jackets and ties, not to mention the stiff shoes. Have you ever been to a wedding where the groom and groomsmen looked like kids in their dad’s suits? Yeah, not fun. That’s why it’s important to make sure you dress not only to fit the occasion — whether it’s formal or otherwise — but also to fit your personality. How does one do that, you ask? It’s simply by pulling it all together with the right accessories.

    Something like a colorful bowtie, a patterned pocket square, or fun socks can make your outfit look a little more you and make you feel less out of your own element. I’ve picked out some of my favorite men’s suiting accessories with a few tips on how to make each one work.

    Ties & Bowties

    Duh. This is the most obvious, but there are several ways to tie a tie. Maybe choose a knot that’s more formal, maybe keep it a little loose and casual.
    Bonobos Chambray tie
    Chambray Tie, $68 at Bonobos

    Dot silk tie from J. Crew
    Italian Silk Tie, $55 from J. Crew

    Yarn-dyed Bowtie from Dessy
    Bowtie, $16 from Dessy

    Pocket Squares

    Word to the wise: Be sure to coordinate with your tie (if you’re wearing one), but it’s better to choose a different pattern. It’s no fun to be all matchy-matchy. Don’t know how to fold one? We’ve got you covered.
    Satin Pocket Square from Dessy
    Satin Pocket Square, $10 from Dessy

    Polka dot pocket square from Bonobos
    Polka Dot Pocket Square, $55 from Bonobos


    This is hands-down one of my favorites. It’s better to get a good, quality pair so the clips don’t slip.
    Black suspenders from Men's Wearhouse
    Black Silk Suspenders, $35 from Men’s Wearhouse


    I love seeing a groom in some amazing socks. It’s a great way to wear some color subtly.
    Paisley socks from Happy Socks
    Paisley Socks, $12 from Happy Socks

    Multi argyle socks from Happy Socks
    Multi Argyle Socks, $12 from Happy Socks


    From a formal top hat to an askew fedora, a hat adds a bit of personality and makes a really sharp appearance.
    Felt Fedora from Old Navy
    Felt Fedora, $23 from Old Navy


    An unexpected option, but, if done right, gives your suiting a classy edge.
    Banana Republic Sunglasses
    Johnny Sunglasses, $98 from Banana Republic

    Small Accessories

    Tie bars, pins, and cuff links are the small details that give a suit polish.
    Silver cuff links from Banana Republic
    Silver Knot Cuff Links, $39 from Banana Republic

    Gold tie bar from J. Crew
    Gold Tie Bar, $49.50 from J. Crew

    What do you think, broke-asses? How are you pulling your wedding day look together?

  • 8/19

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    With Father's Day this weekend -- and for those nearlyweds, nuptials on the horizon -- it's about time we turn our attention to the male set for  a hot second, because they need love too. I've always enjoyed how cool and different cufflinks are -- like awesome statement jewelry for dudes. And just as representative of individual personalities as that schamazing cocktail ring or pendant necklace. So for this…

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    Happy Friday, Broke-Asses! Since this weekend holds a v. special holiday for the geek in me, I figured celebrating Star Wars Day with a roundup of my five favorite ways to incorporate that oh-so wonderful of trilogies (the originals, duh) into your wedding day. You could always go with the obvious Star Wars-themed cake or Leia's signature buns, but in case you already have plans…

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