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Hey BAB’s! It’s that time again, where I, your CAI/GOI guru, help you find a wedding dress you can love as much as the one with the hefty price tag. This week Gloria wrote in trying to help her sister out. She is a busty girl with a petite frame and she has her eye on something strapless. More specifically, a strapless Jim Hjelm gown. He is known for his unique and delicate embroidery. This gown is oh-so lovely. The tulle cascading in the back has beautiful lace, floral embroidery. Did I mention how romantic it is?  The back is truly unique. I look at dresses allllll the time and I haven’t seen many out there with this design. I really lerve this one.  *Sigh* But enough about me, this gal is gettin’ hitched in June! Also, since the wedding is going to be country, rustic and the bride will be wearing her boots (which I love, by the way!) I tried to find gowns that would look kick-ass with some cowgirl boots! I am blessed in the chest region, too, so I know the importance of finding the right fit for your body type. Strapless is actually a great style for the girls. I focused on a sweetheart neckline because something that is dipped is better than something going straight across your bust line. We don’t want the girls looking like a shelf on our wedding day if you know what I mean. Also, as Christen added in the comments, adding a strap isn’t a costly alteration. It’s all about what you feel your best in. You want to feel beautiful but still be comfortable. You’ll definitely need a good, strapless bra although some women do just fine with the built-in cup. Here’s what Gloria wrote in:

“My sister is getting married in June 2015 and has found the dress.  The problem is she is quite endowed in the chest department and the dress is strapless.  What would you suggest for a cheaper alternative that would look great on her petite (large chest) frame?  The dress she has found is Jim Hjelm style 8002.  The dress is gorgeous but the price and the fact that it’s strapless is a concern.

Thank you,


Can't Afford It

jim-hjelm-spring-2010-wedding-dresses-deep-sweetheart-hints-of-lace-flower-applique.fullJim Hjelm (Style:JH8002) $3,700

Get Over ItForHerAndHim410Strapless A-Line Wedding Gown With Layered Skirt (Style: 0113878) $410 at For Her and For Him

BHLDN480A-Line Gown With Scalloped Tiers Swirled Soutache (Style: 30613871) $480 at BHLDN

BHLDN600Floral Lace Gown With Sweetheart Neckline (Style: 32065971) $600 at BHLDN

(This sash is currently sold out but they have plenty of others that would look amaze.)

SimplyBridal640Romantic Gown With Princess Body (Style: 80326) $640 at Simply Bridal

TulleAndChantilly690Mermaid Lace Wedding Dress With V-Neck (Style: TCCMD1006) $690 at Tulle & Chantilly

AnnTaylor795Lace Spaghetti Strap Gown (Style: 358266) $795 at Ann Taylor

BBP799Strapless Tulle & Organza Ball Gown (Style: 4973) $799 at

BBP850Tulle Gown With Lace Appliques (Style: 50315) $850 at

BBP853Tulle Ball Gown With Shimmery Bodice & Lace Motifs (Style: Agatha 13074) $853 at

BBP899Tulle Ball Gown With Crystal Beading (Style: 5302) $899 at

BBP950Tulle Ball Gown With Alencon Lace (Style: 3178) $950 at

So, Gloria, do you think your sister will like some of these alternatives? BestBridalPrices has some REALLY amazing dresses and a HUGE selection. I use them a lot because I know they’re a good company with fantastic ratings/reviews and quality dresses. They have some great prices, too, and a lot of these gowns come with a free veil & shoes! Doesn’t get much better than free!  Has she been to David’s Bridal? They have really been bringing the pretty lately and you can always find something within your budget there. I hope she is able to find something soon because June is right around the corner. We’re here if you have any other questions! Until next week, BABs …

Got a gown that you just can’t get off your mind? We’re happy to help you get over it! Just tell us in the comments below! Please remember to include the budget you’re working with so we can find you the best alternative for you.

*As always, please do your own research before buying a gown online. Team Broke-Ass is here to provide you with inspiration and resources, but it is up to the consumer to know what they’re purchasing.
Elaine Michalek
  • 4/29


    So you’ve roped him in, atta girl! Now it’s time to set up the stables and prepare for the rodeo. Here’s how to skip the mud, the animal droppings and the chewing tobacco without losing that country goodness!

    To me, the ultimate dream setting for a country wedding would be a barn; enriched with history, oozing with charm and perched high up in the mountains surrounded by nothing but nature. But for arguments sake, let’s say you can’t afford it or just simply don’t know what to do with the space you have.


    I love this barn in Austin, Quebec.


    Decor can set the whole mood for your celebration. Do the Pinterester thing – get all the mason jars! Check out your local thrift shops, or Amazon sells them by the dozen. Working on a super tight budget? Then repurpose all those jars from your spaghetti sauce! Paint them and turn them into little vases, candle holders, drinking glasses or a wonderful centerpiece. When it comes to an outdoor/country wedding, take cues from your surroundings and go with in-season flowers in the area to save some skrilla or just get some wheat! If there isn’t enough space inside the barn, set up an area for a dance floor outside (make a Plan B for a tent, in case of bad weather). Place some picnic tables and hay barrels nearby with quilts draped on them for easy and maneuverable seating, and add tiki torches for a little mood lighting (just be careful with hay and open fire). You can use some of those mason jars as lanterns and direct guests to soft patches of grass, away from the wedding raucusness, with a blanket and so they can lay underneath the stars – whoever said that romance was overrated clearly never enjoyed a starry night.

    And now that you’ve spent the time making your space look good, it’s time to look in the mirror! Kick up your boot-clad heels in a sweetheart, tea length dress, full of flow and lace or a long ruffled number with a nice rustic flare. Add add a touch of bling for sparkle, and there’s no takin’ the country out of this girl!







    If you’re looking to get them mugs all good ‘n’ stamped with your new hitched name, check out this Etsy shop.



    What wedding is complete without twinkly lights?



    Don’t judge me, I’m totally having a S’mores bar at my wedding. So I’m biased when I say that this is an idea I absolutely love!





    Are any of you BAB’s having yourself a country wedding? How are you ramping up your theme?


    Kristina Ring
  • 6/15

    OK. Can I tell you girls a secret? My wedding was perfect, and lovely, an we had a grand old time, and were successfully married. But. As much as I love my wedding, I have to confess... It wasn't my Dream Wedding Day. Now, don't get me wrong... All my dreams came true. And I married the man of my dreams. But cutting our timeline…

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    Lydia, from Ever Ours here, with a really neat wedding that showcases the true personality of the couple through their wedding, and includes a budget breakdown! Many thanks to Amanda and Aaron for sharing some real down-to-earth advice, behind the scenes details, as well as their adorable images by Laura Dye Photography via Two Bright Lights. --- What kind of theme were you going for…

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    Lined up another real sweet intimate DIY real wedding for you all ... this one comes from Emily Takes Photos. I adore the fact that it was outdoors and that the couple's rustic theme matched so well. Congratulations to Penelope and Mikiya! Many thanks to Penelope for taking the time to talk a bit about elements of their wedding day. Here's what she had to…

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