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#GownHunter Wanted

It’s wedding planning season, and the team at The Broke-Ass Bride has been inundated with Can’t Afford It? Get Over It! requests, and we need a fashion-savvy contributor with an eye for detail and spend-thriftiness to help divvy out the broke-ass friendly versions of fabulous designer gowns.

Does that sound like something you’d be super good at doing? Awesome! Here are the things we need from you, intrepid #GownHunter:

– Be willing to commit to posting 2x a month. This is every other week, darling, and the deadline is real.

– Know how to string a few words together

– Be super stoked about helping brides find a good broke-ass friendly dress of their dreams, and a general love of weddings

– Understand that we’re a baby biz, and for right now we can only compensate in high-fives, possible freebies, discounts and the potential for moving into a paid position, as well as stellar recommendations and a chance to enhance your writing/blogging skillz

Sound like something you’d dig? Here’s how to apply:

Put together a Pinterest board of Hayley Paige’s “Mona” lookalikes with a top budget of $800. Include 10-15 gowns. Email with an introduction, short writing sample and a link to your Pinterest board. Subject: #CAIGOI

  • 5/29

    Hey you! Yeah, you: If you’re at least 6 months away from your wedding day and have a way with words, then we want you to come play with Team Broke-Ass and blog about your planning process!

    Join The Broke-Ass Bride and Blog Your Wedding Planning Adventure!

    So if you dig the wedding blogging world and want to dive on in, c’mon! The water’s great! We’re looking for a few good newbies to join the fun and be a Real Bride contributor for The Broke-Ass Bride! Blog about your family dramz, dress twirlz, DIYz and all the other fun stuff, and share it with our schamazing readers. Share how you’re making your broke-ass budget work so that you can rock a badass wedding!

    The right candidate will:

    • Know your way around WordPress
    • Be able to commit to a pretty regular posting schedule (one post every other week)
    • Have some writing experience — or are such a word nerd that you just know
    • Know the deadline … respect the deadline
    • Share your shizz with sass, smarts and sweetness
    • Know that e-hugs and e-high fives are the best kind of payment, since this is an unpaying gig. However, there is a possibility to earn some skrilla down the road, and we’re always happy to dole out love, ridiculously good recommendations and even the occasional freebie (plus, you get an endless amount of resources right at your fingertips)

    Please send a writing sample and a letter of intro (include information about your wedding — specifically budget, location and wedding date) to!

  • 1/16

    Listen up, aspiring wedding bloggers! BAB is looking for some premium talent to assist us in the following editorial capacities... WEDDING INSPIRATION - As our wedding inspiration guru, you'll be responsible for writing one post a week about new and exciting wedding trends! To best fill this position, you need to be on top of of all the best wedding blogs - not just BAB…

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