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BAB reader Beth was having a little trouble pulling together all the color elements of her kelly green and charcoal grey with daisy yellow accents, so, of course, like good little bloggers do … we came in and totally took the reins on this biatch. And let me tell you — it’s no easy feat finding a charcoal grey dress that either isn’t a sweater dress or isn’t a BAJILLION dollars. But find it I did, and I’m loving all of these colors together. Yellow and grey complement each other really well, and the green is a little bit of an unexpected twist, in the best way. Everything below, except for the wedding gown, comes in at under $100 … but even the gown is under $500!
Get Inspired Charcoal Grey, Kelly Green and a Pop of Yellow

Top Row, From left: Aquarelle Wedding Invitations, $2.34 each from Minted  || Big Top Circle Garlands, $20 for 12 from Minted || See the Starlight Lamp, $44.99 from ModCloth || Yellow 14-inch Honeycomb Paper Flower, $2.35 from Luna Bazaar || Rustic Charm Wedding Invitations, $2.34 each from Minted

Middle Row, from left: Kate Dress, $50 to rent from Little Borrowed Dress || Amy Dress by Susana Monaco, $77 (50% off) at ShopBop || Peau De Soie Dress, $450 from Dessy || Without Further Ado Green Maxi Dress, $52 from Lulu’s || Yale Fit and Flare Dress by BB Dakota, $93 from ShopBop

Bottom Row, from left: Cotton Voile Table Runner and Chair Sash, $19.95 from Luna Bazaar || Anywhere You Bow Flat, $34.99 from ModCloth || Sizzling Steps Heel, $64,99 from ModCloth || Country Charm Bridal Bouquet, $60 from Bloominous || Chamberlain Check Butterfly Bow Tie, $20 from

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    Deciding on a color scheme is difficult. I know roughly what we want, but I keep jumping between specifics … this shade of blue vs. that shade of blue. Y’know … typical wedding indecisiveness. Our venue has a quasi-Moroccan feel to it, with a lot of burgundy, gold, beige and tan in the venue already. I want to punch up the color a bit, and have long been in love with a “many colors” concept rather than just two or three theme colors (thanks to Miss Creampuff). So, right away, I knew I’d like to have my four ‘maids in four different but complementary colors, like so (except different colors):

    (image source)

    I haven’t sorted whether I want them all in the same dress or not yet — but that’s for a later post.

    So, after much debate, I came up with these colors for my scheme:

    (sorry for the very un-fancy display here. One day, I’ll get wise and make an inspiration board!)

    It’s not perfect yet, but its a start. I’d like to have each lady in one of the top 4 colors. Am I crazy? It feels slightly exotic, but in a good, not too theme-y way. Plus, who doesn’t look good in jewel tones? I hope my ladies are pleased….

    The Broke-Ass Bride