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Have you ever wanted to travel to the future? Wondering what life will be like after you plan the most epic wedding ever? Tired of researching 101 photo and video booths and coming up with witty hashtags to make sure that you capture EVERYTHING at your big day?

Well I have a solution — a cost effective solution.

Incubate My Wedding.

A friend approached me about a startup that was looking for people to try out their latest invention. Of course, I was interested, I just needed to make sure that Travis was open to the idea. So we met with the owner and 20 minutes later we were asking “where do we sign up?”

Here’s how it works and why you will quickly change your mind about that photo booth that you are considering.

  1. We created our profile, determined what memories we wanted people to capture, uploaded our guests email address and signed up for the service, it’s $299 for 25 years worth of memories!
  2. An email message went out to our guests 17 days before the wedding. I didn’t see the content of the email before it was sent, but strangely the tone sounded just like me! Our guests were convinced that it came from my email account and that I was pleading with them to download the app and participate. This was a bonus considering that I didn’t have time to customize an email with all of the other things that I had on my plate.
  3. After the first email was sent, Incubate sent several more leading up to the wedding and even gave our guests the option to “opt out” of receiving multiple emails. Funny moment, one of my cousins emailed me and told me not to worry about sending so many emails, I can do that because I am the bride. Again, she thought that the messages were coming from me and not from an automated service.
  4. Travis and I just sat back and watched as our family & friends downloaded the app in the days leading up to our wedding!
  5. Videos, picture, text and voice messages were created before, during and after our wedding and scheduled to “hatch” in the future!
  6. The messages started to hatch during the wedding and it was such a treat to see them the next morning! We celebrated our one month anniversary on August 28th and a few more hatched that day as well. So cool, to relive the moment!

While $299 for an add on experience may not be in your budget, it’s well worth it in comparison to the $500-$1500 photo booths that I researched that would not live on for many years to come!

In addition to Incubate My Wedding, the owners took the experience once step further and shared with me that they created a custom  fully functional 55″ iPad that runs the mobile application — the world’s first Future Booth — rendering traditional photo booths obsolete. And have coined, it as “The Coolest F@%*IN’ Thing You Can Have At Your Wedding.”

Image Courtesy of Incubate My Wedding

How do you plan to capture the moment at your wedding?

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    Download available from Etsy seller WhiteFeathersDesign

    I will admit, I am not on online shopping. I prefer the “touch and feel” shopping experience! On the other hand, when your time is limited, you need to buy a gazillion items and you are looking for the best deal, online shopping becomes your best friend!

    I’ve secured some awesome deals and sharing is caring, so here are my tips!

    Dollar Tree:

    I used to think that what made Dollar Tree special is that everything is truly a dollar, little did I know that there are so many other things that make Dollar Tree the best store EVER, like their website! I purchased the majority of my wedding decor online by the case, it was shipped to a store by my house (for free) and the manager loaded it in my car (in the rain). Amazing customer service and experience!

    Facebook Trading Groups:

    The experience can be a bit of a pain if you have to coordinate a pickup or delivery. At times I felt like it might just be easier to go to the store and buy what I need. On the other hand, the groups are a great for booking vendors. I “shopped” for vendors, used the comments and captions as recommendations and often times the vendors would offer a special Facebook special if you book their services! It’s a win-win situation. We secured our videographer  for 50% less than what we were quoted from other videographers, she scheduled a call with us to discuss our vision and she even threw in an engagement video session for FREE! An added bonus, I sold some empty wine bottles on a Facebook trading group that I was collecting for decor and no longer needed. Extra money that we were able to add to our wedding budget!


    The original plan was to order EVERYTHING online, however many of the items that we needed were not available via the website. This little hiccup did not slow down my online buying streak; I still created my shopping list on their website, I selected my store and they included on the shopping list the exact location for each item and we were in and out in less than an hour! If you’ve ever been to IKEA you know how much of an accomplishment that is.

    A quick trip to IKEA, thanks to our online shopping list!


    Um, where has this site been all of my life?!? One of my bridesmaids told me about it and I am hooked.  I not only set up my own “closet” so that I can sell stuff but I also found my wedding shoes. Yes, my wedding shoes!! These beauties from Nine West were listed for $30, had only been worn once and had minimal wear and tear. I offered $15 and did a happy dance when I received the notification that the owner excepted my offer. I received them four days later and I love them!

    I’ve scored so many deals online that I think that I have been completely converted and I may never enter a store ever again! In addition to the deals above, Amazon Prime is a winner for my last minute DIY projects. The cake topper and my garter were secured on Etsy. Many of the bridesmaids gifts were purchased from Charming Charlie, Old Navy and SheIn during online only sales and my reception linen was purchased online from CV Linen.

    I only have a few more items to grab and I am beyond excited each and every day that a new package lands at my front door!



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    Hi, my name is Ciji and I am a rule breaker. Now that we have established who I really am, let me tell you more about my EPIC bridal shower. A tea party just didn't seem like my kind of fun. We "brunch so hard" every weekend that a ladies brunch just didn't seem like anything special. I needed to share with my bridal shower…

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    I don't want to skip any steps on my engaged journey. All of the celebrations, the special moments and opportunities to connect with loved ones are a part of my experience. However, I know those moments can be costly, so although not super-involved in the planning of my bachelorette party, I wanted to ensure that it did not break the bank.  I shared with my Matron of…

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    Modern RSVP card available from Etsy seller EmmyPaperie Every wedding planning book, blog, article advises that you should set your RSVP date for one month before the wedding. It seems to be a logical request. Most important vendor deadlines require that you confirm your final head count at least one month before the wedding. Let's re-read that last sentence, "at least one month before the…

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    Paradise, a place of timeless harmony. Yes, sign me up! That's exactly what I need after months of planning and a day of the best case of sensory overload that I anticipate I will ever feel. We just don't want to invest a TON of money into an amplified vacation, better known as our honeymoon. With that in mind, Travis and I sat down and mapped…

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    ... I am still on the hunt for a florist, how about you? The original plan was to keep the flower plan simple: bouquets and boutonnieres only. Well that plan is not realistic! Who was I kidding? I love fresh flowers and buy them weekly to decorate my house. A minimal flower presence at my wedding was a silly idea. What was I thinking?  I…

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    Invitations are just one of those things on my list that are not super important. At least they weren't important in the beginning. Of course, slowly but surely as I started to confirm my wedding vision my thoughts started to shift. I naturally began to consider foil cut designs, envelope liners and beautiful calligraphy until I realized that these extras were costly and time was…

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    My Pinterest board is filled to the brim with ideas. I've considered everything from building an altar from used pallet boards to growing my own rose garden and assembling the bridal bouquet. It's time for an intervention! I've known for years, well before I was officially engaged that I would be a "do it yourself" bride. Not just because of the cost savings but also…

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