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I know, I know, the Royal Wedding is sooooo six weeks ago. But Pippa made such a splash in her slinky Alexander McQueen maid-of-honor gown that she became an instant fashion icon, and the requests for a similar look haven’t stopped!

Here is the original. It’s absolutely striking in its simplicity:


And here are some options for those of us who can’t afford McQueen. Best of all, these gowns can all be ordered online or bought at the mall. No more waiting several months for your dress to come in!

First, a direct knockoff.

JS Collections, $220:

And some more “inspired by” options:

BHLDN, $1400:

Lauren by Ralph Lauren, $192

Nicole Miller, $750:

J. Crew, $495:

Thread, $480:

The Row, $1190:

Would you wear a simple sheath dress to your wedding, or someone else’s?

-Dana F.

  • 2/15

    This week I am hoping to make – not one, not two – but three bride’s discount dress dreams come true. My 3 engaged beauties this week all have one gownlust in common: the off-le-shoulder, cap-sleeved look. By grouping these requests together, each bride can benefit from seeing options from eachother’s Get Over It looks. More option, the better I say!

    First up: Bride Catie’s Get Over It gown picks. The Lindsey gown by Vineyard. Retails for over $3000.

    Can’t Afford It

    1. Sincerity Bridal. Retails for about $1000.

    2. Bridal Bliss Designs. Retails for $698. (Actual Reproduction of the Lindsey gown!)

    3. Love June. Retails for $445.

    4. Alfred Angelo. Retails for under $999.

    5. Alfred Angelo. Retails for under $599.

    6. Light in the Box. Retails for $169.19.

    7. White by Vera Wang. Retails for $700.

    8. Aria Dress. Retails for $595.

    Next up: Bride Stephanie’s dream gown. Gown by Stephen Yearick. Retails for about $4000.

    Can’t Afford It:

    Get Over It:

    1. Jacqueline Exclusive. Retails for about $1000.

    2. Demetrios. Retails for about $1000.

    3. Marlow by Sophia Tolli. Retails for about $1000.

    4. Maggie’s Bridal Shop. Retails for $299.

    5. Light in the Box. Retails for $349.99.

    6. Terani. Retails for $950.

    Next up: Bride Heather’s dream gown. She requested that I keep her picks under $500. Gown by Pronovias.

    Can’t Afford it:

    1. Light in the Box. Retails for $199.

    2. Light in the Box. Retails for $249.99.

    3. Light in the Box. Retails for $199.99.

    4. Light in the Box. Retails for $239.99.

    5. Destinations by Mon Cheri. Retails for under $500.

    Miss any “Can’t Afford it/Get Over it” Magic? Catch up here:

  • 2/1

    Bride Melissa wrote in asking us to find her a Grace Kelly-inspired gown with sleeves.  In Melissa's initial search for "sleeved bridal gowns," she found gowns that exuded too much modesty and not enough style.  So she's been having trouble finding something that pops. It must be sleeve week, because I got another email from bride Briana looking for a Get Over It version of…

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    Boy, have I got a challenge on my hands. Reader Rachel E. sent in a request that would put my Get Over It gown-finding skills to the ultimate test. She wrote, "I’ve never been the “dress” type and I’m quite frugal. I can’t justify spending a lot on something I will only wear one time. I don’t want to spend more than $150 to $200,…

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    The Can't Afford it/Get Over it Request Line continues to blow up thanks to all you beautiful, deal-seeking brides.  This week, we're getting over 4 big-ticket bridal gowns. One of them costs a whopping $11,000, but thankfully each get over it gown I found for it doesn't come any where near that price.  That just goes to show that no dream gown is too lavish,…

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    "Can't Afford it/Get Over it" has become one of my favorite posts to write because 1. I love having the excuse to still look at bridal gowns even though I'm married, and 2. I love sticking it to the bridal gown "man" - which basically means I love debunking the myth that you can't get the couture bridal look for less than couture prices. Recently,…

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