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Affiliate Disclaimer NewHey Broke-Asses! It’s that time of year again, where instead of Five for Friday, we’ll be compiling some seriously rad gift guides for y’all. From the fun to the funny, the quirky to the practical and all of the budget ideas in between, I’ve scoured the Interwebz to find those perfect gifts for someone — or everyone! — on your list.

We all have that one friend who, for lack of a better phrase, loves booze. They’re usually the life of the party and can pretty much always be counted on for a cocktail when you just need a shot and come company. Whether they’re straight whiskey lovers, champions of Champagne or one hell of a concoctor of cocktails, there’s a gift below for every one of your libation loving friends.The Broke-Ass Bride's 2015 Gift Guide For the Libation Lover

Top row, l to r: Sometimes, days can only be measured by how much fun juice it takes to get over them. Good Day Old Fashioned Glass, $10 from Nordstrom || Ain’t no party like a bubbly party, cuz a bubbly party don’t stop! Now with instructional glassware! Pop Clink Drink Stemless Glassware Set, $14 at Urban Outfitters || Let’s be real: Wine glasses and picnic tables aren’t always the best of bedfellows. And how obnoxious is it having to get up to refill time and time again? This table covers all those bases. Wine Glass Picnic Table, $15.67 from Etsy seller AdvanceLaser

Second row, l to r: Guys, beer bongs just got served: The Chambong is now the fastest and yet still classy way to make those bubblez go right to the brain. The Chambong, $35 from Amazon || Need to set yourself right after a night on the town? Grab this creative and irreverent cookbook to whip up hair of the dog, a good grease cure or just to fulfill one of those morning-after cravings. The Hungoevr Cookbook, $9.99 from ModCloth || Got a killer home bar? Shout it out to the world (er, your guests) with this vintage-style marquee light. Bar Marquee Light, $60 from Nordstrom

Third row, l to r: Happy hour is the new tea time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep those shots classy, right? Pinkies Out Shot Glass Set, $19.99 from ModCloth || Gold. Polka Dots. Cocktails. Need I say more? Kate Spade NY Dot Cocktail Shaker, $50 from Nordstrom || Be honest: There’ve totally been times when you’ve been out and about and just need a little nip of the hard stuff to get you through (shopping with mom, lunch with *that* coworker … you know). We’ve all been there, and we just wish we had this mini keychain flask to help us out. The Flask at Hand Keychain, $11.99 from ModCloth

Bottom row, l to r: GLITTER FOR YOUR COCKTAILS. This is perf. for that glitter-loving cocktail-adoring bff of yours. And pretty much guarantees you’ll get a fancy drank whenever you hang out with them, because, obv. Metallic Gold Cocktail Rimming Sugar, $4.95 from Etsy seller DellCoveSpices || Sometimes, we just need to spell it out to the world. More Whiskey T-Shirt, $24 from Brit + Co. || Banana flask. Need I say more? Banana Flask, $19.95 from Nordstrom

  • 11/21

    Affiliate Disclosure Statement

    As of next week, the holidays are officially here. And you know what goes great with the holidays? Bubbly! (#duh) I love, love, love bubbles. Gimme a mimosa bar or even just a cheap bottle of Andre and I’ll be stoked. I live for it. So when my girl Davon over at the soon-to-be-launched and I started chatting about holiday drink options, she jumped right in with an offer to share her top five budget-friendly bottles of sparkling wine and Champagne, which obv. makes the perfect pre-holiday Five for Friday. Or, if you’re dead-set on a Champagne toast at your wedding, but you’re working on a PBR budget, these bottles could be the answer to your issues. Because even broke-asses need a nice bottle of bubbly, amirite?

    Five for Friday- The BubbleIsta's Favorite Bubbly on A Budget

    Just because a girl is watching her pennies doesn’t mean she should have to deny herself the pleasures of sipping a little bubbly. The problem is, though, that it’s hard to find a sparkler that’s in the Broke-Ass Bride’s budget range that also tastes good. So what’s a girl to do?

    Don’t worry, The Bubbleista has got you covered. As a self-proclaimed Champagne and sparkling wine lover and aficionada, it is my duty to drink as much sparkling wine and Champagne as humanly possible, so that I can provide suggestions for you, the bubbly lover, to enjoy. I am so selfless.

    But I digress! Without further ado, here are my picks for 5 great sparkling wines for $10 and under. Yep, you read that right. Ten. Dollars. And. Under. Read on!

    1. Jaume Serra Cristalino Brut ($8):

    Jaume Serra Cristalino Brut Cava

    This is my go-to for making bubbly cocktails like mimosa and kir royales. It a dry, lemony sparkler which makes it perfect for mixing.

    2.) Chateau Ste. Michelle ($10):

    An apple-y, citrus-y slightly sweet fizzer that works well with fried appetizers.

    3.) Poema Cava Brut ($10):

    Poema Brut Cava

    This sparkling wine has a wonderful, fruity aroma—think pears and apples and peaches.  This is a dry wine but it’s a really easy-drinking one. A versatile option, you can serve this from appetizers right through dinner.

    4.) Segura Viudas Brut Reserva Cava ($9):

    Segura Viudas Brut Reserva Cava

    This is a Spanish sparkler made in the French champagne style, so this has great creaminess and bubbles. This one is great for sipping solo as well as pairing with a variety of foods.

    5.) Jaume Serra Cristalino Brut Rose ($9):

    Jaume Serra Cristalino Brut Rose Cava

    Drink pink! This beautifully colored cava is full of cherry-berry aromas, strawberry flavors, and a touch of sweetness—perfect for lightly sweet dessert, fresh fruit, and even appetizers.

     There you have it! Even babes on a budget can bust open a bottle of bubbly. If any of these sparklers aren’t available at your local liquor store, or you just don’t have time to swing by, have no fear: all of these wines can be found at Cheers, and happy sipping!

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