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Hair trial

I have reached a weird point in my wedding planning. It’s March, and all of the boxes are basically checked. Venue, check. Dress, yep. Hair trial, been there. Vendors, nailed it. It’s basically empty nest syndrome for wedding planning.

I keep glancing over my shoulder and looking around expecting some giant forgotten thing to come knock me on my ass. All you ever hear are horror stories about planning a wedding — how super stressful and nerve wracking it is. Don’t get me wrong, I have had some stressful, hair-pulling, tantrum-throwing moments in this whole planning business that have kicked my butt. But, my wedding is not until September and I’m pretty much done. All the things that are left to do are smaller decoration type things.

So … now what?

Yeah sure, I still have to make all of the wedding paper things like the program, escort cards, and possibly menus. The centerpieces still need to be finished, and some of the bases need another coat of paint. That will have to wait for warmer weather. The bridesmaids have to pick and order their dresses at the end of this month. I have my wedding dress alteration appointment at the end of March also. I have finally nailed down a officiant, the last giant outstanding item that I was stressing over.


Wooden Roundabout Centerpiece

I’m still working on the problem of Michael and I living in completely different states. Short of standing on a rooftop with a stack of resumes and a giant fan, I’m doing all I can to hunt down a job. I don’t want to start a large-scale project like making the programs, cards or the rest of the centerpieces and then suddenly get uprooted. I keep reminding myself that they are one more thing to pack. Any new projects I start, I make sure that they are easily stored flat or that they rate a place to live at my mom’s house until the wedding. A few days ago I casually assembled a roundabout and a ferris wheel while I was home sick with a fever. They both fit happily in a shoebox so they can go live with mom.


Wooden Ferris Wheel Centerpiece

I keep getting filled with the desire to tackle some large item only to realize there isn’t anything large left. I wonder if this is normal.

Are any of you other brides experiencing this empty nest problem?

  • 11/30

    Affiliate Disclaimer NewAite y’all, so I finished painting about half of the centerpiece bases before I ran out of warm weather to work in. How dare spray paint not be able to dry in weather below 30 degrees right?!

    Real Bride Danielle's centerpieces in progress

    Taping off bases

    After the first coat of white dried, we taped off the tops and the edge above the flaps. I found entire sheets of painters tape cross-listed under CNC machine tape on Amazon. It was perfect for the large surface area and just about fit the whole top. If I ever do this again, I’ll probably opt to use a non-adhesive cover so that less paint might come off.

    20161113_130438 20161113_130604


    Covering flaps for painting

    I only have a few examples to show, but a lot of advice if you are spray painting anything metal. Patience is not a virtue that I have ever really been able to cultivate … at all … period. With the days being so short in the winter, I tried to squeeze in too many coats of paint into one day in the hopes that I could get all the centerpieces done at once. Sadly, there are consequences for impatience. The paint came off of a few of the ones that I clearly rushed, so I will need to paint them again once the weather warms back up (read: probably June).


    Chipped paint from impatience

    Solid lessons learned, when the bottle says four hours between coats, you might be able to skimp on dry time if you are just doing another coat of the same color. However, if you need to tape over something that you just painted, there is a serious likelihood that that paint will come off with the tape since it didn’t get a chance to get dry and rock hard.


    Bad paint job or accidental awesome logo?

    Make sure you scuff all of the pieces you are trying to paint. I swear, I lined them all up and we sat and scuffed them in an assembly line, but this little bugger must have hidden under the table or something, because none of the paint stuck when we pulled the tape off.

    I have a few of the centerpiece themes wrapped up, but I just have to finish adding the embellishments. Here are a few shots of the things I will be putting together on some of them.


    No fall bumper cars


    Clowns out of a cannon moving piece

    Come spring I should have finished shots of what I was able to put together for each.

    What do y’all think? Suggestions, ideas, requests to hire me out as a professional painter? Leave them down below!

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