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Oh, the registry. Whether you’re picking out the perfect crystal serveware or raising funds to take skydiving lessons, nowadays the options are endless – and so are the ways to add them to your wedding registry. So much so that it can get uber overwhelming, uber fast.

SimpleRegistry keeps it just, that … simple. Rather than juggle a traditional registry from a department store with your rockin’ registry at a less generic store you really love, drop them all in one basket and step in the cash-out line. With SimpleRegistry’s barcode-scanning mobile app, you still get to scan all the cool stuff you see out shopping without having to take notes. In fact, the plethora of rad-tastic tools SimpleRegistry offers for organization will have you feeling like a kid in a candy store as you load up on those purple appliances and huge wine glasses.

Because they get broke-asses, SimpleRegistry can break up the portions of those big-ticket items, like the flat-screen TV or tix to Opening Day, so all your friends can chip in and get you something you’ll be sure to never stop thanking them for.

Oh, but wait. Did a better model of that TV just come out? No worries. SimpleRegistry

redeems all gifts into cash, so you can go ahead and splurge on a slightly fancier television. (“Downton Abbey” looks so much better in 3-D.)

And when all’s said and done, you’ve said your “I do’s” and are checking out spa amenities for the couples’ massage you registered for, you’ll remember to send Cousin Lily a huge thank you … because SimpleRegistry helps keep track. They keep all the info about who gave what and their contact info super organized, so you won’t forget to send out the love.

But act fast, BABs! Between now and April 30, SimpleRegistry is gonna hit one lucky couple with a $5,000 credit toward their wedding registry! Get on it!

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    Zankyou allows you to redeem your entire gift registry as cash!  Now if you change your mind on that fondue set or decide to allocate more of your honeymoon hours to beaches than museums – no problem! With Zankyou, you have the freedom to choose how your monetary gifts are allocated. Plus, setting up your registry is FREE! And did we mention you can also make a FREE customized wedding website with Zankyou? Make wedding planning easy peasey by maintaining your wedding website and registry in the same convenient locale.

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