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On top of having super yummy carnival eats for dinner, we had some sweet treats for our guests, too. Even though funnel cakes and elephant ears are some of the best desserts on the planet, I knew I wanted a wedding cake to cut as well. I can take or leave the actual cutting of the cake while everyone stares. And the whole smashing thing? #no If Russel had ruined my very beautiful and very expensive makeup by smearing cake and icing all over my face, we would have been talking annulment. Okay, not really. But I would have been mad. Luckily, Russel likes to get things done with as little fanfare as possible, so smashing was never an issue. What I really wanted the cake for was the whole save-the-top-layer-and-eat-it-on-your-anniversary thing. What can I say? I am a sucker for certain traditions. It’s the same reason we went with traditional wedding vows. I digress.

I probably procrastinated a little too long on the cake thing. I knew I was getting something small and simple, so I wasn’t very on top of it. Kind of a mistake. My first choice bakery didn’t have any openings. Boo. Luckily, my next choice had a cancellation, and I was all too happy to step right in. They are actually known for being a cupcake shop, which made our tasting pretty awesome. We got to pick out full size cupcakes and chow down. In the end, we decided that the whole cake would be Death By Chocolate. So, we sampled like 12 flavors, and that’s what we picked — lol. Boring. But also delicious. We got the smallest cake possible, which was two tiny little layers — one for the wedding, and one to save. I wanted one layer covered in colorful sprinkles, and one plain white. If I am honest, I never really stressed about my cake, but I was SO happy with how it turned out.


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The hot pink, glittery Best Day Ever was perfect, and my mom handmade the bunting topper at midnight on Friday because I couldn’t find the one I bought. She is a queen. To me, it all screamed fun carnival, and it was $150 total. Yay! One cake tip: line up your baker before I did. Like ASAP.

Candy. Candy, candy, candy. Candy buffets are boring. Can we all agree on that? Don’t get me wrong … I love them. I love candy. It is delicious and I want to eat it all the time. But candy buffets are pretty common at weddings. When you’re going all out on a carnival theme, doing something so “normal” seems weird. But when we considered the fact that we had no wedding favors, the more we kept coming back to the candy idea. Favors are so hit or miss, IMO. I have been to weddings where they are awesome: little bottles of wine at the dinner table? Yes, please. A lavender colored coaster with your name and wedding date? Eh, not so much. So yeah. I wanted something people would enjoy and I wanted it to fit in with our theme. Candy and carnivals really do go hand in hand, so I eventually got over my hangup, and I am really glad I did. Our buffet was such a hit, and it was cleaned out by the end of the night. I was actually bummed, because I was hoping to have a bunch of leftovers to snack on for weeks. No dice.


So …it looks a little like a baby shower. I realize this. But try finding aqua and pink candy. It’s not easy. But other than that, isn’t is cute? And it was yummy! My mom and I started stockpiling candy a few months out. It wasn’t super cheap, but it wasn’t that expensive either. There were a few things I knew I wanted, like Blue Razz Blow Pops (hello, ’90s flashback) and pink Starburst, so I ordered those online. We got a lot of the other stuff at party stores. Reese Cups, Hershey Kisses, Pixie Stix, rock candy, etc. My mom also made caramel apples the Thursday before the wedding, because she wasn’t busy enough. (J/k, she was busy.) Everyone loved them, and all of my friends have requested an apple or two from her annual Christmas batch. As far as containers, I don’t think we bought a single one. We just used stuff we had around our houses. Yes, I had four vintage candy jars at my home. I don’t know, either. But that definitely helped us save a bunch of money, which is the name of the game, right? In the end, we were glad we went the candy favor route. It fit our theme, it was easy, and people loved it. Can’t beat that.

Did you find any easy, delicious additions to your big day? What did you do?



  • 6/24

    How To DIY Your Own Candy Buffet On The Cheap

    Photo courtesy Beau-Coup

    There’s nothing I like more than projects that are sweet to eat and easy on the wallet. Part favor, part dessert, part décor, part entertainment, candy buffets are fun and simple to do yourself without a lot of cash.

    Things you’ll need (and how to get them cheap):

    • Glass candy jars: The beauty of this project is that your jars don’t need to match. Candy buffets look best when there are an assortment of sizes and shapes of containers.

    How To DIY Your Own Candy Buffet On The Cheap

    • Large spoons or scoops: Look for anything that’s will get a fair amount of candy from the jar to the favor box. You don’t need one for every jar, just a few to scatter around the table.
    • Favor boxes: Look for small decorative boxes or bags big enough to hold a handful or two of candy and cheap enough to give one to every guest. Feel free to DIY these, or you can by lots for pretty cheap online.
    • Lots and lots of candy: This is the sweetest part of the deal. Think beyond the grocery store and opt for candy shops that let you buy wholesale or in bulk. (Supporting a local candy retailer would provide your guests with a little extra local flavor, but if there’s none in your area, there are plenty of candy wholesalers online.) Look for a variety of bright, colorful sweets that match your color palette. Giant lollipops and candy sticks are perfect for adding bursts of brightness and variety. Get enough to fill a favor box for each of your guests and extra for them to munch on at the party.

    How to do it (the easy way):

    Just arrange your delicious and decorative sweets jars on a table with the shortest in front, so it’s easiest to reach. You can set a few  on old suitcases or books to mix up the heights and add extra visual pop. Then place an empty favor box at every place setting with a note thanking your guests for coming and inviting them to head on over to the candy buffet and fill it up with their favorite treats.

    And voila! Crowd-pleasing favors that double as décor and won’t end up in the trash.

  • 6/24

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