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I know a while back I posted about some of my adventures trying to find a dress for a little bit cheaper. I ended up going the route of buying a sample, partially — but not entirely — for the purpose of savings.

Let me explain:

I set a budget for approximately $2000 CAD (About $1500 USD) for my dress. I went to a few dress shops, and tried on a few dresses I liked a lot, but a lot of the ones I liked were just slightly out of my price range. I tried searching online for dresses in a similar style that might cost a little less. More than a few sample sales and Google searches later, I was feeling a bit defeated.

Suddenly, I came across a gorgeous little number that was beautiful and unique … but had been discontinued. Thankfully, the designer had a list of stores in my city that had carried the design in the past. I called about six stores before I got through to one that did have it, a sample. I booked an appointment and came down to try it on that same day. Lo and behold, it fit, albeit it was a touch snug. It retailed for $2200, but the saleslady offered my 10% off, since it was the sample. Naive as I was, I accepted, thinking that was a great deal (it really wasn’t). I was right on budget and I had my dream dress — it was “the one”.

Unfortunately, by now I’ve realized that there was a TON of extra costs associated with buying the dress.

Firstly, I had to have more alterations done to the sample than if i had ordered a new dress. I would have been better off ordering one size up, and then having it taken in, rather than having the sample taken out. Then, I had to have it dry cleaned due to several marks left from all the people who had tried it on, and the cost of dry cleaning a dress of that style was MORE than the money I had saved!

More than $400 in alterations and a $275 dry cleaning bill later, I ended up spending more than my budget and probably more than I would have if I had bought a new dress.


Sometimes all the cost saving hacks aren’t as great as they might seem. Had I been a little more savvy, had I read a few more blogs … maybe I would have known that!

However, this dress is amazing and I’m in love with it, so in the end, I wouldn’t have changed it. But I sure would have tried to haggle myself a better discount!!


  • 7/25

    I’m going to reach way back in the archives of my life to tell you a little more about how Ev and I met and our bestie. When I was 14, may family moved and I started high school in a brand new area, not knowing anyone. I had been bullied previously, so my game plan was to keep a fairly low profile. I’m a bit of an introvert, so I didn’t expect to make too many friends very quickly. See below graph for illustration:

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    Luckily, I happened to sit next to an extrovert in one of my classes.

    D struck up a conversation with me almost immediately and was full of funny quips and one-liners, helping me feel at ease. I remember it wasn’t long before we were getting singled out nearly every class for talking too much (RIP my GPA). We became best friends and had a lot of excellent times, watching movies, hiking and driving around when there was nothing else to do. His whole family adopted me, and were always happy to have me over for dinner. During that time, I was dating someone, but D often mentioned that he had a childhood friend that he wanted to set me up with, should my boyfriend and I ever break up. His friend and I did end up meeting at D’s birthday party one year, and we chatted, but nothing else came of it. My boyfriend and I ended up breaking up right before my first year of university and D took his opportunity, giving his friend my email address so we could talk on MSN. I’m sure by now you’ve figured out that this friend was Evan, and the rest is history.

    Last year, shortly after Ev and I got engaged, D proposed to his longtime girlfriend and we were thrilled. Initially we planned to separate our weddings by a couple months, but situations arose that resulted in planning our weddings six weeks apart. D. made Ev his groomsman, and Ev and I made him a hybrid groomsman/bridesman. I even got to hang at his bachelor party, which was a total blast. During the planning states, we shared a lot of wedding pro tips, and offered each other a listening ear when stress got high.

    This weekend, I’m in my hometown, getting ready to head to his rehearsal dinner. I wont lie, initially, I was afraid that there might be some stress associated with the two weddings so close to each other, what with the cost of flying, hotels, gifts, but in the end but those factors were vastly overshadowed by the support I felt from having a friend who was going through a lot of the same things as me. Plus, Evan and I get to take a break from planning our wedding, and just enjoy relaxing and being guests at someone else’s before we have our own. I’m excited!



  • 6/12

    Wedding countdown chalkboard available from Etsy seller LavishLilLuxuries Earlier this month, it was the one-year anniversary of the day he proposed. Not to sound cliche, but I cant believe how much time has flown since then. We've also hit the three-month countdown until the wedding and that is an incredibly exciting and yet terrifying feeling. While we have all of our gotten our vendors booked, deposits…

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    Novelty socks available from Etsy seller shopsockprints As I may have mentioned already, my partner, bless him, has been wonderfully supportive and helpful throughout the entire process of planning our wedding. This has transpired despite my occasional failures to delegate, as I wrote about in my last post. He’s also been extremely chill about pretty much everything that’s been suggested. Whereas, his list of must-haves…

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    I want to talk about our wedding party. There seem to be a lot of traditions and rules in North American/European anglophone culture surrounding bridesmaids and groomsmen that there is heavy pressure to follow. I imagine that if you have been reading my posts thus far, you probably know how I feel about arbitrary rules, especially if they are outdated, rooted in sexism or classism and/or…

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    Photography print available from Etsy seller HumboldtStreet One big question about wedding planning that loomed over us for months was, where were we going to have it? Evan and I are both originally from the prairie region of Canada, and most of our families live out there. Currently, we both live and work in Ontario. Most people expected that we would have our wedding in…

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    Hi BABs, I’ve noticed that there are a few common questions people ask you when you tell them that you are engaged. They consist of “ohmygosh! Let me see the ring!” “How did he propose?” "Do you have your dress yet?” “When’s the big day?” and finally, “where are you going to go for your honeymoon?” As much as I love talking about myself, and…

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    Credit: Juniper Photography I’m sure many people have ideas about how they want their weddings to be even before they start planning them. Maybe they know for sure they want to get married on the beach, or they’ve always known they would wear a family heirloom that has been passed down for generations. I had ideas like that too -- my matrimonial must-haves, if you will.…

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    Well, BABs, we thought we had it all figured out. We found a venue that was cheap, and beautiful, and agreed to allow us to supply our own alcohol without adding corkage. We were pretty happy. The venue had just contracted a local Italian restaurant to provide catering. We contacted the manager to set up a time to meet, and she was lovely. We told…

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