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Go mighty!

Hi BABs! Some of you lucky ducks are coming up on a luxuriously looooooong weekend. Congrats, I’m SURE you’ve earned it. We’ve got just a few tidbits of BAB HQ news and a few sweet deals to share before we begin our early afternoon Friday drinking binge!

Liz Coopersmith, the wedding planning genius behind our weekly “Ask Liz” column, is having a pretty killer contest for her L.A.-based biz, Silver Charm Events! Right now, when you like her FB page, you’ll be entered to win a year’s subscription to Martha Stewart Weddings, a copy of her book, A Mad Dash Down the Aisle, and $500 off one of her wedding coordination packages! WOWZA! You can earn additional entries for following her on twitter or sharing the contest with friends! Click here for more deets…

Our weekly giveaway item this week is a copy of Maggie Lord’s new book, Rustic Wedding Chic! You probably know her from the blog of the same name, Rustic Wedding Chic, but if you don’t, you NEED to check it out! It’s on our list of required wedding blog reading!

ATTN: WEDDING VENDORS! I must draw your attention once again to our  HOLIDAY ADVERTISING SALE ! For the months of November and December, you can get 20% off of our regular rates on ad tiles of all sizes AND sponsored posts! To receive a copy of our press kit and additional info, contact our advertising guru Christen at! Our regular rates start at just $100 a month (before discounts), and we welcome biz from indie vendors!

Dana is gearing up to go to Camp Mighty next week, “a retreat for people who like to make cool things happen.” Campers are trying to raise $20K for charity this year. ALL the money is going to help fund clean water projects in Rwanda. Dana is only $115 away from her personal fundraising goal, so if you’d like to help her meet it, you can donate here! Be sure to leave “Dana LaRue” in the comments, so your donation gets attributed to Dana’s campaign!

As we reported last week – Elizabeth St. John is extending a ridiculously exciting offer to our wonderful broke-asses…from now until November 15th, 25 lucky brides will be able to snag one of Elizabeth’s premiere designs at wholesale prices! BABs can grab the gorgeous French Alencon lace “Adele” gown for only $1,000! (Original retail price: $2,600!!!) OR the silk shantung “Alden” gown for $975 (Original retail price: $2,400!!!). (Both gowns are part of Elizabeth’s Spring 2013 collection.) All of Elizabeth’s gowns are made by skilled artisans in a wind powered factory in the good ol’ USA! If you want your gown to be as eco-conscious and affordable as is HUMANLY POSSIBLE, this is your big chance! All gowns are available in sizes 2-20 (Sizes 14-20 require a $50 surcharge) and also come in TALL sizes! To stake your claim as one of these 25 insanely lucky brides, simply email, or call them directly at 301-879-7001. Let me reiterate that this is NOT a contest. This wholesale pricing offer is INSTANTLY available to the first 25 brides who claim!

Also, if you’re a fan of stand-up comedy, friend-of-BAB Brock Wilbur’s stand-up comedy special “28 Years Later” is now available to download in its entirety for a measly $7! BARGAIN.

  • 6/4

    It’s never been a secret that I’ve always wanted to write a book. I’ve talked about it at length on this blog, amongst friends and colleagues, dreamt about it at night, put it on my mighty life list, battled against myself to get the ball rolling, met with literary agents, turned down literary agents, started proposals, scrapped proposals, gave up, and gave back in a million times over during the past four years. But as one of my major life goals, it has long haunted me as THAT THING I WANT DESPERATELY TO DO BUT FOR SOME REASON HAVEN’T DONE YET.

    In November I attended Camp Mighty, and while the entire experience was rich with inspiration to get off my ass and do the things I want, what it ignited in me most was a determination to get this book thing sorted out once and for all. It might have also had something to do with Meg yelling at me, echoed by Rebecca, and co-signed by Amber. Because when Meg, Becca and Amber yell at you to do something, you listen. As it was with all the women and men who shared their wisdom, experiences, thoughts and dreams with us that weekend. And when Evany speaks, you heed. And when Maggie and Laura preach, you obey with reverence.

    The people surrounding me at Camp Mighty, and everything they do, have done, and will yet bring to this world, are absolutely awe-inspiring. But not in that, “I could never be that awesome” way. Rather, absolutely in that “I want to be that awesome, and nothing is going to stop me now” kind of way. The camaraderie was unparalleled. I felt, all at once, inspired, confident, reborn, refreshed, open, and fearless in ways I hadn’t ever felt before. Oh, yeah, sure, there was also plenty of the negative self-talk beasties and trolls popping up along the way to try and tempt me away from leveraging the momentum I felt growing within me every day. But every time they’d rear their ugly heads, I’d go back and visit my Mighty List and see how much I’ve already accomplished since writing it in October, give those demons the hearty fuck you they deserved, and get back to work. What Camp Mighty taught me is that the power to be Mighty exists in all of us. We just have to wake up every day with the decision to embrace it and live it as much as  possible until it becomes a practice.

    Thanks to my Mighty List, the lessons I learned at Camp Mighty and the ongoing support of both my on-and-offline communities, I have knocked EIGHT items off my life list over the past 6 months, and begun working on six more that will be complete at some point this year.

    But the one I’m the most proud of just happened last week and it has been absolute murder keeping it under wraps until I got the ok to share the news.

    I GOT A BOOK DEAL. A real life, official, you-are-writing-a-book-Dana kind of deal. It happened.

    And not just any book deal, yo. After a tense and exciting auction between several amazing houses, I got to sign with my very top choice in publishers: the illustrious Clarkson Potter, an imprint of the Crown Publishing Group, which is a subsidiary of Random House. Clarkson Potter is best known for publishing books by Martha Stewart, The Knot, Style Me Pretty, Colin Cowie, Ina Garten, Rachael Ray, Giada Di Laurentiis and so many more of my wedding and lifestyle icons I could positively drop dead just thinking about it. In case you’re wondering what it looks like to find out that your book is being published by the top wedding and lifestyle publishing house in the world, it’s kind of like this:

    Insert your own sound effects of various sobbing, laughing, hyperventilating, crying some more, and generalized panic-attacking. ‘Cuz this bitch was a HOT MESS when I found out, you guys. My  mind was blown. Never did I ever dream it would be like this. My brain literally could not handle it and I went into a full-throttle hysterical meltdown of epic proportions. And once the shock dissolved into gratitude, I just couldn’t stop laughing and crying. So I decided the next best way to deal with all the excess excited energy within me was to do this:

    Which was another item on my life list. So, there went two in one day. BOOYAH. Obvs, I know how to party, friends.

    I have a call with my editors this week to learn more about the process and timeline, but what I can say for certain is that, sometime in the foreseeable future, you’ll be able to enter a bookstore and see my fancy ass on a bookshelf, tentatively titled “THE BROKE-ASS BRIDE GUIDE: USING CREATIVITY AS CURRENCY TO ROCK A BAD-ASS WEDDING WITHOUT BREAKING THE BANK.”

    Thank you thank you thank you, to everyone who has ever read this blog, told their friends about this blog, and has supported me throughout the years. Thank you to Meg, Becca, Amber, and everyone at Camp Mighty for helping me believe I could do it. Thank you to Brock for braving death to help me write my proposal. Thank you to Hunter and my family for never losing faith in me. And thank you to Andrew, my agent, for absolutely rocking his job like an ultimate bad-ass from the planet BadAssery.

    I can’t wait to share this journey with you!

    And people, if you have a dream… write it down TODAY. If it could happen for me, it could happen for anyone 🙂

    Can I get a what what?!?!? 🙂

    The Broke-Ass Bride