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I’m decidedly against breaking your budget on wedding cake. There are plenty of ways to save on cake and still have it look and taste great! From the sheet cake/dummy cake swap to finding a pastry student to help, or simply keeping the design simple – wedding cakes can easily be made budget-friendly. Or, maybe you’re like us, and aren’t so attached to the cake tradition and so opt for an alternative dessert.

Usually, I’m also against the notion of people DIYing their own wedding cake. Spells trouble, almost every time. Hey, guess what you don’t really need right around your wedding day? The stress of baking and icing your freaking wedding cake! Unless you’re one of those type A-ers that gets off on the thrill of that kind of thing…. in which case, have at it.

Then I saw this. And my universe expanded. It’s the perfect, affordable, DIY friendly alt-cake, people!

I mean, imagine the possibilities…… (watch out for falling drool!)
Add 1 cup M&Ms per 6 cups rice krispies for fun pops of color and random chocolate bites
Use Cocoa Krispies if you’re cuckoo for chocolate, or if brown is one of your wedding colors.
• Don’t even get me started on how delicious peanut butter is mixed in with your treats; but melt together a dollop of peanut butter into 1.5 cups of chocolate chips and spread it on top…. you’ll die!
• For a very colorful and whimsical cake, Fruity Pebbles would be adorable. Customize your color level by combining Fruity Pebbles with plain Rice Krispies.

Don’t forget, you can substitute your favorite cereal for rice krispies for scrumptiously unexpected results. I use Corn Flakes during the holidays, with green food coloring and red sugar sprinkles, and make treats in the shape of a wreath. Yumaliciously festive!

PLEASE someone make this. (Better yet, have a friend make it for you). Also, invite me to your wedding.

How would you customize your krispy cake?

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