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Photo: spiesteleviv via Flickr Creative Commons

While certainly babies and kids are no clean machines and wedding planning is messy in its very own way, many of life’s messiest moments can come well before your family starts to grow. I mean, college, anyone?

Living on my own, or with a multitude of roommates, often presented itself with many new moments of pure mess – spaghetti sauce explosions during “family meal,” the aftermath of the first spring hikes (through the mud, of course) … and whatever I was left with in the wake of our infamous keggers.

There were times where I was so lucky to have a washer and dryer within the house or apartment I was renting, but for the most part, I could regularly be found whiling away my time at the nearby Laundromat, waiting for the grime from those formidable and fun, but not-so-clean days to dissipate from my clothes. And you guys, Laundromats can be expensive. I mean, that coin adds up, especially when you have to separate your whites, your mostly whites and your darks. Say buh-bye to your dollars as they wash away with your dirty laundry!

I’m partnering with Clorox to help you save some of that hard-earned skrilla by using its new Smart Seek™ Bleach. Rather than having to keep all your mostly white clothes completely quarantined from your all-whites, Clorox® Smart Seek™ Bleach lets them play together in perfectly clean harmony without inflicting any damage. And since you now get to combine the two, that means one less washer gets to feast on your quarters.

Surely you know the pain of pulling perfectly slouchy yet oh-so-cute white T-shirt out of the dryer, only to realize your new skinny jeans haven’t gotten through their initial stage of turning everything blue. What about the sinking feeling of spilling red wine all over your pristine Chucks? With Clorox’s Smart Seek™ Bleach, you can tackle both issues in one load of laundry, saving you time and money, and restoring your fashionable self to your perch above the rest.

Check out Clorox® Smart Seek™ Bleach available nationwide in 55oz and 116oz bottles in Fresh Meadow® and Clean Linen® scents for a retail price of $2.29 (55oz) – $4.29 (116oz) at Target, Safeway, Giant Food, Kroger, Kmart, Harris Teeter, Wal-Mart, Winn-Dixie, Ace Hardware and more. You can visit for additional locations.

*This post was brought to you by our friends at Clorox, but all opinions are that of The Broke-Ass Bride’s.*