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I was chatting with my friend from one of my favorite blogs, Amanda from 100 Layer Cake, at the B-list conference last month, and she must have thought I was a perv because I couldn’t stop staring at her chest! She had on the most beautiful Anthropologie-esque creation, and (aside from wanting to prove that I wasn’t obsessed with her bewbs) I couldn’t resist asking where she got it. When she told me she made it, I begged her to do a guest post sharing her secrets with y’all! So hang onto your socks, and get ready for some serious broke-ass brilliance!

Hi everyone! I’m so happy to be over here at Broke Ass Bride sharing a little project today. My name is Amanda, and I’m one-third of 100 Layer Cake, an idea resource dedicated to anyone planning a super unique wedding or party.

I want to thank Dana for inviting me to share this quick, simple tutorial on my vintage brooch necklace. It’s super easy to make, and would be such a beautiful gift for your bridesmaids (or anyone for that matter!) Here are some photos and details of how to make your own brooch necklace!

Firstly, gather as many neat brooches as you can. The best places are to scour flea markets, estate sales (costume jewelry jackpot!), or thrift stores. A couple of my brooches were my grandma’s, and the others I found at a thrift store for around $3-$5 each. Not bad!  And of course you can browse Ebay for a ‘lot’ of vintage brooches. I found 30 floral cuties for $30 in a recent search I did.

Then buy some rope, cording, grosgrain ribbon or whatever you like, and get crafty with your enclosure. I used a toggle clasp and wrapped a piece of gold wire tightly around the ends of the rope, then through the one of the toggle loops. It holds like a champ! You can find toggle clasps at your local jewelry store, or on Etsy.

You might want to lay out your brooches along the rope beforehand, so you can determine the cutest position and order for each. Then, all you gotta do is start pinning them to the rope. Voila!  You have a cute and inexpensive gift for your ‘maids (or anyone else) that they will oooo and ahhh over!

Happy necklace making!

The Broke-Ass Bride