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Affiliate Disclaimer NewHappy Friday, Broke-Asses! Let’s talk bridesmaids looks this week, shall we? We love our girls — love ’em so much, in fact, that we’ve asked them to stand by our side on our wedding day. Shouldn’t that love also translate into loving their bank accounts — no matter how empty they may be? We think so. Which is why we try v. hard to provide you BABs with tons of options under $100. And why we’re super stoked about one Vow to Be Chic, which is a total dream come true for those of us with Champagne dreams and PBR budgets. Similar to Rent the Runway, but specifically for bridesmaids (and those looking for a dreamy little white dress), Vow to Be Chic carries designer dresses by the likes of  Jenny Yoo, Theia, Donna Morgan and Jim Hjelm (to name a few) available for rent … and largely under $100. Like, you’re literally getting the look for less and aren’t saddling your homies with a spendy frock that they will very likely only wear once. Uh, that’s a huge win-win-win, if you ask us.

How does it work, you ask? Simple:

  • Go to Vow to Be Chic
  • Browse around
  • Select the dresses you dig for your gals (maybe ask their input)
  • Invite them to rent the dresses you’ve picked
  • Keep track of the orders via your dashboard
  • Party
  • Make sure everyone returns the dresses when they’re done.

Pretty simple, right? We thought so.

Here are five looks we’re super digging from Vow to Be Chic:

Lily Dress from Theia available at Vow to Be Chic

Lily by Theia, rent for $95, buy for $495

Phoebe Gown by JY Jenny Yoo, available at Vow to be Chic

Phoebe by JY Jenny Yoo, rent for $80, buy for $230

Union Dress by Joanna August, available at Vow to Be Chic

Union by Joanna August, rent for $95, buy for $225Courtney Gown by Donna Morgan, available at Vow to Be Chic

Courtney by Donna Morgan, rent for $90, buy for $290Ashley Dress by Jim Hjelm, available at Vow to Be Chic

Ashley by Jim Hjelm, rent for $75, buy for $190

What do you think, BABs? Would you make the bridesmaid dress process stupid-simple by renting from Vow to Be Chic? Which look is your favorite?

  • 11/3

     Happy Monday, BABs! I hope your Halloweekend was wonderful and amazing and so wildly full of fun and candy. For today’s Get Inspired styleboard, I thought I’d get a jump on the holiday season and the soon-to-be abundance of greens and reds and holly jolly that will surround us everywhere we go. Jade is a really striking color of green that will pop in photos, but is a little softer in shade than kelly green, making it a little easier for a variety of skin tones to pull off. Taupe as a neutral would look amazing here and there to tone down the high-energy jade, and ivory isn’t as stark as white so it blends well with the other two.

    Jade Ivory Taupe

    Made with PicMonkey

    Top row: Decorative Moss Chandelier, $46.95-$55.95 at | Peaceful and Quiet Votive Candle Holder Set in Sunset, $39.99 at ModCloth | Paper Pennant Banner, $5 at | Ornate Vintage Framed Chalkboard, $55.95 at | Glass Leaf Tea Light Holders, $33.50-$37.22 for set of 8 at

    Middle Row: That’s A Wrap Teal Green Long Sleeve Dress, $49 at Lulu’s | Leyna Gown, $600 $240 at BHLDN | Ethereal Deal Dress, $59.99 at ModCloth | Honora Gown, $1800 $600 at BHLDN | Lavish and Lovely Dress in Jade, $94.99 $65.99 at ModCloth

    Bottom Row: Top of the World Taupe Sequin Maxi Dress, $44 at Lulu’s | Reliably Refined Necklace, $34.99 at ModCloth | Top: Jade Upgrade Heel, $69.99 at ModCloth | Bottom: Architectural Tour Heel in Cement, $69.99 at ModCloth | LULUS Exclusive Bead Me Up Beaded Taupe Dress, $40 at Lulu’s

    What colors would you like to see together? What’s your scheme look like?

  • 9/8

    This past Labor Day weekend marked the one year anniversary of being engaged to my Jersey. He was taken by surprise when I mentioned the milestone, completely in awe of how quickly the time has whizzed past our faces. Even to me, it doesn't seem that long ago that he was still living in New Jersey and I was completely clueless to the fact that…

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    jilly~bean These were the original dresses I picked. For some reason, no one was into them.  I'd like to think that I am a pretty laid-back bride, and don't demand too much from my bridesmaids. I have 6 of them, and the fact that they are all willing to fly to North Carolina to be a part of my wedding is amazing to me. I'm…

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    Photo courtesy of bridesmaiddressaleca Dear Heather, I need to find navy, knee-length, one-shoulder bridesmaid dresses. The catch - under $100 and something that stores carry. My maid of honor lives out of state and wants to try it on before she buys, and I totally agree! I've heard too many horror stories of online dresses not fitting right! Help me, please! Bride Seeking Little Blue…

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    Oh, the bridesmaids dresses. That oft-contentious detail that can turn even your most loving, caring homie into a whiny, complaining party pooper. It can be so hard to choose the right color, fit, style, fabric, etc., to appease all your lovely ladies. But don't you fret, Broke-Asses, because longtime BAB cohort For Her and For Him is back with even more options to help you…

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    Finding sweet yet simple bridesmaid dresses that aren't total budget-killers is hard, y'all. As a bonafide member of Team Broke-Ass, you want to make sure your girls aren't getting stuck with those high price tags that are often found at traditional bridal shops and salons. Have no fear, UltimateOutlet is here. Their uber on-trend dresses can be snagged for as much as 70% percent off and…

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    OMG!  Did you hear?  Jesse G.'s got a crush!  It's totally tragic because her crush is utterly unattainable!  As in, no longer on the market. (Single tear...) Here's what Jesse confided in us: "I need some of your CAI/GOI magic. In this case though it's not so much can't afford it as just can't have it. I've got my heart set on black and white print…

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    This was a really fun request! I'm searching for bridesmaids dresses that feel "dressy" but not "evening." I have three bridesmaids with pretty unique personal styles, and the challenge of trying to put together a fancy, formal morning wedding and brunch reception.  There will be dancing, there will be a big white shiny gown for me, there will be mimosas.  The colors I'm working with a…

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