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As you ladies know, our very own Dana LaRue is currently in the process of writing her EPIC book, tentatively titled The Broke-Ass Bride Guide – a major component of this book will be a dozen or so sample budgets from REAL weddings all over the US. We’ve featured a wide range of weddings in the last few years, and we always love to show you how those couples spent their precious wedding dollars. Unfortunately, being the uber laid back BABs that we are, this hasn’t been an exact science. We’re reaching out to several of our formerly featured brides and grooms to fill in the gaps, but as some of these features were completed 2 years ago, we could really use some fresh uh, wedding meat.

So we’re issuing a shout-out to our readers who have recently wed (or are insanely Type A, and have 8 different wedding spreadsheets to prove it.) Where did you spend your money? Where did you save? If you can itemize what you spent (or why you spent nothing) on the following:


Location (City, State):

Guest Count:












Hair and make-up:

Wedding bands:

Bridal party: (gifts, or whatever items for the bridal party that were comped by you, or whoever was paying for your wedding.)






We’re not just looking for numbers – we wanna know why you splurged or how you saved, and we wanna hear all about how you spent your hard-earned dollars! If you’re looking at this list and thinking “Oh, we totes skipped on X, Y, and Z” – we STILL wanna hear from you! Please note: we’re looking for brides (and/or grooms) who have already tied the knot. We know there’s like a million of you who are DYING to share your budget deets – but until you’ve crossed that finish line, and waddled down that aisle in the big white dress, you can’t give us the final calculations just yet. TRUST. (Shout-out within a shout-out: we’d also LOVE to have at least one gay or lesbian couple in there! REPRESENT!) Send your breakdowns, in the format outlined above (with plenty of notes) to ME at! Please get your breakdowns in by THIS Friday, Dec. 14th!