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Formal dinnerware is something broke-ass brides  like us sometimes leave off the wedding registry, but over the Thanksgiving holiday I was quietly reminded why wedding china is AWESOME – my mother has been serving up her holiday feasts (pulled straight from the pages of Southern Living) on her 1980’s wedding china for as long as I can remember. And then I took a gander at some of the beautiful and uber-modern china patterns from Noritake

Whether you love classic, simple lines, or contemporary flourishes – there’s something for every bride at Noritake – even the type of bride that doesn’t consider herself to be the fancy-china-owning-type. For instance, check out this incredibly lovely Bone China “Alana Platinum” pattern – with its light platinum band of tiny starbursts around the edges. STUNNING.

It’s hard to imagine right now, when you’re holding on to those little dollar bills as tightly as you possibly can, a time in the future when you might be able to relax and enjoy a sumptuous holiday meal served on beautiful bone china plates, and not stress over the cost of the food or the worth of your tableware, but would you believe us if we tell you it’s coming? And you’ll want to be prepared.

Budget-savvy brides, take note!  Noritake is offering BAB readers an exclusive 10% discount on any products on their site – simply enter the code BABblog at checkout!

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    Many modern couples opt out of registering for basics like dinnerware for the simple reason that they already have some. HUGE MISTAKE. While owning a complete set of beautiful wedding china can be a tad intimidating, there’s no reason you should deprive yourself of a gorgeous new set of Noritake tableware – it’s sturdy enough for everyday use, but fashionable enough to bust out whenever you entertain! Do your old plates and saucers look as modern and stylish as Noritake’s “Colorwave” line? This beautiful, earthy collection of stoneware comes in a gorgeous palette of contemporary hues, and it’s available in coupe, rim and square!
    I’m guessing that whether you co-habitate with your fiance or no, what you currently have in your cupboard is a hodge podge of secondhand dishes and plasticware you’ve had since college. There’s probably a few with chipped edges that you haven’t even bothered to throw out yet, because hey, they’re still perfectly functional, right? Totally! You know who won’t judge you for serving them food on a chipped plate? YOUR DOG. While that’s just fine for Fluffykins (that’s his name, right?), your best friends WILL notice.
    Wouldn’t you rather hear them freak out over your beautiful new set of lustrous, colorful dishes from the “Kealia” collection? These lovely, two-toned pieces will give your simple dinette set a serious upgrade.
    So why not bite the bullet and let Uncle Max buy you tableware service for four? OR let four different guests buy you a single place setting! Noritake’s ceramic stoneware is dishwasher, microwave, AND oven safe! But more importantly, it’s an affordable and elegant solution to all of your dinnerware needs!
    WOOT! Noritake is offering BAB readers an exclusive 10% discount on any products on their site – simply enter the code BABblog at checkout!