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The time has finally come to see Real Bride Amy’s intimate Chittendon, Vt., wedding. Amy and Rick escaped to a gorgeous lakeside lodge with a few of their nearest and dearest to tie the knot. They did away with all the extras and prioritized their dollars on what made sense for them — the true broke-ass way. Boucher Visuals did a wonderful job of capturing the love and details from their big day.
Amy and Rick's Chittendon, VT Wedding | Lakeside Portrait || Boucher VisualsName: Amy & Rick

Occupation: Public Health Professional

Wedding location: Chittenden, VT

Wedding Date: September 25, 2016

Budget: $10,000

Number of Guests: 15

How would you describe your wedding (civil? Traditions? Write your own vows? Etc.): Simple. No frills. Just the important stuff.

Amy and Rick's Chittendon, VT Wedding | Ring Shot || Boucher Visuals

Amy and Rick's Chittendon, VT Wedding | Venue View || Boucher Visuals

What was your favorite part of your wedding? When the ceremony was over, we walked to the car and had a few minutes before we went to join our guests. It was nice to have a few minutes to breath and just be together in the midst of a hectic day.

Amy and Rick's Chittendon, VT Wedding | Couple Portrait || Boucher Visuals
What did you splurge on?
Photography! This was my #1 priority so it was worth it. I also unintentionally splurged on my dress, but I found one I loved and just went with it.  

What did you save on? We kept it small and did not do a full reception, which saved us on food, flowers and decor.

Amy and Rick's Chittendon, VT Wedding | Cake || Boucher VisualsWas there anything you would have done differently, in retrospect? I would have savored the day more. It all went by so fast!  

What was your biggest challenge in planning? Making decisions about what I wanted to do, while trying to consider everyone else’s wishes.

Amy and Rick's Chittendon, VT Wedding | Reception Dinner || Boucher Visuals

Amy and Rick's Chittendon, VT Wedding | Bridal Bouquet|| Boucher VisualsWhat lessons did you learn from planning or from the wedding itself? Although it’s a special day, it really is only just a day, and real life starts again right after, so don’t stress about it too much!

What were your top 5 favorite things about your wedding?

Our pictures.

My dress.

The cake.

My bouquet.

Sharing it with our closest family and friends.

Amy and Rick's Chittendon, VT Wedding | Bridal Accessories || Boucher Visuals

Amy and Rick's Chittendon, VT Wedding | Shoes || Boucher Visuals

Amy and Rick's Chittendon, VT Wedding | Dress Shot || Boucher VisualsTop 5 least favorite?

Choosing vendors.

Getting ready the morning of the ceremony. Stressful!

The money. Seeing the bank balance dwindle away was hard.

Pinterest pressure. DIY is not always worth it.

How fast it all went by.

Amy and Rick's Chittendon, VT Wedding | Cake Cutting || Boucher Visuals

Amy and Rick's Chittendon, VT Wedding | Cake Smash || Boucher VisualsWhat was the worst piece of wedding advice you received? Everyone had their own story about what they did at their own wedding that they of course thought was best, “you should use this vendor,” etc.  They meant well, of course, but each wedding and each couple is unique. Weddings are not one size fits all, and you have to do what is best for the two of you.

The best? Go with your gut. Don’t get swayed, but what your friend did or the popular social media trends, or what your mother thinks you should do. Do whatever will make you look back on your day and smile.

Amy and Rick's Chittendon, VT Wedding | Portrait with Dogs || Boucher VisualsAny other bits of wisdom? I can see the value in hiring at least a day-of coordinator. We didn’t, but much of the week before was spent trying to coordinate with vendors about schedules and payments, and that day I was worried about where everyone was going and when, and we were running around the envelopes trying to be sure everyone got paid. It would have been nice to know that was being handled so I could have focused more attention on my guests.

Budget breakdown?

Save the Dates and Invitations: $500

Venue and food: $1,000

Accommodations: $1,000

Cake: $100

Bouquet and boutonniere: $125

Dress and alterations: $3,000

Groom’s suit: $400

Photography: $3,000

Hair & Makeup: Free! I did my own makeup and my friend did my hair.

Officiant: $400

Total: $9,525


Venue: Mountaintop Inn & Resort 

Photography: Boucher Visuals

Cake: Trillium Fine Desserts

Dress: True North Bridal  Designer: Rebecca Schoneveld 

Custom Save the Dates & Invitations: Written in Detail 

Amy and Rick's Chittendon, VT Wedding | Ceremony Exit || Boucher Visuals

Congratulations, Amy and Rick!


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    Winter may be nearing an end, but it’s still fairly frigid through much of the US. Austrian photographer Karin Ahamer schemed up this gorgeous, intimate sparkly shoot that brings a whole new beauty to even a dreary snowless winter. Using items found, thrifted or bought for very little money, this styled shoot epitomizes the BAB idea living up to your wedding vision on the budget you have by thinking creatively. Here’s what Karin has to say:

    Hair and MakeupThe inspiration for this shoot came from our own love for blue tones – especially Tiffany blue – and the beauty of all things sparkly.  Winter can be bleak at times, missing colours and sunlight – but it is also full of beauty, strength and the perfect time to enjoy the company of loved ones. We wanted to show potential brides that getting married during the winter can be beautiful, even if there is no snow and no blooming flowers on the ground.



     It is a simple concept that conveys beauty, romance and the love for nature, all in one. Various shades of blue — the colour of harmony, faithfulness and infinity — combined with sparkles and silvery elements symbolize elegance and sophistication.  And lets be honest, what bride doesn’t love a little bit of sparkle on her special day? 



    The bride’s look sparkles with Swarovski crystals set around the eyes and glistening blue branches in her hair. The beautiful secondhand, vintage dress was only $100 and is perfectly rounded out with a gorgeous blue chiffon shawl. The complementing dark blue shoes with crystal elements were bought at a discount shoe store for only $30. And would the exquisite earrings are handmade and still will only set you back by around $40 – $80!




    The groom wears his own slim-cut blue suit and suede shoes, with only the blue shirt as a new purchase for the wedding day – still a very handsome and perfect match.


    Flowers and Champagne

    The wedding ceremony is being held at a beautiful open field near the woods – just have a look around your area where you live, you might be able to find an area where you are allowed to hold your reception or maybe a friend or relative has a big back yard you can use.



    The table is set on a big granite stone, beautifully decorated with a gleaming blue tablecloth made from the same inexpensive blue chiffon we used for the bride’s shawl. Set with white dishes and silverware from our own home, and precious crystals and silvery-white fir cones that we dug out from our Christmas decoration Box. Soft candles and rustic lanterns, set along the pathway to their wedding ceremony, emphasize that usually hard and edgy colours and materials can indeed be romantic.



    All decorative elements were either sought out from inexpensive stores like IKEA, collected during walks through the woods, borrowed from friends and family or dug out from our own collections.




    The only splurge was the contemporary white wedding cake that thrones majestically over the table setting.  Beautifully tied blue ribbons bring a little bit of romance and the clear-cut and airy decoration completed with the stylish stationery in its various shades of blue and its silver crystal elements.


    Wish Tags


    And whilst the newlywed couple enjoys a few loving moments alone, guests can write their wishes  on the Wish Cards are fluttering from the perch of the nearby lodge.

    Photography: Karin Ahamer

    Decoration: Raphaela Ramler

    Hair & MakeUp: Alexandra Condopoulos

    Stationery: Cordula Weißensteiner

    Wedding Cake: Christina Krug

    Accessories: Yerida Göschlberger 

    Models: Lily & Christian

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    In keeping with my fruity wedding inspiration themes, this week's color blueberries. I can't even tell you how much I love blueberries, and furthermore, how much I LOOOOVE the color blue during the summa-time! Or rather, turquoise. The combination of turquoise and gold makes me heart flutter. I bought two new pieces of jewelry this week and later on noticed that they both happen…

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