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Alright grooms, step aside — this one’s for the Best Man.

The day of the wedding is a big day for your bestie, so make sure something small doesn’t fuck it all up. He’ll thank you for life if you take all the right measures and plan it out properly. Trust me, I’ve been in a lot of weddings and you’d be amazed the things people forget. Can you imagine forgetting socks? SOCKS! Yes, I’ve had to send a groomsman to Target for socks. And you know what? They still talk about it.

Below is a list of eight things you should be sure you bring for your groom:

Etsy Coldfeet Socks Groom : Best Man SocksVia Etsy seller ColdFeetSocks

Extra pair of socks: Do I need to retell the story?
Pins: This is for boutonnieres. I swear every wedding I go to they run out of pins for some reason.
Etsy BeadsForYourJewelry Corsage PinsVia Etsy seller BeadsforyourJewelry

Know how to tie a tie and bowtie: Be a goddamn adult already! Know how to tie a tie and a bowtie. Any guys wearing a pocket square? We got you covered on that one.

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Handkerchief: For all the, ahem, allergies. Tissues are fine, but a handkerchief is baller as fuck.
FOOD: Make sure he eats! Cater something, bring granola bars, whatever.
Mints: I mean, duh.
ernest alexander dopp kit
Dopp Kit: This has all your grooming basics, like shaving items, face wash, a comb, etc. It’s always good to have an extra set of toiletries — someone’s bound to forget something. I really like this one from Ernest Alexander.
The ring: FOR GOD-FUCKING-SAKE don’t forget the ring.

Also, if the groom is a drinker, try to keep him from drinking a shit-ton the night before. If he is, you should just bring some Gatorade and a giant jug of water. Just sayin’.

Anything you recommend to prepare groomsmen for wedding day? Any horror stories you have to share? Tell us in the comments (we love hearing ‘em).

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    This is for all the best homies out there (and could easily apply to you maids of awesome or anyone else in a posish of honor / being handed the mic at a wedding). Because giving speeches isn’t always easy, especially if you’re not really sure how to do the whole “Knock ’em dead because that’s what the Best Man does” deal. But remember: Be yourself, because yourself is who the bride / groom chose for this awesome job on their wedding day, so your speech should echo that. Hope this helps!

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    What about you, BABs? Do you have a foolproof way to prepare and get through a speech? Tell us in the comments below!

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