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Hello, beach babes. This post is all about one of the most temperate beaches in the U.S., Myrtle Beach. It’s a great honeymoon destination because of all the amusements, parks, entertainment and dreamy sunsets. It’s also a great place for the low-cost honeymoon, since there are so many things to do under a tight budget.

Alright, fellas. You’ve got the itinerary, events are booked and now you’re just left daydreaming at the office, counting down the days until you get to smell the salt in the air. There’s only one thing left: What to pack. Below are a few items we recommend adding to your suitcase to make sure you’re prepared.

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It’s always a good idea to check the weather in advance, in case you need to get an umbrella or a good sunscreen when you arrive.

Do you have any awesome Myrtle Beach memories to share? Any recommendations? Share in the comments below or on Instagram with #brokeassbride!

  • 11/2

    Sunset on our Florida Keys Honeymoon

    Katie here, back from our grand Florida Keys adventure!

    While there are a lot of pros and cons either way, I am *so* glad that we decided to take our honeymoon right after the wedding. We had a day to say goodbye to friends and family, and then jetted off on Monday morning. I highly recommend that gap day, if your travel plans allow for it. We also came back on Saturday, so we had that Sunday as a gap day as well.

    We flew into Ft. Lauderdale and picked up our car for the week — a fancy Camaro convertible! We would later find out that this marked us very clearly as tourists, but we didn’t care. The car was too cool!  A Camaro to Cruise Around the Florida Keys
    The week was full of snorkeling and sunshine, and all the amazing animals of the Keys.

    Andy Snorkeling in the Florida Keys

    A Florida Keys Snorkeling Discovery
    We saw these right off our very own dock!  A Florida Keys Snorkeling Discovery
    A Florida Keys Snorkeling Discovery

    A Florida Keys Snorkeling Discovery
    Our adventure in paradise was lovely, but we apparently couldn’t go home without a story to tell.   Every Good Honeymoon Deserves a Good Story
    Yep. He’s not lying. We shut the boat we borrowed from my husband’s uncle off to float along with some dolphins. One got within 10 feet of the boat! It was amazing, and I was near tears.

    Shortly thereafter, disaster struck. The boat stopped running and we couldn’t get it to start back up! Andrew knew he had to stay calm so I wouldn’t panic, and he did a really good job. We were without phones (dumb) or radio (dumber, but we didn’t realize that the antenna had been cut off the one in the boat. We just assumed it worked!), but fortunately we were able to flag the coast guard down, and they towed us to shore.

    Theater of the Sea Honeymoon Adventure

    We ended our trip with a leisurely drive back out to Ft. Lauderdale, and flew home the next day. Now, we’re working on getting back into the rhythm of life with no wedding to plan.

    Back to RealityWe love vacation, and we loved our wedding, but it feels good to be home and back to normal!

    Did you have any memorable adventures on your honeymoon? Where did you go? Share in the comments below!