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Yep, BABs, it’s that time. It’s when we begin to see red and green and mistletoe infiltrate our every being. Our ears start tingling with that all-too familiar chorus of carols and everyone pretends to be jolly while they’re secretly uber stressed about what to get for whom and where does one get such a thing, anyway? Welp, as per usual, I’m here to help.

We’re going to kick of our holiday gift guide series with one of two guides featuring Quirky (stay tuned for the second one in the coming weeks!), purveyor of super fun and awesome things. Quirky recently sent me their Mocubo cutting board (which I’ve posted about before because it’s the neatest, and is featured below) and then I got lost in the awesome that is their website. Keep in mind, brides, that these can also be added to your wedding registry!

So, here we go, with some amazing gifts for the Kitchenistas — er, cooks and hosts — in your life, all under $40!

Gifts for the Cook and Host from Quirky

Clockwise from Top Left: Nibble, $12.99 This nonstick cake pan has a mini cake pan built in so you can, you know, make sure your deliciousness is coming out right (read: indulge without screwing up your cake). | Mocubo, $39.99 Oh. Freaking. Man. I’m not really sure who loves this more — myself or my guy, who gets saddled with the dishes after one of my cooking frenzies. It minimizes counter clutter, organizes my prep shiz and is one solid cutting board. I love it so. | Vine, $2.99 – Vine would make a rad stocking stuffer, but aside from that LOOKIT HOW BRILLIANT. Sure, you may not keep wine chilling en masse in your fridge all of the time, but certainly it’s a possibility during the holidays, and that happens to be the time when fridge organization is of the utmost importance. Vine helps keep those bottles (and their very precious contents) from rolling all over the place. | Grill Wrangler, $29.99 It’s a spatula! It’s a fork! It’s tongs! It’s significantly less utensils to wash after a great grill sesh! All-in-one tools are the best.

What sort of gift guides would you guys like to see? We have plenty of time for the holidays, so tell me who you’re shopping for, and I’ll help you find something rad!

  • 8/27

    We’re big into food here at The Broke-Ass Bride. If you follow Dana’s other blog, LaRueBlog, then you’ve seen the slew of Korean food she’s been cooking up. And myself? Well, I cook every night — but some nights that “cooking” is just mac & cheese. Most nights, however, I try to get a little creative and a lot delicious. And that usually involves a mess. Because, let’s be real.

    And there are few things that inspire Hulk-like rage in this girl than grease stains on a favorite T-shirt or spaghetti splatter on … well … anything. While I’ve totally mastered the art of getting such stains out of clothes, it’s so much easier for me to not have to deal with it in the first place. Which is why I’m stoked to have a mini-arsenal of aprons.

    Winning Wednesday Get Frisky in the Kitchen with an Apron from Flirty Aprons

    Plus, they’re cute as hell. I have the aqua damask style and the yellow chevron style from Flirty Aprons, and they’re actually the cutest. I get a funny little boost every time I slip one on for some heavy-duty grub-makin‘, and I know that handsome guy I love thinks they’re pretty adorbz. And there’s definitely something a little alluring about channeling June Cleaver for a day.

    But you should probz just see for yourself, and enter to win your Flirty Apron of choice! From polka dots to chevron to cupcakes to country floral, there are a huge range of styles and patterns to choose from. All the aprons have long ties to form into a fancy bow if you so desire, and the oh-so-necessary pockets to hold your phone/recipe card/whatever.

    As per usual, each task in the widget below equals one entry. The more tasks completed = more entries earned = better chances of winning. And don’t forget to tell us which style you like best in the comments! Good luck, darlings!
    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Oh, and darlings, don’t fret if you don’t win … or better yet, go ahead an get one for your girls! Use BAB50 to score 50% off at checkout! Good until 9/3.

  • 4/2

    Oh, the registry. Definitely one of the more fun aspects of wedding planning, because you get to think about your space and your life and how you want to live it. And with all the harmful, nasty-ass shizz out in the world, why not let your home be a sanctuary of sorts? Here are 15 fabulous BPA-free items that are perfect for any registry and…

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    Yo, Broke-Asses! You hungry for more of The Broke-Ass Bride's 2013 Budget Gift Guide? Well, good, because I'm here to fill you up with fun foodie finds all for under $50. Got a buddy who loves baking? A cousin who can cook up a storm? Then feast your eyes on these delicious gifts that will be sure to satiate the culinary crusader in your life:…

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    It's like a donut and a croissant are having raunchy, sloppy sex in your mouth. Need I say more? OK.  Well, to be more specific, it's a donut-shaped, deep fried croissant; oftentimes filled with flavored crème; and/or rolled in sugar; and/or topped with glaze. Is your mouth watering yet? If you're late to the game on the nationwide Cronut craze, let me briefly enlighten you.…

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    Today we've got an especially tasty treat for our BABs today - our guest blogger Lauryn Cohen from Bella Baker has provided us with her signature pie pop recipe! What could possibly bowl over your wedding guests better than pie pops?! Lauryn vends made-to-order sweets, wedding cakes, and wedding treats to the good people of NYC and beyond! (We STRONGLY encourage our NYC  BABs to…

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