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A lot of pre-wedding activities like the bridal shower or bachelorette had to be organized remotely or during short trips home because, (as I’ve mentioned in previous posts), due to a recent move, Ev and I live pretty far away from most of our family and friends. Three out of four of my bridesmaids, as well as my bridesman, don’t live near me. I found myself stumped as to how I might manage a bridal shower, bachelorette party AND a wedding with everyone involved without us spending all of our money on place tickets.

So, I decided to drop one of them.

I was insistent on a bachelorette party.

I am a bit of a goofball and I knew a night of getting silly would be the perfect remedy for pre-wedding stress. Because everyone is planning on coming in to town a few days before the wedding, I planned it for the Wednesday before. I know this might seem like a bit of a bad idea, but I have a game plan.

I firmly indicated to my girls that while I do indulge in a few libations, I’m not trying to have a three-day hangover, and they respect that. I assigned my girl K to plan the it and know she’s good for keeping the party fun within reason. I asked her to surprise me, within a few parameters: I have requested that it involve playing Mario Kart, doing some king of team-building exercise such a laser tag (but not anything that will send me home covered in bruises, such as paintball), and that we go for drinks at a pub that has good beer.

Finally, I requested requested that we keep the activities affordable for everyone, naturally, because I’m broke-ass. She agreed and promised that I’m going to love it. Knowing her, that I will probably end up in one of those giant inflatable T-Rex costumes by the end of the night. I promise I’ll post pictures.

bridal shower costumeInflatable T-Rex Costume, $51.99 from Amazon

After getting that set up, I realized that having a bridal shower probably wasn’t in the cards. Everyone had already used up vacation time and spent money to come to the wedding, I didn’t want to ask them to do it again for my shower. I also didn’t want to try to cram that in also during the week before the wedding. Doing that, plus the everything else, would just be way too much. In the end, I wasn’t nearly as excited about it as the other things.

So, I chose to opt out.

Nobody was terribly fussed about it. I didn’t expect it, but a few of my bridesmaids and female family members chose to give me small shower gifts at times when we got together. That, honestly, was a pretty nice alternative. I was able to accept the gift in a manner that wasn’t rushed, and then got to spend quality time with the person. So, for my individual situation, that was the best way it could have worked out. There’s perks to being broke-ass!

Next time I post, I will be a married woman! See you then!


  • 4/27

    I don’t want to skip any steps on my engaged journey. All of the celebrations, the special moments and opportunities to connect with loved ones are a part of my experience. However, I know those moments can be costly, so although not super-involved in the planning of my bachelorette party, I wanted to ensure that it did not break the bank. 

    I shared with my Matron of Honor three must-haves to ensure that the celebration was memorable and cost efficient:

    Extended travel was not super important for me. 

    I knew I wanted to get away from my normal surroundings but it wasn’t necessary to go out of the country or even in a cross country trip. We traveled two hours from home, bonded on the road trip and my MOH secured an amazing rental home with more than enough space for all seven of us. Not to mention we were at the top of the mountain and the scenic view was amazing!

    I wanted to “rage” without clubbing.

    I am a wine drinker so my idea of a good time includes a corkscrew and a carafe. Each of the bridesmaids brought two bottles of their favorite wine (with no price restrictions) for a fun night of wine tasting — yes, please sign me up! Icing on the cake: Our meals were fantastic and the quality exceeded the cost. Oh and I can’t forget the pop-up dance parties in the car. Rage on.

    I had a blast! Photo Credit: Candace Banks

    I wanted to do something a little unusual.

    I’ve read so many articles about what you are supposed for your bachelorette party. Everything from strippers to scavenger hunts! Though all fun activities, I just knew they really weren’t for me. I’m a Pure Barre fanatic, so rather than pour a lot of money into paying for things that were “traditional,”  I wanted to do one of my favorite things to do with my favorite people. My Matron of Honor planned a Barre-ty for us and we had the entire studio to ourselves! After our 55 minutes of mind-body connection, we raised a cup of rose and toasted to all of the positive vibes from “embracing the shake!”

    Pure Barre-ty with my “I Do Crew” Photo Credit: Bri Pennie

    It was 72 hours of bliss with my bridesmaids!

    How are you celebrating your last fling before the ring?

  • 6/16

    Is it Saturday yet? How about now? You guys, my wedding is THIS WEEK. Like, when someone asks “So, any fun plans this weekend?” I can say “Yeah, I’m GETTING MARRIED on Saturday.” As one does. Oddly enough, I’ve had countless people tell me how miserable this week is going to be: “Oh wow, congratulations! Get ready for the worst week of your life!” Ummm,…

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    Ready for your weekly roundup of sales and deals? Dig in, BABs! 1. Ready to announce your wedding date? Wedding Paper Divas is taking up to 20% off Save the Date orders with code DATEJAN20. The simple, bold design of the Deep Romance save the date is totally gorgeous. 2. Fab is having a rare flash sale, with 30% off furniture until tomorrow. 3. Need some…

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    My bridal party, knowing my love of debauchery and penny slots, planned an incredible bachelorette party weekend in Las Vegas. I survived one day. ONE. But I am here to tell you the good, bad, and ugly of said party weekend. THE GOOD: Free flights. WHA? Yea, a BAB dream come true. My MOH's dad accumulates billions of frequent flier milers for business travel and…

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    Let's face it, ladies: One of the most fun parts about the lead-up to your wedding day is your hen (or bachelorette) party. Your last big hoorah with your crew before you tie the knot. Your liver will be tested, your dancing skillz will show up in all their glory and there will be some things that will never again be spoken of. Because the…

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