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I mentioned a while ago that we planned to use fake flowers when it came time for bouquets, bouts, corsages and decor. So that’s what we did. Other than my bouquet, every other piece of flowery goodness was made with artificial flowers, and we were insanely happy with how they all turned out.

We had two separate seating areas since dinner was outdoors, and dancing and partying were in the barn. Because of that, we wanted to do two different centerpieces. Outside, we had three long rows of tables, which we covered in pink linens with cream doily runners and 30 centerpieces made with flowers and carousel horses.

Rachel's outdoor dinner tablescape

Rachel's carousel horse centerpieces

My mom found the bases on clearance and spray painted them aqua. She made all of the flower arrangements, including really cute fabric flowers with buttons in the center. The carousel horses were an eBay find, and while I don’t know the exact price, they weren’t super expensive. Once they were all put together, I was obsessed. They went perfectly with the linens, mismatched china and doilies. We also put boxes of Cracker Jacks and jars of gumballs out, too. My sister-in-law and bridesmaid, Rachel, hand-folded all of the napkins into pinwheels because she is the best ever, and we used homemade cream cheese mints as the centers. I made the actual batter (dough? I really don’t know what it is, lol), but my mom, SIL and a couple of other really awesome helpers made them into edible treats.

Real Bride Rachel's table settings

Listen, it was windy. Though not exactly how you set a table, the fork made sure those legit napkins didn’t blow away. After all the work of folding them, that would have been a travesty.

Inside the barn was our party area, so we decided to go with fun, whimsical centerpieces for the eight round tables we set up. We took some of the best parts of a carnival and rolled them all into one fun arrangement.

Rachel's centerpieces inside her venue

Rachel's centerpieces inside her barn venue

Icees? Popcorn? Rock candy? Lollipops? Cotton candy? Check. My mom made all of it — from the fake candy to the fabric suckers to the paper pinwheels. I mean, she didn’t go all Ghost on me and make the pots on a pottery wheel, but she did paint them. The little white LED lights were a great addition, too. We used cream linens for the tables, and we put peanuts out for everyone to munch on. Random aside, but my grandma was a HUGE fan. She was snacking all night. The centerpieces were the perfect fit.

Our bridesmaid bouquets were one of my favorite parts of them entire wedding. I LOVE them. They were one of the first things my mom and I brainstormed about back when Russel and I picked our colors and theme. It was hard to articulate what I wanted, because I really didn’t even know. I wanted different shades of pink, and I like roses, succulents, peonies and ranunculus. Aqua flowers aren’t a thing, so we knew that would have to come in in the ribbon. I remember seeing the first prototype and thinking, “Oh lord, this might not work.” But as always, my mom came through.

Bridesmaid bouquets made with artificial flowers

Rachel's artificial flower bridesmaid bouquets

They were so light and airy, and I loved all of the little pops of pink. We used aqua ribbon and finished them off with one little doily around the stems. I honestly have no idea how much they ended up costing, but I can tell you it was a fraction of what real flowers would have been.

The boutonnieres were single pink roses with aqua and white flags and aqua ribbon. I wish I had a close up, because they were super cute.

Rachel's artificial bridesmaid bouquet and bouttonierres

The bouts for the dads, grandpas, officiant and reader (AKA my brothers) were just simple pink flowers. The corsages for the special ladies in our lives were made with the same flowers as the bouquets. We also had some random floral arrangements throughout the fairgrounds as well. There were two large pieces attached to the gates as you walked in that had our initials in the center, plus arrangements on the guestbook table, cake table, etc. For a gal who can take or leave flowers in normal, every day life, we ended up having a lot of beautiful floral-y goodness all over the place.

If we had tried to make everything with fresh flowers, it would have cost us a fortune, and then we would have been out there the next day throwing them in the trash alongside bottles and peanut shells. How depressing. I’d rather sell them to a fellow Broke-Ass Bride and help her have a beautiful wedding while also putting some cash in our pockets, so that’s what we’re doing. We’ve already sold a few things, and are hoping to offload the rest in the next couple months. You never know, I may end up at one of those resale bridal shows I attended last year. We shall see!


All photos by Jenni Bella Photography


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    Affiliate Disclaimer NewDon’t buy them. Brilliant advice, right? Lol, or not. Obviously it’s possible to have a wedding sans flowers, but I can’t think of many brides who go with that option. I am not a flower lover in general (they cost money and then they die … so just buy me something else), but even I have always known that they would be included in my big day. I’ve also always known that my nuptials would be a Broke-Ass Affair, and that my budget would never allow for hundreds (or thousands!) of dollars in bouquets and floral arrangements. So what’s a gal to do? I meant it — don’t buy real flowers.

    Other than my bouquet and the matching boutonniere, all of the flowers at our wedding will be fake. Honestly, I really considered going the artificial route on all of it, but some part of me wanted the real deal for when I walk down the aisle. Our florist threw Russel’s bout in for free, so yay for that. I know some people will turn their noses up at fake flowers, but I’ve never been that person. I saw what my mom could do with them when my brother got married nine years ago, and I have no doubt that our bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages and centerpieces will turn out fabulous.

    Fake Flowers On Display

    There she is in the pink dress, under one of her creations. P.S.: Forgive the terrible photo quality from 2007.

    We’re not making anything quite that big, but there will be about 36 homemade centerpieces, seven bridesmaid bouquets and seven boutonnieres. Did I mention we have a large wedding party? No? Well, we have a large wedding party. I honestly don’t even know how many corsages or other miscellaneous items we’ll end up making in addition. So yeah. Knowing that my bridal bouquet and one boutonniere is costing us over $100, I could only imagine what real flowers would cost us. Not worth it!

    This means that my mom is drowning in a sea of Real Touch Flowers, which she is happy to remind me of quite often. That’s what spare bedrooms are for, right?

    Real Bride Rachel's sea of fake flowers

    I seriously cannot thank her enough for buying, storing and making all things floral for our wedding. I know it’s going to save us a TON of money, and we will still get the beautiful, traditional feel that pretty flowers add to a space or event. If you haven’t checked out the quality of artificial flowers that are out there, do it! I think a lot of people are surprised when they see how realistic and beautiful some of them are. You’ll save yourself lots of money, and the beautiful things you create won’t die on you … bonus!

    Have you decided to forego flowers? What are you using instead?