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Affiliate Disclaimer NewAs if it even needs mentioning, we’re suckers for some yummy food and delish beverages. I mean, #duh, right? Natch, we like to spread the wealth and share our fave goodies with our friends, family and even wedding guests (we’ve been known to espouse the concept that favors should be skipped unless they can be eaten or drank). So, for this Five for Friday, we’re sharing five of our fave food and drink related gift ideas — perfect for your wedding brigade, your spouse-to-be, parents in-law or even as favors for your guests!

Dark Chocolate Bourbon Sauce from Matthews 1812 House

Dark Chocolate Bourbon Sauce, $14.50 for 9 oz. jar from Matthews 1812 House

Guys, can we just agree to frost every cake for the rest of forever with this stuff? Chocolate + bourbon + sauce = forever love, amirite? Oh, chocolate not your jam? How about caramel bourbon sauce? Yeah, I didn’t think you’d be offended. Give this to your bourbon-loving best lady or your dad with the sweet tooth and revel in the thank-yous for the rest of forever.

 Snake River Farms American Wagyu Steak Flight

American Wagyu Steak Flight, $169 from Snake River Farms

I’m a huge fan of good steak, and growing up in the northwest has given me a solid taste for high quality USDA prime cut beef product. Snake River Farms ranks way high with me (go ahead, drool over my Instagrams). This steak flight consisting of two of each American Wagyu Filet Mignon, American Wagyu Sirloin Filet and American Waygu Ribeye Filet plus Espresso Brava Salt, a Snake River Farms hat and a cooking guide all come in a neatly packaged gift box. Perfect for any ardent meat lovers — whether that’s dad, future hubs or the culinary queen in your crew.

Mouth Rose Colored Glasses Taster

Rosè-Colored Glasses Taster, $86 from Mouth

For the rosè lover in your crew (there’s always one), this taster gift set is the perfect way to pop the cork and celebrate your friendship! With a bottle each of Matthiasson Rosé from Napa, Billsboro Rosé of Pinot Noir made in the Finger Lakes of New York and Pom Pomme sparkling cider by Descendant Cider Company in Queens and four stemless wine glasses, there’s no excuse not to be party-ready. Everything’s coming up rosè!

Dylan's Candy Bar Belgain Chocolage Covered Indulgence

Belgian Chocolate Covered Indulgence, $80 from Dylan’s Candy Bar

Whether it’s a late-night indulgence for your crew after partying hard with you or a little somethin’-somethin’ for your sweet-tooth-totin’ mother-in-law, it’s hard to go wrong with chocolate. The Belgian Chocolate Covered Indulgence gift set comes packed with eight gourmet Oreos dipped in chocolate and candies, four chocolate dipped gourmet brownies, four chocolate dipped pretzel sticks and six gourmet chocolate dipped graham crackers. Go on, give a little.

Carry On Cocktail Kit in Old Fashioned from Amazon

Carry On Cocktail Kit in Old Fashioned, $15.99 from Amazon

Traveling these days can be a little hectic and far from luxurious, and if your crew is coming from afar for your nuptials, you might want to treat them with this kit for the journey back (or pre-stock them for the trip to you). The Carry On Cocktail Kit comes with all the makings necessary to whip up two stellar Old Fashioneds, while still leaving your seatbelt buckled (though the tray table may not be in the upright position). Make your homies’ flights a little more enjoyable, and they’ll remember your wedding as the best ever.

What kind of food or drink related items would you love to get as a gift? Holler in the comments!

  • 2/22

    Affiliate Disclaimer NewHello out there Interwebz! I am so excited to be planning our engagement shoot. We are doing the session in April, but I am over here cooking up ideas in the meantime. We have two looks that we will do with our photographer: One will be more vintage-casual, and the other is a more stylized, glamour look while maintaining the vintage feel. My goal with these photos is to capture art — things that we will put on our walls and our grandchildren will pass down … few timeless moments that go on forever. I love the Old Hollywood look of the 1920s and ’30s, and I have talked to our engagement photographer about my vision and I believe that artistically we are a good fit. After nailing that down, my first course of action was to find a dress to fit the vision while not spending a million bucks (or even a hundred). So, let’s get down to this dress business.

    I will go ahead and disclose this from the start, I hate shopping … in stores. I am, most definitely, an Amazon Primeaholic. For me, it’s worth the fee because I order from it constantly and I use the video services on my tv streaming devices. I searched for dresses internet wide, but I ended up finding one that I kept going back to, and it was a seller on Amazon.

    real bride heather dud or deal dress

    I left it in my cart for a long time before I bought it. I kept debating it. These were my concerns:

    • Would it look like a halloween costume  or be poorly made?
    • Would it not fit and I would have to return it?
    • It’s not available on Prime, so I have to pay shipping, and is it a reliable seller?

    I finally decided that I would buy it. I am always iffy about sizes in online clothing purchases, but there were lots of helpful reviews where people detailed their own height, weight, the size they ordered and even shared pictures. That helped me tremendously in choosing my size! The dress was $49.98 with shipping when I ordered it, and I had an Amazon gift card, so my out-of-pocket cost on the dress was $24.98!! It came in the other day, and I will have to say that I am impressed, and so excited to have this photo session done!!

    Real Bride Heather: Engagement Session Dress, Dud or Deal?

    The dress was shipped from China, so it took a few weeks. I ordered it February 2nd, and it arrived February 17th, which fell within the estimate given to me at checkout, and of course postal tracking was provided. It came in a shipping bag, not a box. There were some slight wrinkles in the sheer fabric, but nothing that won’t fall out after being hung up for a few days or steamed. I think its gorgeous, y’all! I don’t think that I could have found a better deal — I am officially stoked to do this session!

    Here are some photos of the dress that I took after hanging it in the closet for two days.

    Heather's engagement session dress

    Heather's engagement session dress

    Heather's engagement session dress detail

    Heather's engagement session dress bust beading detail

    So, what are your thoughts? For $24.98, do you think this was a deal or a dud? I am voting DEAL!! I can’t wait to start looking for my fiance’s outfit now. Stay tuned to see if I can work any super savings on that!

    Have you had any luck with a super score during your planning? Tell us in the comments below!

  • 1/8

    Amidst all the hustle, bustle and must-dos on your list now that you're in the throes of wedding planning sits one single little nugget of awesome -- your registry! Now, of course it's not "proper etiquette" to discuss gifts, but you're "supposed" to inconspicuously set one of these bad boys up then let it be discovered by your guests through word of mouth. Everyone knows…

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    I love a good lawn game. Bocce ball, cornhole (or bags, to some), croquet ... if it's outside and you can do it with a drink in one hand, you can pretty much count me in. Even more than that? I love a good lawn game at a wedding. While it's not necessary to "keep your guests entertained" (ugh, y'all, I see that on so many sites.)…

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    Let's be real, guys: You knew this was coming. I mean, how could we not have a gift guide solely devoted to that mythical beasts that is also the unofficial mascot of The Broke-Ass Bride? It is my spirit animal, after all. And part of my damn job title. And y'all, let me tell you, it's TOUGH trying to narrow down the best of the best in unicorn…

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    Happy Friday, darlings! October was a little crazy, wasn't it? Welp, here we are, nicely settling into November and the holiday sales are just getting stronger, week by week. Which is awesome, because that means the sales, deals and discounts in Ten for the Weekends are just going to get better and better. This week, we have ThinkGeek, a FREE e-book for wedding thank-you notes,…

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    Happy Halloween, loves! I hope you're all dolled up in your most awesome ensemble and are ready to have a total blast this weekend! I'm stoked that this weekend is finally here, because it means the end of one helluva busy month, and the beginning of a two-month stretch where I have practically nothing planned -- the first time this has happened in nearly a…

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    In honor of the premier of the new season of "Doctor Who" this weekend (and because I have a serious obsession), it's a perfect time to holler out to my Whovians and give a nod to those space-lovers out there for this Five for Friday. These are all fairly subtle accents, so it's not like you're going full geek -- not that there's anything wrong…

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    BABs, I'm so excited about how rockin' the DIY or DIE projects have been lately, and today is certainly no exception. Nodlaigh, aka Daydreaming Bride, is in da hizzy to show us how to make super easy (and cheap!) personalized bunting. Guys, this could work for anything from your engagement party to wedding decor to a banner for a thank-you card photo to general home…

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