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Affiliate Disclaimer NewInvitations are just one of those things on my list that are not super important. At least they weren’t important in the beginning. Of course, slowly but surely as I started to confirm my wedding vision my thoughts started to shift. I naturally began to consider foil cut designs, envelope liners and beautiful calligraphy until I realized that these extras were costly and time was required to schedule and meet with a stationer. Back to my original thought: Invitations are just not that important, for me.

I Googled a million different websites on the best way to DIY invitations. I downloaded fancy fonts and prepared to try different versions until I mastered the perfect wedding invitation. Then I had a lightbulb moment: The time invested in trying to figure it all out was the same amount of time that I would have invested in working with a stationer. With my schedule, I reminded myself that time is money and decided that my invitations would not be one of my DIY projects.

So my google search shifted to online designs. I looked into Vistaprint, Wedding Paper Divas, Etsy and decided to move forward with Shutterfly. They had a coupon for 50% off so it was an easy decision, Travis was 100% on board with the cost savings.

Real Bride Ciji's Shutterfly

I couldn’t wait to see my designs!

I sat down the day after Christmas and immersed myself in pages and pages of templates, colors, etc …  It was the perfect investment of time for me and here’s how I saved a ton of money:

  • K.I.S.S: Keep it simple silly! I narrowed my search on Shutterfly by filtering the results based on my wedding colors. I wasn’t hellbent on only doing my wedding colors, but it seemed like an easy way to narrow the search and find a design that I liked.
  • Less paper = less postage: based on research, I knew that if I created a “book” of information for my guests that it would be a million dollars in postage to send each invitation. I decided to reduce paper and deep down I also wanted to save trees, so I only made an invitation card with all of the pertinent details, a smaller card with travel details and the website information and a handful of RSVP cards for our family and friends that aren’t website savvy so that they can RSVP. Everyone else will need to visit our website to RSVP.
  • Double whammy on postage savings: Because we only did a handful of RSVP cards, we also will only pay double postage for a handful of invitations. One stamp on the outer envelope and one stamp on the inner envelope
  • Embellishments are OK!: Even though we didn’t create a custom traditional fancy invitation, we still decided to add our own flair. Originally I wanted to add a belly band, however after a late night run to Michaels and a couple of printing trials the decision was made to simply add a ribbon bow and just like that I was in love with my invitation design!
  • Address labels are your friend: I definitely want the hand address look, just not with the hand address price tag. So I revisited the fonts that I downloaded when I had the great idea to design my own invites and decided to use them to spruce up clear address labels. Trust me it’s OK, everyone tosses the envelope.

Real Bride Ciji's Invitation

The finished product

No engraving, embossing, calligraphy for me and I don’t regret it!  I stayed in the traditional lane by mailing invitations vs emailing however added in a mix of DIY and modern flair, i.e. website RSVPs to accomplish my goal!

How are you saving on your wedding invitations?


  • 2/16

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    Hunting for wedding stationery can be a totally daunting experience. There are those that say invitations are the first glimpse of your wedding. There are those that press the importance that your stationery is one of the few things you get to hang on to forever afterward. Everyone and your grandma will probz hang your Save the Date and invitation on a refrigerator or cork board. Guys, that’s a lot of pressure. Which is not awesome.

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    MagnetStreet has a holy buttload of freebies you can get your mitts on to help you make the best decision for, well, you: color swatches, printables, stationery samples, paper samples, checklists, budget guides … it goes on. The best way to make an informed decision is to have all the options available to you. MagnetStreet hits a home run on this front.

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