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Hey-o! Our darling homies over at Hoopla House are back for the third (!) installment of free goodies just for you, darlings! After a gorgeous weekend here in North Texas (which was preceded by snow), I’ve definitely got spring fever … not that it ever leaves me. Hoopla House’s Botanical Bliss design helps give me a little dose of flower power, even on this dreary, rainy day. And for you amazing, wonderful Broke-Ass Brides, these goodies — perfect for your engagement party, bridal shower or reception — are free, and the complementary wedding invitation can be found over on Hoopla House’s website. Is this design not your jam? We have tons of other free printables that might be right up your alley!


Click here to download Botanical Bliss bridal shower bingo.


Click here to download Botanical Bliss Mr. & Mrs. chair signs.


Click here to download Botanical Bliss favor tags.


Click here to download the Botanical Bliss Maid of Honor card. Click here to download the Botanical Bliss Bridesmaid card.

Click here to download the customizable Botanical Bliss banner.


Click here to head over to Hoopla House and score the Botanical Bliss invitation suite.

Did you miss the past designs from Hoopla House? Check out the Oh So Glam and Southern Belle printables!

  • 1/23

    I love Luna Bazaar products, not just for a wedding, but for my home too. Last year, Luna sent me a few things to test out, and I’m totally hooked. Those disco ball string lights? Still totally in my house. So, they did it again. Luna Bazaar gave me a chance to pick my five favorite things from their site, as long as it was no more than $25 worth of products. And I had a heyday … though I was only able to pick 4 products for the allotted amount, I totally splurged and bought myself a little something extra.

    Five for Friday: My Favorite Things from Luna Bazaar Right Now

    Turquoise Blue Little Round Hurricane Lantern, $5

    This little guy hangs out on my pegboard where I store my pots and pans and totally pops against the pale yellow, but I think this would be a great, colorful option for the wintery centerpiece DIY.


    Gilt Gold Paper Straws – 25 pack, $3.95

    I like straws. I like gold. I like drinking bubbly out of gold straws because it makes me feel fancy, OK? Besides, how cute were the black iterations in Ally’s bridesmaid brunch?

    Five for Friday: My Favorite Things from Luna Bazaar Right Now

    Small Scalloped Framed Tin Sign with Chalkboard, $6.98

    This adorable little chalkboard is so cute! We use it in our house to write stupid stuff to one another, but for a wedding it would be great to denote a treat table or drinks or just hang sweet love notes around — written by your guests!

    Five for Friday: My Favorite Things from Luna Bazaar Right Now

    Small Hanging Glass Ball Vase, $3.75

    I have every intention of filling mine with glitter. There is absolutely nothing else I would use it for in my own house, and I think that everyone should do this for their wedding, too. Or just use this vase as shown, with a pretty stem. A GLITTER STEM.

    Five for Friday: My Favorite Things from Luna Bazaar Right Now

    Small Gold Mercury Glass Trinket Box (Oval Design), $19.95

    My kitten loves nothing more in the whole wide world than to steal my rings, earrings and hair ties, so I got this to keep her sticky little paws out of my stuff. However, this is also a great alternative to a ring pillow — have your flower girl or ring bearer carry this pretty piece down the aisle, and you won’t have to worry about the ribbon coming loose or other potential disasters.

  • 1/13

    BAB reader Beth was having a little trouble pulling together all the color elements of her kelly green and charcoal grey with daisy yellow accents, so, of course, like good little bloggers do ... we came in and totally took the reins on this biatch. And let me tell you -- it's no easy feat finding a charcoal grey dress that either isn't a sweater…

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    After Real Bride Jubilance's post about her flowers this morning, I was inspired to scheme up an inspiration board based off her colors. And guys, let me tell you: There are too many damn color options out there for weddings. I mean, I knew that, but with colors as specific as lavender and mint, you'd think finding a match would be kind of easy --…

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    It's no surprise that I uber heart gold and pretty much anything black + white patterned. I mean really, it's kind of the perfect color scheme and can translate easily to almost any wedding theme. But what about wintry weddings that are trying to go a little more cozy than ultra-glam? Welp, plaid, my dears. Think about it: Sleigh rides, flannel shirts, fleecy throws. Plaid,…

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    Let's talk wedding flowers. They can be super pricey, but they're so pretty and damn, they smell good. But paying a florist -- or floral designer -- can often cost considerably more than a pretty penny. And DIYing can be one huge asspain. Which is why I'm super in love with our partner, Bloominous. As a less-than-stellar DIY-er, and a broke-ass, Bloominous is the kind…

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